Living Simply and in Harmony

In recent years I’ve been observing a miraculous trend occurring! In many countries there has been a gradual shift towards growing vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs in home gardens. This trend is a reversal from the big agri-business mono-culture cropping, which was once touted as the solution to feeding the world’s masses.

That huge experiment, as we are all rapidly becoming aware, has been a total failure and disaster. Mono-cropping and bio-engineering of seeds and plants has resulted in the denuding of essential minerals and trace elements from soils;  the continual erosion of Earth’s top crust (topsoil) and the incredible depletion of prosperity in the farming community.

There are declining harvests in those fields that are being mono-cropped. We are now experiencing a critical lack of diverse food crops available for general consumption. ‘The Good Food Revolution – Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities’ by Will Allen is a great read for understanding the history of our farming industry.

Like many individuals in recent years I’ve yearned to live a more sustainable life. No matter where I’ve lived I’ve been fortunate to have a small garden in which to grow vegetables and herbs. In addition, access to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs and local farmers’ markets has ensured that to some degree I’ve enjoyed high quality organic produce. This is a brief video clip that shows just how a family has been able to create a more natural and sustainable way of life —

 When I encounter individuals who are living off the grid (without public utilities), who have sufficient acreage to plant a vast array of foods and who are truly living the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ principles the desire to do more surfaces.

On a deeper level the desire to return to a simpler and healthier lifestyle is emerging – as I believe is occurring for many other individuals. In recent years, while living in New York I encountered countless people who expressed a desire to return to living off the land, not necessarily to establish a farm, but instead to become more self-reliant and more closely connected to the cycles of nature. Here in Australia I also observe the desire for community, co-operation, collaboration and sharing of resources.

Living in Bondage

Yet, in the midst of this reverting to a simpler life we are still in bondage to systems that demand we live a certain lifestyle. Here I refer to the endless feeling of being stuck in a rut, working for The Man, needing to pay for basic living costs, having limited choice options, being reliant on choices that are pre-determined by corporations, having a mortgage and generally not seeing a way out of the co-created reality that is primarily dependent upon a crumbling financial system.

And, let’s be totally honest, our financial system isn’t working. The high level of debt experienced by the average person attests to this. We are gearing our lives to a system that enslaves and keeps us in bondage – and all the time we hope (and pray) that the financial situation improves. 

While we continue subscribing to dated and failing systems (and beliefs) we continue creating more of the same. Winning the lottery isn’t likely to happen for the majority of people so what can we do to begin feeling more empowered and in charge of our life?

De-cluttering is Essentail

The first thing I often recommend is letting go of clutter. This may relate to physical clutter that is over-crowding your living space. It may be emotional and mental clutter. It may possibly even be the clutter of a life that is overly filled with activities and people, which keeps you from finding the space and time in which to reflect and clarify your priorities.

Just clearing the physical clutter leaves space for new energy to flow into your life. While it may be difficult to let go of books, music, clothing and personal stuff it is surprisingly restorative and energizing to do so.

Undertaking practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and living in the moment supports the de-cluttering of both emotions and mental processing. De-cluttering these is critical to the process of gaining clarity and stepping into a new phase of empowerment. It is only by letting go of extraneous stuff that clarity and insightfulness can occur.

Differentiate Wants and Needs

The second suggestion is to become clearer in relation to ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Our society has adopted consumerism as a major lifestyle priority. Yet, I doubt this provides lasting satisfaction. In most instances the high that is evoked when a new product is purchased quickly diminishes. This means that additional consumerism is needed to maintain that artificial high. Instead, I recommend asking a couple of simple questions when contemplating yet another act of consumerism: “Do I need this?” and “Do I want this?” Once there is a clear and obvious response it becomes easier to say ‘no’ to the wants and to focus on needs only, thereby leaving energy and time to be gainfully employed in other satisfying and fulfilling activities.

Find Your Passion

Another suggestion for creating a state of self-empowerment and simplicity is to engage in activities that excite and generate a feeling of passion. Finding just what your passion is can be challenging as societally we’ve been conditioned to doing specific things because they’re expected of us. How often are we given the option to explore and experience our true passion? Connecting with what excites you, brings you joy and for which you feel a huge commitment is vitally important to wellbeing and physical health.

