Classes and Events

 Please Note:

I have been asked many times about classes that will be scheduled. After spending the past seven years doing my inner work, connecting deeply with mother nature and generally having a ‘sabbatical’ I’m now being impelled to once again re-join the fray. It will happen soon, though at this stage I have no idea as to how it will look or its process of evolvement. Watch this space!!

It will most likely be that small steps are taken initially. However I’m truly excited about this re-surfacing and getting back into doing what is my passion.  

My latest book “Merging Spirituality with Quantum Consciousness: Manifest Your Life Consciously” was released late October/ early November 2019. This book merges the nature and functioning of cosmic energies with the human ability to manifest and create consciously, thereby prosaically removing the teachings and beliefs of faith based ideologies. I recommend the information in this book as it’s not ideologically focused. The information on energy at the quantum level will help you considerably in understanding the nature of your reality and your role in its manifestation. It’s intended as a powerful guide for transformation.  


I am happy to answer any questions you may have relating to services and events. Email