Moving Beyond the Boundaries

Many light workers are marveling that the changes they are observing in family, friends and colleagues. There is no doubt that a shift in consciousness is occurring, that more individuals are questioning their purpose and their co-created reality. 

Then there are others who are feeling frustrated that the changes are not happening quickly enough. All too often I’m hearing individuals saying, “I feel stuck. I know something is about to change, that I’m here to do something but I just can’t seem to grasp what it is.” And, then there is the accompanying frustration that occurs when there is little obvious change occurring despite best intentions and motivations.

To support the changes and to assist in reducing the feelings of being ‘stuck’ there are numerous techniques I’ve found to be beneficial. These increase individual vibration and include:

1.  Giving gratitude daily. This does not mean saying, “Thank you for everything”, which actually generates an appreciation of what is currently being experienced. You want to make changes so you need to give gratitude as if what you desire is already here. This involves using the present tense only – not the past or the future. For example, “I am grateful for the well paying job that I love and is now mine.” Daily gratitude practice is one of the quickest and most effective ways of shifting stuck energy, and shifting vibration.

2.  Take an extended break from television, newspapers and technology. You will find yourself becoming increasingly calm, relaxed and more optimistic.

3.   Spend more time in nature. Observe and feel the vibrations of the plants. I find that asking for the Earth energies to run up and through my body is a wonderful restorative. It also increases sensitivity, balance and inner harmony.

4.  Place the intention to function outside the box, to be limitless in your potential. I see the box as basically containing the memory of all lifetimes – both conscious and sub-conscious memory. By visualizing that ‘box’ as dissolving then you are able to access what is outside it. This larger area I refer to as both universal consciousness and cosmic consciousness – where all knowledge resides.

5.  Live in the moment. Initially you may find this happening from time to time. Yet when you consciously shift your focus into the moment it increases wellbeing – and reduces stress!

6.  Deal with your fears and resistances, instead of burying them inside. Some great books to help you do this are:  “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, “Emotions Buried Alive Never Die” (can’t remember author) and my second book, “The New World of Self Healing”, which is available at most libraries in the States.

7.  Give yourself daily doses of love. Whenever you feel upset, sad, etc mentally say “I love myself, I forgive myself”. This simple statement eases the pain within and brings in the vibration of love.

8.  Spend quality time doing the things that generate laughter, fun, relaxation, etc. In other words, create balance in life. 

9.  Let go of lack/scarcity. My favorite mantra relating to finances is: “I manifest money abundantly, effortlessly and continuously”. This mantra works beautifully when said daily with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.

 10. Live and let live. Don’t worry about what other people say, think or do. Concentrate on appreciating every moment, live in your truth and in integrity. Be authentic and give love to all others. 

Shifting into the higher frequencies isn’t that difficult. It’s a matter of being mindful of thoughts, actions and intentions. All else then follows when there is alignment in thought, emotions and actions. 

Enjoy making the changes to a life of greater ease and joy!




Loving Compassion Heals

This is just too good to pass up. Written by Jim Guerci and is shared with his permission. It was written in response to a proposed group demonstration against the practice of homosexuality.

” One of the biggest diseases in our world is auto-immune disease. This is when the body fights itself. The body’s defenses are turned onto itself causing the whole body to become disabled. I see that when we are fighting each other, we become an auto-immune disease in the body of humanity. 
 The intention of love and compassion towards those who choose to fight will offer a frequency and harmonic note for all to synchronize. The laws of physics teach us that law of synchronicity applies to all. We will always synchronize to the strongest and highest frequency. Perhaps the frequency of love and compassion will offer a new melody to right the harmonics. Since we are all one, we need to envision a harmonic frequency to enter all humanity. There is no one to fight. There is only ourselves we heal. 

One Tibetan Monk when interviewed about his capture and torture at the hands of the Chinese government was asked by the reporter, “What did you fear the most during these events?” He calmly responded, “That I would lose compassion for my captures.” His words clear the way for love and compassion in the most dire of circumstances. 

My heart goes out to all those who harbor hate for hate is destructive in all forms. If one allows it in their minds, it will pollute it and the result is that person extinguishing their compassion – their humanity and thus creating a soulless being void of the feeling of love which unifies us all. Let’s set the intention of healing, love and compassion not towards anyone. Let it be the harmonic note rise from a collective intention for all to synchronize.”

You Know Best!

It is interesting to note the tendency we have to constantly seek reassurance that our intentions are ‘right’. Such oft asked questions as: “Am I on the right path?” or “Which direction should I take?” are indications of indecisiveness and uncertainty.

When did we become so disempowered in our own decision making ability? Why do we believe that other people actually know more about our direction and life choices than we do?

Unfortunately I believe that we, as a society, have become so accustomed to believing that experts have the correct answers to all of life’s issues and problems. We seek the expert knowledge of attorneys, doctors, dentists, therapists, psychics, etc to just about every concern that arises – often without even checking in with our inner wisdom. We’ve come to believe that we do not know what is in our best interests, and therefore hand over decision-making responsibility to authority figures.

Ultimately this leads to a complete level of disempowerment. Every decision that needs to be made has the potential to become a huge exercise in questioning, doubting, finding the pros and cons etc. which also has the potential to increase anxiety levels and fear – and possibly result in the manifestation of physical health issues.

A simple way of determining whether or not a certain course of action is to be taken is to get a sense of what your feelings are instead of questioning endlessly. We are all given intuitive abilities for good reason – to guide us through this maze of life’s challenges and experiences.

The human body is a wonderful barometer of what your deeper feelings are on practically every issue and subject. To determine if your body likes something, or feels a certain direction is desired, merely ask your body to ‘show’ you via feeling sensations its positive response. Then do the same as you direct it to give you its indicator feeling to negative responses. Once you have an awareness of your body’s natural response mechanisms then it’s merely a matter of responding according to its responses in the numerous life situations that arise.

The more you listen to your body’s response to situations and issues the clearer you become. Over time you will intuitively know simple things like whether or not a physical discomfort really requires a visit to the doctor or whether you have a natural remedy available that will do the job perfect – or whether it is really in your best interest to go to the gym despite the fact that you feel exhausted.

There are so many instances where your body communicates its needs clearly and strongly. By taking the time to learn the body’s responses you are strengthening your intuitive ability and over time you will ‘know’ immediately what is in your best interests. Then you will realize that you do indeed know best!