A Changing Reality

The sociology of change provides fascinating reading and it’s really interesting to observe the change phenomenon truly in action now. There is no doubt that a large majority of our western population fears and resists change. Change is uncomfortable because generally it brings about unanticipated outcomes. These unanticipated outcomes are those that generally cannot be controlled or managed in ways that support the existing status quo. For some absurd reason, we as a society believe that the existing status quo is the only way of creating reality. However, regardless of what we may think or believe our reality is constantly being changed in subtle ways due to the power of our thoughts, emotions and actions. When we randomly co-create through fear, resistance and belief then we ultimately create more of the same, while most likely worsening the status quo!

Often when change is self-induced it is only because the pain of remaining in the status quo is stronger than the fear of making change. Sometimes we need to witness and experience the pain of the status quo to realize that it no longer matches our continually evolving aspirations and ideals. By this I mean that regardless of any strong desire to control or manage things the way they’ve always been it is not always possible. This is because inherently we are here, in this lifetime, to create. 

Our role as co-creator is imbued within our soul, our DNA and genetic blueprint. We dream, invent, aspire, hope and anticipate. Regardless of how dismal reality may seem there’s always a spark of hope, even an expectation that things will get better.

 If you are observing the chaos in politics, the breakdown of the education and other systems, the gradual erosion of freedom and individual rights, the exposure of deceptions in institutions and organizations, etc be reassured. This is destined to happen when change is occurring. While this may be distressing to observe and experience it is also a profound opportunity to proactively provide a constructive and supportive role in creating new systems and organizations. 

Many of our structures and systems are embedded in an old conceptual framework. For example, a typical organization is hierarchically structured. The CEO/manager/boss usually sits at the very apex of the hierarchy, draws an exorbitantly high salary and commands a network of employees. In this structure decision making is the responsibility of the person/s in charge while the general employees have minimal (if any) say in their employment. Just the very nature of this structure guarantees its failure as there are countless inherent flaws that will ultimately ensure its demise.

In the current times of shifting consciousness involving individuals worldwide awakening to a different potential for reality creation there too has to be change in all the systems and structures that are no longer working in alignment with the new consciousness. For example, the conventional education system is not working, and cannot continue due to the fact it’s embedded in an old paradigm, one that no longer meets the changing demands of a changing world. Many parents can attest to the fact that their children’s needs are not being met in the current system. Hence there is an increasing rise in the number of children being home schooled or attending charter schools. 

The new way of functioning is much more egalitarian, honoring and supporting all individuals – their uniqueness and skills being recognized and valued in new ways. Co-operation, community and communication are essential for the development and functioning of a new consciousness paradigm.

I was fortunate to attend a seminar on relational leadership recently. This conceptual framework embodies the concepts of community, communication, organization, leadership and co-operation. Relational leadership provides structure and support for changing existing dated strategies into viable systems that embrace the new paradigm of exclusiveness and community. If you are interested in knowing more about this powerful strategy for implementing change you can find further information at www.therelationalmovement.org

There are other organizations also now functioning within a new framework of exclusiveness and community. The concepts of isolation, hierarchy and dominance are rapidly disappearing and being replaced with ethics that embody the value of all humans being equal, having equal input and responsibility. In a new consciousness paradigm this is essential for functioning and success. Ultimately this also leads to individuals feeling successful and valued members of community.

The changes necessary for the generation of a new consciousness paradigm are vast. Yet, taken one at a time they are not as onerous or challenging as we may imagine. If each individual is receptive to manifesting positive change within this in turn leads synchronously to the manifesting of greater change within family, community and eventually larger society.

I prefer to keep an image in mind of an egalitarian society, one that has been co-created through loving endeavors and inspiration, as a means of embracing the changes that occur along the way. It is by observing, participating and imbuing our thoughts and actions with the frequency of love that this journey into a new consciousness paradigm will result in the one thousand years of peace as predicted by Edgar Cayce.


Radio Interviews

Over a period of two years I hosted three different radio shows while living in the States. It was such an honor to have talented, knowledgeable and entertaining guests share their skills and wisdom each week. Below are three of the interviews conducted. In time I hope to resurrect more as there was so much useful and relevant information imparted in the interviews.


The Cosmic Gong Downloads the Ascension Codes

February 15th, 2012  —  Kate Loye strikes the cosmic gong to download the ascension codes for all of us.  Those who are interested in expanding themselves will be able to catch the energy over the air waves even in the download.




The Ways of the White Wolf

February 1st, 2012  —  White Wolf shares his fascinating life where he teaches others to connect to nature through his wilderness institute.  More fascinating is his background.  Take a listen and be amazed! This is one of the most profound interviews I’ve conducted.



Stephen Rogers on Intuitive Healing