Soul Life Path Insights

These are available via Skype or phone for individuals anywhere in the world. Simply send an email to and it’s then a matter or co-ordinating a mutually convenient time and date for the session.

A Soul Life Path Reading involves tuning into such things as history, purpose, healing needed, etc. It provides a significant understanding of the impediments and blockages along with the desired changes needed in order to live a full life filled with potential and joy.

Please note there is no set charge for a Soul Life Path Reading because there is no set time for one. Sometimes a session may last 20, 30, 60 minutes and occasionally longer. The reason for this is that often the information that comes through is channeled, and this may be of a short or lengthy duration. There is opportunity for questions to be asked. Instead I offer this session as a “By Donation” service.  The details for this transaction will be supplied during the session. Email me at to arrange an appointment.