Beginning the process of living simply, and possibly even alternatively, requires knowing oneself well. This can only be attained through a process of cleansing and removing the impediments or blockages that keep you trapped in the predominant paradigm of conformity and playing by the rules that have been set arbitrarily by tradition and dated belief systems.

It’s time to make changes that benefit you, society and the world at large! This is not a time for dithering thinking that possibly next month or next year is the time to begin. We are living in a time of major change on all levels. Consciously making changes on the personal level supports changes on globally.

A Changing Reality

The sociology of change provides fascinating reading and it’s really interesting to observe the change phenomenon truly in action now. There is no doubt that a large majority of our western population fears and resists change. Change is uncomfortable because generally it brings about unanticipated outcomes. These unanticipated outcomes are those that generally cannot be controlled or managed in ways that support the existing status quo. For some absurd reason, we as a society believe that the existing status quo is the only way of creating reality. However, regardless of what we may think or believe our reality is constantly being changed in subtle ways due to the power of our thoughts, emotions and actions. When we randomly co-create through fear, resistance and belief then we ultimately create more of the same, while most likely worsening the status quo!

Often when change is self-induced it is only because the pain of remaining in the status quo is stronger than the fear of making change. Sometimes we need to witness and experience the pain of the status quo to realize that it no longer matches our continually evolving aspirations and ideals. By this I mean that regardless of any strong desire to control or manage things the way they’ve always been it is not always possible. This is because inherently we are here, in this lifetime, to create. 

Our role as co-creator is imbued within our soul, our DNA and genetic blueprint. We dream, invent, aspire, hope and anticipate. Regardless of how dismal reality may seem there’s always a spark of hope, even an expectation that things will get better.

 If you are observing the chaos in politics, the breakdown of the education and other systems, the gradual erosion of freedom and individual rights, the exposure of deceptions in institutions and organizations, etc be reassured. This is destined to happen when change is occurring. While this may be distressing to observe and experience it is also a profound opportunity to proactively provide a constructive and supportive role in creating new systems and organizations. 

Many of our structures and systems are embedded in an old conceptual framework. For example, a typical organization is hierarchically structured. The CEO/manager/boss usually sits at the very apex of the hierarchy, draws an exorbitantly high salary and commands a network of employees. In this structure decision making is the responsibility of the person/s in charge while the general employees have minimal (if any) say in their employment. Just the very nature of this structure guarantees its failure as there are countless inherent flaws that will ultimately ensure its demise.

In the current times of shifting consciousness involving individuals worldwide awakening to a different potential for reality creation there too has to be change in all the systems and structures that are no longer working in alignment with the new consciousness. For example, the conventional education system is not working, and cannot continue due to the fact it’s embedded in an old paradigm, one that no longer meets the changing demands of a changing world. Many parents can attest to the fact that their children’s needs are not being met in the current system. Hence there is an increasing rise in the number of children being home schooled or attending charter schools. 

The new way of functioning is much more egalitarian, honoring and supporting all individuals – their uniqueness and skills being recognized and valued in new ways. Co-operation, community and communication are essential for the development and functioning of a new consciousness paradigm.

I was fortunate to attend a seminar on relational leadership recently. This conceptual framework embodies the concepts of community, communication, organization, leadership and co-operation. Relational leadership provides structure and support for changing existing dated strategies into viable systems that embrace the new paradigm of exclusiveness and community. If you are interested in knowing more about this powerful strategy for implementing change you can find further information at

There are other organizations also now functioning within a new framework of exclusiveness and community. The concepts of isolation, hierarchy and dominance are rapidly disappearing and being replaced with ethics that embody the value of all humans being equal, having equal input and responsibility. In a new consciousness paradigm this is essential for functioning and success. Ultimately this also leads to individuals feeling successful and valued members of community.

The changes necessary for the generation of a new consciousness paradigm are vast. Yet, taken one at a time they are not as onerous or challenging as we may imagine. If each individual is receptive to manifesting positive change within this in turn leads synchronously to the manifesting of greater change within family, community and eventually larger society.

I prefer to keep an image in mind of an egalitarian society, one that has been co-created through loving endeavors and inspiration, as a means of embracing the changes that occur along the way. It is by observing, participating and imbuing our thoughts and actions with the frequency of love that this journey into a new consciousness paradigm will result in the one thousand years of peace as predicted by Edgar Cayce.


