Life’s Challenges – What do they Mean?

Does your world feel as though it’s spinning out of control? Is there more happening, and demanding your attention, than you are able to focus on?

This seems to be the main ‘theme’ I’m encountering in my line of work lately. It feels like we are in a real time crunch. So many demands competing for attention, yet not enough time to deal with them all.

The issues I observe happening relate to career/work, family, financial security, health, personal relationships and friendships. It could be argued that these are ‘normal’ issues, that these are concerns we all are confronted by at some stage in life.

What I’m seeing, however, is that there is a multiplicity of concerns and issues all happening simultaneously. The resultant outcome is one of feeling totally overwhelmed, possibly with intense feelings of stress and even anxiety being the result.

Most of our concerns relate to mental functioning. Thought processes become convoluted as we endeavor to ‘work out’ solutions. Our minds become engrossed in engineering possible outcomes based upon the situations we perceive are happening.

Let’s face it. Most of our issues and concerns are all in the mind! We create the scenarios and the many possible permutations through our thought processing. In many instances whole dynamics are created in our minds. These dynamics are energy and over time they actually begin to manifest in various ways.

What would happen if we stopped thinking about our problems? What would be the resultant outcomes if we weren’t continually mentally creating different mechanisms for their resolution?

I find it really interesting to observe individuals who have the awareness that many of the issues they experience are really no more than a creation of the mind. Once the mental reasoning and logic are ceased the individual then realizes there’s a huge reduction in stress, and then events begin to unfold with less effort.

Yes, that’s right! Once the process of letting go of the stress and anxiety occurs then there is greater ease and comfort in outcomes. Life actually becomes easier, and it feels like there is an effortless flow in all areas. Then, once the thinking re-commences there is a vice-like grip as stress once again emerges.

I’m convinced that now, more than ever, it’s vitally important to get out of our own way and to allow the flow of life to be what it is. This means that when challenges occur they are dealt with expediently and in the best possible manner – without lengthy and undue worrying. It also means that we are then able to appreciate much more of the reality we have co-created.

This then results in more time being available to be in appreciation and gratitude. After all, when we are no longer busy worrying we will have every opportunity to truly appreciate the many blessings we have in our lives.

Initially it may be difficult to find the blessings, but I’m sure that with a little observation and lots of positive feelings those blessings will become abundantly apparent. Once that happens then there is no going back to a stress and anxiety-filled life!