I believe prevention is better than relying on curative medicine! This means taking responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As a healing arts practitioner I support and encourage clients to become empowered in their healing journey. As an intuitive I’m able to provide insights, strategies and tools that assist in transforming ill health into wellbeing.

By incorporating vibrational energy medicine and other natural therapies into your lifestyle you can increase your sense and wellbeing and bring about significant improvements in health and vitality.

A session incorporates some of the services listed below – depending on what is needed by the client! I offer a diverse range of services including:  Spiritual Counseling and Distance Energy Clearing/Healing..

“At the age of 80 years I overnight lost 90% of sight in my right eye. Clots had formed behind the retina – too large and numerous to be lasered off, the specialist informed me. This caused a large black blob in that eye. Treatment by Bente removed this blob completely, to the absolute amazement of my specialist… it has made such a difference to my life.”  GT, Perth, Australia

Energy medicine brings about transformational change in all areas of life. It generates a profound feeling of relaxation, clarity of mind and inner calm. Clients generally report feeling lighter, in less pain, clearer in their thinking and feelings, and say they feel as though a load has been taken from their shoulders.


I do not dispense medical advice or prescribe drugs. I offer an alternative and natural method of healing, with the responsibility being with the person choosing this method of treatment. However, it is my intention at all times to provide a quality professional service to clients.

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