Radio Interviews

Over a period of two years I hosted three different radio shows while living in the States. It was such an honor to have talented, knowledgeable and entertaining guests share their skills and wisdom each week. Below are three of the interviews conducted. In time I hope to resurrect more as there was so much useful and relevant information imparted in the interviews.


The Cosmic Gong Downloads the Ascension Codes

February 15th, 2012  —  Kate Loye strikes the cosmic gong to download the ascension codes for all of us.  Those who are interested in expanding themselves will be able to catch the energy over the air waves even in the download.


The Ways of the White Wolf

February 1st, 2012  —  White Wolf shares his fascinating life where he teaches others to connect to nature through his wilderness institute.  More fascinating is his background.  Take a listen and be amazed! This is one of the most profound interviews I’ve conducted.


Stephen Rogers on Intuitive Healing

A Time for Reflection

Each month as I find myself seated at the computer I do a quick memory check of the previous few weeks. What have been the highlights? Have any new and profound awareness insights surfaced? Very often there is a glaring awareness – one that has arisen due to client work or to personal experiences. Occasionally, like right now, my reflection brings to surface a feeling of deep content as I realize that my energy is being focused in a way that is harmonizing and healing.

It is an interesting observation to totally feel a lack of drama, concerns or worry – a rare experience actually. This has me thinking that maybe we really have created a lifestyle that is so out of sync with how we are meant to live. Currently I live in a small community where there is a great deal of community minded co-operation, sharing and organization. The number of community oriented activities and services available are too many to list, but it’s interesting to note the extent of commitment demonstrated by individuals who are working for the collective benefit.

More than once in the past month or so I’ve seriously questioned the so-called important things we base our societal survival and health upon. For example, I deeply doubt that structuring society to become so dependent upon stock markets, financial security, investments, etc is really the best possible way we could live and be healthy. The many structures and infrastructures we have co-created – such as an education system that does not meet the needs of most children, agriculture and trading agreements that disadvantage third world countries, religious systems that are often in conflict, wars that make bankers and corporations richer, a so-called health system that focuses on illness treatment, and an intense reliance on industry and technology –  do not strongly support individual growth and wellbeing.

Somehow it seems that somewhere along the way we have become disempowered, or as some would say ‘we have lost the way’. We have handed over responsibility for our lives to organizations, religions, governments, etc. Rules, regulations and new laws are continually put in place to ensure that the average person does as he/she is told, thereby making it more difficult to actually question the value and validity of our particular life options.

During one of my weekly hikes on the mountain trails I met a young lady from Canada who was spending several weeks touring Australia. It was refreshing to hear her comment that she was feeling totally recharged by her exploration of the many nature experiences she’d had. In fact, she commented that spending time in nature with absolutely no cell phone and rare access to the internet had opened up new possibilities for living life more meaningfully. She was excited about the prospect of returning home and maintaining a low profile use with technology and spending increasing time in nature. My sense is that having ‘time out’ from her so-called normal or usual life has offered this inspirational young individual with an opportunity to create a life that is filled with new opportunities and possibly even deeper meaning.

Maybe there is more to life than earning sufficient income to pay the taxes, mortgage and bills. Maybe it’s time for us as a collective to deeply question aspects of co-created reality that do not resonate and do not appear to be working to our joint advantage. I’m sure you could come up with a list of systems and restrictions that are impeding your wellbeing, along with likely options for living healthily and optimally.

One of my current concerns is the environmental damage that is being done to the food chain due to the heavy chemicalization of crops, along with the evident failure of the mono-cropping system of agriculture. The more I read and hear about organizations such as the Slow Food movement ( and learn about permaculture the more I’m inspired to become involved locally, to participate in, to learn and to share ways in which food growing, processing and usage can be applied locally. If I had a crystal ball I would like to predict that the time will come when all the refined, mass processed and produced foods will become a thing of the past. Here is a Food Fact from the Slow Food Movement that should be of concern to everyone! “Just 12 plant breeds and 5 animal breeds provide three quarters of the world’s food.”

Possibly if the focus is shifted from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ there could be increasing potential to really shift more rapidly out of systems, infrastructures and paradigms that are no longer relevant, healthy or beneficial to the common good.

