Are you looking for an inspirational speaker? Or, for someone to teach classes on matters relating to energy, spirituality, intuition, and other related topics? 

I am a trained teacher, Toastmasters’ International certified and am proficient in addressing both small and large groups, with speaking opportunities to date including (various organizations and venues) in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, Seattle, Portland (OR), the New Age Retreat and Conscious Living Expos (Perth, Sydney and Melbourne), plus too many others to remember!

Below is a brief description of the many topics and concepts I have covered, shared and taught in the many years I have been practicing my craft. This list is my no means exhaustive but should provide some idea of what I offer.


TOPICS: (These can be taught as short or long classes, and also be presented as talks to a wider audience.)


Connect with Your Higher Wisdom

When it comes to decision making most people rely on common sense, and sometimes their intuition. However, given that we are in a time of transformative change we now have the potential to make sound decisions based on two infallible factors:  (1) the body’s response;  and (2) the wisdom of higher self.

This means that over time there is less reliance on what common sense, otherwise known as ego mind and consensus, determine is ‘best’. This gradually leads to a state of awareness that answers to all questions are readily available – and thoroughly reliable – when tuning into the body’s responses and also via communicating with an integrated Higher Self.

In this teleseminar class you will be guided through numerous ‘exercises’ to assist you in the process of tuning into your body’s responses. For this I ask that you have a couple of bottles of supplements nearby during the teleseminar class. And, if you have a pendulum you will also have an opportunity to use it.

Integrating with Higher Self is a profound and life-changing process. During this teleseminar class you will learn how to do this, along with how to manifest outcomes that are in alignment with Higher Self, and not ego mind, thereby creating increased harmony and wellbeing on all levels.


Opening The Heart Center

What is needed to maintain calm during this time of rapid change? How can we maintain inner strength and optimism despite the challenges evident within family, community and globally? How is it possible to ride the waves of change and at the same time transition into the new paradigm of a heart centered perspective?

In order to effect change in the outer reality it’s vital to experience inner change first. One powerful way of doing this is becoming more heart centered in all areas of life. This involves releasing the pain of hurt, betrayal, mistrust and the countless other emotional burdens along with the energetic protection that we place around our heart centers. Shifting this burden creates a significant shift in all areas of individual evolvement, resulting in increased awareness, calm and inner peace.

In this session you will experience the powerful healing of The Orion from the 17th dimension along with other masters from the invisible realm, who will assist you in the release process. You will be guided in visualizations and energetic corrections and in the process will transform from within as you feel the weight of karma, old beliefs and issues release effortlessly. Be open to receive messages pertaining to your specific concerns, feel the power of The Orion’s gift of unconditional love as it connects with your heart center for accelerated heart opening.


Lighten the Load/Clear the Clutter – Group Healing Session

During this time of transformative change we often experience niggling discomforts and pain. These may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in origin – or even a combination of these – and often they originate from early childhood and/or past life experiences. It does not matter where the discomfort and pain originates or how it manifests – it is stagnant energy blockages that impede our ability to thrive.

During this session you will be guided through visualizations to facilitate the release of these energy blockages. Rev. Bente Hansen will also be supporting you as her healing hands weave their powerful magic. She will be guided by your guides from beyond the veil, who will impart information relevant to your specific needs and issues. By the end of the session you will feel significantly lighter, clearer and calmer. As well, you will find that the healing continues for some time as energy corrections take place. Expect to find healing occurring on several levels as a result of participating in this dynamic and transformative session.


Achieve Successful Outcomes Easily

Do you want to feel good about your life? Experience easy success in your finances, relationships, career and decision-making? Do you want to feel comfortable about your ability to manage change on every level and to remove obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and feeling successful?

Despite your best intentions to manifest positive change in your life you may find that you’re still feeling challenged in various ways. When you begin to understand and work with harnessing energy consciously and constructively you will begin to experience positive changes and a stronger connection to your higher wisdom.

This workshop is totally energetic, focusing on simple and streamlined ways of working with energy from a very new and different perspective that is aligned with the science of quantum physics and quantum consciousness. The workshop is interactive and participative. Many of the strategies to be shared come from the channeled teachings of Edgar Cayce that have been delivered to audiences in the United States over a three year period.

You will be equipped with simple but highly powerful and effective energy strategies and techniques that support and accelerate growth and inner change – thereby releasing obstacles to achieving success.


Guideposts and Inner Adventures

How do we create a different experience of our life, into one that reflects a shift from a mind to heart centered living, where we learn to manifest an abundant life? The steps to take and the awareness that is developed are only parts of this series journeying into different levels of consciousness where shifts occur.

How can heart centeredness become permanent, rather than a fleeting experience? This and many other related questions will be explored through healing visualizations, meditations and energy processes. Inner Adventures will focus on your needs whilst preparing you for the massive shift in consciousness and transformation of the larger community as a whole.


Live Fearlessly – Live Joyfully

Transcending a fear based reality is often a challenge, especially as we are continually bombarded by news of further Earth disasters, forecasts of gloom and doom, predictions of financial meltdown and housing market collapse. Changing the pervading energy of gloom, doom and fear is not only highly desirable, it is actually possible. You are able to do this. By changing your inner fears into fearlessness and by finding the inner joy you immediately create a huge shift in consciousness.

You will learn to release deep seated fears effortlessly and explore energy techniques to fully open your heart center, thereby enabling a deep shift into joyfulness. Many of the techniques to be used to create this inner shift have been channeled from ‘beyond the veil’.


Opening to Intuition

Most of us have become reliant on using reasoning to resolve life issues, and in many cases we have found that this does not always work well. Intuition is our sixth sense and is generally greatly misunderstood and under utilized. We all have intuition and its contribution to our wellbeing and success can be enhanced and optimized.

Learn how to recognize and tap into your intuitive abilities. Your world will never look and feel the same again!


Present Life – Other Lifetimes

Many years ago Edgar Cayce provided insights from other lifetimes (past lives) to explain current life issues for clients of his trance readings. In recent years Brian Weiss and others have documented the relevance of other lifetime events in healing current life issues. In this presentation the concept of other lifetime energies and their impact on current life experiences and issues will be explored at length.

The nature of soul will be discussed and explored – including soul evolvement, soul choice, karma, soul contracts, etc. This presentation is geared to providing understanding and acceptance, and most likely will raise as many questions as it answers!


Messages From Beyond – Opening the Channels

Have you ever wanted to open the channels of communication and be a channel for spirit/angel messages? Or, are you merely curious about spirit energies and wish to know more about connecting with your guides. If so, this presentation/workshop, provides an opportunity to learn about spirit guides and to practice the basics of establishing a connection.

You will be gently guided through a series of exercises to enable you to access other dimensions;  learn to connect with spirit energies and guides;  learn discernment in your interaction with spirit energies;  and be guided to open yourself to meaningful dialogue with spirit guides.


Pendulum Fun

Dowsing is an ancient form of divination and can be used to find answers to many questions about life. The pendulum is a commonly used dowsing tool, yet often people find they lack confidence in their use of the pendulum. In this class you will learn how to:  clear the pendulum so that it becomes responsive to your requests/commands;  ensure the pendulum provides answers that are clear;  use the pendulum to determine most suitable/preferable options in lifestyle issues;   clear your energies of negativity;  understand the pendulum’s responses;  and, become concise in questioning techniques.