2019 – New Year, New Energies

Hi Everyone

It feels as though I’m finally coming out of my self-imposed semi-retirement. It’s definitely been a long time since I deeply felt the urge to get back into the fray on more than a part-time basis. When I reflect on the past five to six years it’s apparent that I’ve truly needed this time ‘out’. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to simply try my hand at different things, to explore opportunities other than continuing on, doing what I’ve been doing almost non-stop since I commenced working full time in my particular speciality twenty years ago.

In many ways these past few years have felt aimless and uncertain. Many a time I’ve felt as though maybe it was time to once again become intent and serious about working full time. Yet every time that urge surfaced it disappeared just as quickly, often leaving me feeling dissatisfied and confused. Now, finally, there’s certainty and surety as to direction and purpose.

The reason I’m sharing this particular bit of personal information is because I’m not the only one who’s been uncertain, who’s had to deal with stops and starts in life and business direction and has experienced real confusion. But, the good news is that this is the year for clarity, purpose, direction and motivation to beckon and thrive.

2018 was a year of unrest, uncertainty and turmoil on every level. By this I mean it was a wonderful, yet distressing year worldwide. It was a year of purging old energies. It was a year of confronting fears and demons. Witnessing and experiencing the many facets of hatred, pain, violence, anger and uncertainty was something that as a collective we needed to experience.

2019 promises so much more. If you’ve been following the astrology indications for 2019 you’ll know that we’re in for more upheaval for part of the year, but that ultimately there’s the potential for massive positive changes. For many of us the veil has thinned significantly and intuitive abilities have become amplified. Others are finding greater clarity and strength in regards to purpose and direction. Some are finding that their inner pain is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as they’re connecting more easily with their heart center.

In some instances this year will be a year of significant change, in others not so much. It all depends on what your soul signed up for prior to embodiment. However, there are a few points I believe that need to be stressed for this year.

Right now is the time to Walk Your Talk. Whoever you are and whatever you are here to do this is truly the time to live that aspect of yourself to the fullest. Talk and share your knowing and truths. This is not the time to hide your light under a bushel or to pretend otherwise in order to fit in with others’ beliefs and perceptions. The mass awakening and shift in consciousness is happening rapidly. Your knowledge, skills and wisdom are definitely needed.

Let go of old beliefs, biases and anything that creates angst within you. 2018 was filled with criticism, judgment and anger with a great deal of vitriol expressed via social media. This is not an energy that is supported in 2019. Whatever you are still feeling in terms of intolerance, hatred etc will rebound and you’ll feel the brunt of your own emotions and words come back like a boomerang. Right now a healthy motto would be Live and Let Live.

If you have not yet figured out your purpose then don’t fret. When the time is right it will come to you. Instead allow life to flow through you. Find the magic and joy. Find inner peace and inner harmony. For some individuals 2019 is the year in which their sense of purpose strengthens, but it will only surface when the inner landscape is at peace.

Some individuals have a mission, and 2019 is the year when the energy supports this development. Mission is different to purpose. Every embodied soul has a purpose, whether that purpose be to learn, to understand love, to be creative. A mission is for the greater good of humanity. It exists outside an individual’s personal development and growth. 2019 holds an energy that magnifies intention. Make it work for you!

Finally, I’m often reminded of The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz), artfully expressed yet incredibly powerful. Simply remembering and applying them to all facets of your life will truly make a difference this year. They are:

  • Take nothing personally
  • Make no assumptions
  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Always do your very best

Love and bliss

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