While it may sound as though I’m finding fault and complaining I do believe it’s important to identify areas and systems that are not working optimally and to then working communally and collectively to find solutions. There can be no change globally until solution based strategies are put in place. A powerful demonstration of how this is being done is via the Slow Food Movement. Gradually individuals and groups worldwide are gaining awareness and actively becoming involved in creating sustainable and health conscious communities.

And, as I reflect upon this passion of mine that is surfacing so strongly I also urge you to look to the areas of life where you feel you can make a difference. Where is your passion? What can you contribute to supporting a sustainable and well balanced life? How can you change the ‘Me’ to a ‘We’ in relation to your endeavors?

We are no longer living in a world of isolated individuals or communities. Whether or not we fully understand and accept the concept of interconnectedness it’s actually becoming more evident that we are all One – what happens in one community also affects others elsewhere. It is through a process of questioning and reflecting our values, beliefs, attitudes and habits that we can fully become empowered to create changes that are all inclusive, healthy, supportive and sustainable.

In Universal Now time these changes have already been made. We have created a new era, a time in which peace and harmony prosper. Yet, in linear time –  in which we are still functioning  – there is still a great deal of constructive thought needed to create that final outcome. We have no choice. This is a time of making hard decisions, a time for changing patterns and practices that harm and are detrimental to our communal wellbeing and to the sustainability of our precious Earth.

Is Less Really More?


If you are interested in feng shui then you’ll be very familiar with the concept that clutter creates energy blockages. This in turn is said to result in possible situations such as confused or stagnant thinking, lack of forward movement with life’s goals, lack of direction or purpose and even muddled emotions. Do any of these sound familiar? Are you in some way experiencing stagnation in your life? If so, what can you do to release any and all impediments to success?

There is no doubt that undertaking a major clean out of home and office brings about feelings of lightness, clarity and freshness. Anyone who spends a day or more purging belongings attests to these feelings.

However, there is another aspect to this, one that is generally not acknowledged or even explored by most people. Some years ago I became aware of the importance of letting go of my story – all the reasons for my beliefs and actions, all the countless experiences that produce the sum of the persona presented to the world.

It was with some amazement when I clearly heard, and came to understand the words “Let go of your story”. After hearing those words in my head I had the immediate awareness and understanding that all past experiences, beliefs, values etc are literally an energetic ball and chain that prevent you from living fully in the present. Every time you present yourself to the world via your story you are actually placing your energy in past memories, emotions and events, and these actually prevent you from living in the precious Now moment.

How often have you shared your story with friends, colleagues, even strangers and felt the heaviness, or weight, of those experiences as you recount them once again? When this happens you are once again reconnecting with and feeling those situations, which then drains you energetically and distracts you from enjoying and embracing new opportunities.

As time compresses even further – and there’s no doubt that time is speeding up – the past has less relevancy to current issues and situations. So what is likely to happen when you ditch your story, stop sharing it and let go of the emotional attachment? Apart from feeling lighter, calmer and clearer you actually are in a space where there is less likelihood of repeating past patterns, being stuck in old paradigms or reacting in fear to new and unfamiliar situations.

Letting go of your story, however, is not as easy as it sounds especially if you have used your financial situation, past hardships, health issues etc as a means of identifying with the world – and also as a means of identifying yourself! Often without a story there is a lack of identity, a lack of defining oneself and one’s role within family, community and the global dynamics. You literally may feel like an empty vessel. All that has bound and defined you no longer exists. There is no one to blame or attach to emotionally.

When you reach this stage of fully letting go of your story, knowing it has served its purpose but is no longer required as a crutch then you are fully ready to embrace the feeling that you are nothing (letting go of ego attachments), and that less is more. This may sound rather ironic but it actually occurs in this manner. Without a story or a means of identifying or defining self there is merely you, the energetic all powerful you, present in the moment with limitless potentialities. Sometimes all that happens is the simple experience of being in the moment, of feeling the fluid energies of life flowing through your physical vessel. Other times when in this empty state new, creative and life affirming intuitions flow strongly.

Once you decide to let go of your story you will begin to experience the magic of not only living in the present moment, you will experience your unlimited potential often in areas and opportunities that were unthinkable and could not happen because you were holding so tightly onto your story that there was no room for anything else to transpire.

In a truly loving and harmonious community there is no room for living in the past, of holding onto emotional attachments or of defining oneself according to egoic tendencies. Shifting to a new paradigm requires willingness to make changes and letting go of old stories. Changes are required on both the physical and energetic levels, and these changes require conscious awareness and commitment! Let go of your story and enjoy the boundless opportunities and miracles that are likely to manifest!

Bente Hansen ©

May 2013

Are you Feeling the Call yet?

When I channeled the energy of Edgar Cayce he stressed – during the trance channelings – that we are living in a time of great Earth changes and that ultimately the structure of our civilization would change considerably.
Since the evolution into the Industrial Age humanity has come to experience a great distancing from Earth and all that sustains us as human beings. We have become isolated and separated from Source and from the true nature of who we are. 
All that is living has energy and is connected to the whole or larger cosmos. Everything that is living contains bio photon energy which pulsates to varying degrees. There has been a great deal of research into this phenomenon. Below is a link to a brief video that reminds us of this very profound energy connection that we share.
Because we are connected with everything energetically it then means we feel subtle shifts that are occurring elsewhere. 
It would appear that the subtle shifts are happening rapidly. I am noticing a number of changes in consciousness that are occurring at an almost unprecedented level.
1.  The desire to farm organically and locally is growing rapidly. It is exciting to see that rooftop farming is occurring in NY city, that community gardens are being established, that CSAs are increasing in numbers. More and more people are recognizing that the chemicalization of our food supplies is risky and detrimental to health and wellbeing.
If you are interested in learning more about the importance of re-establishing our connection with the Earth then I highly recommend the Anastasia series of books available via
2.  There is increasing resistance worldwide to the ongoing poisoning of our planet. This includes the rejection of genetically modified foods in most countries of the world. Monsanto and other chemical companies believe that they are invincible in their quest to control the world through chemicals and bio-engineering of our food chain. The resistance to this is growing daily and I intuitively feel that ultimately it’s the people in the States who will ensure that these practices no longer occur.
3.  Truth is being revealed at an ever increasing pace. Wikileaks is only one such example of this. Ironically, Bradley Manning (the person who provided Wikileaks with the information) attempted to give the information to both the Washington Post and the New York Times. His explanation for sharing the classified information is that the people of the United States had a right to know and he thought it would help the country.
This is only one example of the truth being revealed. Secrets, deception and lies are being revealed at a rapid rate. Expect to witness many more revelations of deceptions that have been perpetrated. Individuals are being guided to speak up, to share and to inform. 
4.  The desire to establish community, through sharing and working cooperatively is manifesting in many ways. Edgar Cayce, via the trance channelings, indicated that living collaboratively and in community would be commonplace in our new world order. An example that we are already witnessing is that of Iceland, where the people expelled the International Monetary Fund and the bankers responsible for their country’s debt. Instead, a new form of democracy has been establish – and with a new currency. 
There are more examples I could provide but I’m sure you can see that as a worldwide community we are in the midst of change. The world as we have known it cannot remain as it’s been. Because we are energy beings, and we are changing in our energy frequencies, then everything in our outer reality must also change – to reflect the changes occurring within.
So, what is this ‘call’ that I’m referring to? 
Are you feeling the desire to do something meaningful? Are you wanting to do something totally different? Are you finding that things which you previously tolerated are no longer tolerable?
This ‘call’ is, and can be, uncomfortable and even challenging. But then so is stepping out of one paradigm into something new and totally foreign. If you are feeling pulled into new directions it’s because your higher self, or soul self, is guiding you to make changes. They don’t have to drastic or severe to be effective. 
Allow yourself to experience new opportunities. Be open and receptive to new thought forms and processes. Allow yourself to release limiting beliefs. And, trust that ‘call’ — it’s your inner guidance system that is leading you away from separation and isolation into community and cooperation!

Moving Beyond the Boundaries

Many light workers are marveling that the changes they are observing in family, friends and colleagues. There is no doubt that a shift in consciousness is occurring, that more individuals are questioning their purpose and their co-created reality. 

Then there are others who are feeling frustrated that the changes are not happening quickly enough. All too often I’m hearing individuals saying, “I feel stuck. I know something is about to change, that I’m here to do something but I just can’t seem to grasp what it is.” And, then there is the accompanying frustration that occurs when there is little obvious change occurring despite best intentions and motivations.

To support the changes and to assist in reducing the feelings of being ‘stuck’ there are numerous techniques I’ve found to be beneficial. These increase individual vibration and include:

1.  Giving gratitude daily. This does not mean saying, “Thank you for everything”, which actually generates an appreciation of what is currently being experienced. You want to make changes so you need to give gratitude as if what you desire is already here. This involves using the present tense only – not the past or the future. For example, “I am grateful for the well paying job that I love and is now mine.” Daily gratitude practice is one of the quickest and most effective ways of shifting stuck energy, and shifting vibration.

2.  Take an extended break from television, newspapers and technology. You will find yourself becoming increasingly calm, relaxed and more optimistic.

3.   Spend more time in nature. Observe and feel the vibrations of the plants. I find that asking for the Earth energies to run up and through my body is a wonderful restorative. It also increases sensitivity, balance and inner harmony.

4.  Place the intention to function outside the box, to be limitless in your potential. I see the box as basically containing the memory of all lifetimes – both conscious and sub-conscious memory. By visualizing that ‘box’ as dissolving then you are able to access what is outside it. This larger area I refer to as both universal consciousness and cosmic consciousness – where all knowledge resides.

5.  Live in the moment. Initially you may find this happening from time to time. Yet when you consciously shift your focus into the moment it increases wellbeing – and reduces stress!

6.  Deal with your fears and resistances, instead of burying them inside. Some great books to help you do this are:  “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, “Emotions Buried Alive Never Die” (can’t remember author) and my second book, “The New World of Self Healing”, which is available at most libraries in the States.

7.  Give yourself daily doses of love. Whenever you feel upset, sad, etc mentally say “I love myself, I forgive myself”. This simple statement eases the pain within and brings in the vibration of love.

8.  Spend quality time doing the things that generate laughter, fun, relaxation, etc. In other words, create balance in life. 

9.  Let go of lack/scarcity. My favorite mantra relating to finances is: “I manifest money abundantly, effortlessly and continuously”. This mantra works beautifully when said daily with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.

 10. Live and let live. Don’t worry about what other people say, think or do. Concentrate on appreciating every moment, live in your truth and in integrity. Be authentic and give love to all others. 

Shifting into the higher frequencies isn’t that difficult. It’s a matter of being mindful of thoughts, actions and intentions. All else then follows when there is alignment in thought, emotions and actions. 

Enjoy making the changes to a life of greater ease and joy!




Loving Compassion Heals

This is just too good to pass up. Written by Jim Guerci and is shared with his permission. It was written in response to a proposed group demonstration against the practice of homosexuality.

” One of the biggest diseases in our world is auto-immune disease. This is when the body fights itself. The body’s defenses are turned onto itself causing the whole body to become disabled. I see that when we are fighting each other, we become an auto-immune disease in the body of humanity. 
 The intention of love and compassion towards those who choose to fight will offer a frequency and harmonic note for all to synchronize. The laws of physics teach us that law of synchronicity applies to all. We will always synchronize to the strongest and highest frequency. Perhaps the frequency of love and compassion will offer a new melody to right the harmonics. Since we are all one, we need to envision a harmonic frequency to enter all humanity. There is no one to fight. There is only ourselves we heal. 

One Tibetan Monk when interviewed about his capture and torture at the hands of the Chinese government was asked by the reporter, “What did you fear the most during these events?” He calmly responded, “That I would lose compassion for my captures.” His words clear the way for love and compassion in the most dire of circumstances. 

My heart goes out to all those who harbor hate for hate is destructive in all forms. If one allows it in their minds, it will pollute it and the result is that person extinguishing their compassion – their humanity and thus creating a soulless being void of the feeling of love which unifies us all. Let’s set the intention of healing, love and compassion not towards anyone. Let it be the harmonic note rise from a collective intention for all to synchronize.”

You Know Best!

It is interesting to note the tendency we have to constantly seek reassurance that our intentions are ‘right’. Such oft asked questions as: “Am I on the right path?” or “Which direction should I take?” are indications of indecisiveness and uncertainty.

When did we become so disempowered in our own decision making ability? Why do we believe that other people actually know more about our direction and life choices than we do?

Unfortunately I believe that we, as a society, have become so accustomed to believing that experts have the correct answers to all of life’s issues and problems. We seek the expert knowledge of attorneys, doctors, dentists, therapists, psychics, etc to just about every concern that arises – often without even checking in with our inner wisdom. We’ve come to believe that we do not know what is in our best interests, and therefore hand over decision-making responsibility to authority figures.

Ultimately this leads to a complete level of disempowerment. Every decision that needs to be made has the potential to become a huge exercise in questioning, doubting, finding the pros and cons etc. which also has the potential to increase anxiety levels and fear – and possibly result in the manifestation of physical health issues.

A simple way of determining whether or not a certain course of action is to be taken is to get a sense of what your feelings are instead of questioning endlessly. We are all given intuitive abilities for good reason – to guide us through this maze of life’s challenges and experiences.

The human body is a wonderful barometer of what your deeper feelings are on practically every issue and subject. To determine if your body likes something, or feels a certain direction is desired, merely ask your body to ‘show’ you via feeling sensations its positive response. Then do the same as you direct it to give you its indicator feeling to negative responses. Once you have an awareness of your body’s natural response mechanisms then it’s merely a matter of responding according to its responses in the numerous life situations that arise.

The more you listen to your body’s response to situations and issues the clearer you become. Over time you will intuitively know simple things like whether or not a physical discomfort really requires a visit to the doctor or whether you have a natural remedy available that will do the job perfect – or whether it is really in your best interest to go to the gym despite the fact that you feel exhausted.

There are so many instances where your body communicates its needs clearly and strongly. By taking the time to learn the body’s responses you are strengthening your intuitive ability and over time you will ‘know’ immediately what is in your best interests. Then you will realize that you do indeed know best!




Do You Feel Invisible?

It is interesting to feel and observe the changes that are occurring internally and externally during this time of transformation. I always reflect on what I observe happening ‘out there’ and endeavor to understand how the outer events are a reflection of what is, or has been, transpiring within.

When speaking with other people it is surprising to hear that our experiences, while unique to each individual, are essentially similar. Interpretations and understanding of experiences are often expressed differently but take away the language component of explanation and interpretation then differences are actually not that great.

For example, more and more I encounter people who share experiences where they have felt as though they were invisible. Common situations include those waiting to be served in a store and being overlooked or being in a group situation but not being noticed. The common thread is that individuals comment they feel totally invisible, as though their presence is not observed or felt by others.

What does this signify? Is it actually becoming more prevalent? And, why does this happen to some people and not others?

I believe this is one of the symptoms, or side-effects, of the changes that occur energetically as we become more consciously aware. A great deal has been written about shifting from 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency, about shifting from lower density to holding higher vibrations, or as I channeled during the years I was connected to the energy of Edgar Cayce it’s about becoming multi-dimensional. 

Scientifically it’s been shown that all living things hold bio-photon energy within their cellular structure. Cayce (from channeled information) insists that the ‘junk DNA’ our bodies hold is being activated as there is a shift in consciousness, thereby increasing the amount of bio-photon light held by the body. Interestingly, I recently read a scientific article that supported this claim.

As we shift into the higher frequencies our bodies hold more light. Some individuals are shifting rapidly, others not so. The implication is that individuals whose bodies are more light filled may not be as physically visible to those whose frequencies are not on a similar wavelength.

It can be frustrating to be overlooked time and again. If this has happened to you I’m sure you’ll understand just what I’m saying. Getting served in restaurants, stores and institutions can become challenging. Even socializing at events can feel like a dismal affair. 

Rather than focusing on the annoyances I’ve found there are advantages to being ‘invisible’. Generally I am left alone to do ‘my thing’ – it is as though I am left to my own devices. Life definitely flows ever so much more effortlessly. There are certainly fewer interpersonal challenges. And, there is an enhanced feeling of being balanced and having inner stability. 

My experience of being invisible is not unique, as I’ve discussed the experiences with others who also find this happening. One of the biggest benefits is to health and wellbeing.

Sickness and susceptibility to viruses, bacteria and pathogens become a thing of the past. It’s a gradual process but over time it becomes apparent that the body functions in much healthier ways and remains healthy even when there are viruses that are seriously affecting the larger population.

In the channeled messages from Edgar Cayce he stated this was one of the outcomes that can be anticipated as our bodies hold more light. Given the huge amounts of money being spent annually on health related issues and conditions being ‘invisible’ can be considered advantageous.

If you are feeling challenged and are unsure of just how to shift your energy to higher frequencies I will be exploring this topic in greater depth in the February newsletter.