The Shift is Happening

Hibernating is for bears, or so it’s said. Here in Australia we’re now out of winter and spring is emerging with erratic weather conditions practically everywhere. No more quiet relaxing winter days chilling at home. There’s just too much going on in the world right now. The winds of change are evident in countless ways. We’re being forced to dig deep and deal with local and global conditions in ways that seem new and unfamiliar. The feeling of unrest and uncertainty are apparent. In many ways it feels as though we’re leaving behind many of the old beliefs and traditions, while simultaneously holding onto them as they provide a safe and comfortable way of viewing life and reality.

The long awaited shift is happening right now, right in front of our eyes. Duality has never before been more apparent. Unrest locally and globally is taking place on a daily basis. I remember clearly the information provided when I was doing a lot of public channelling. For several years I channelled the energy of the soul that incarnated as Edgar Cayce to audiences in the north-east of the States. It was stated that a time would come when systems would collapse; also that there would be two distinct and separate realities co-existing side by side. One reality would consist of individuals who choose to remain in the third dimension frequency. The other reality would be those who chose to move forward into fourth and fifth dimension.

About two years ago I heard, in a meditation, that the shift or split into two realities had occurred and that there would be no going back. The choice to remain mired in third dimension or move into the higher frequencies is one that is made at the soul level. The evidence of this split is strong and clear on so many levels. My understanding of this process is that it’s ongoing and will take about a generation of time (twenty-five years roughly?) for the process to be completed.

Daily I remind myself of “The Four Agreements”. (1) Take nothing personally; (2) be impeccable with your word; (3) take nothing personally; and (4) always do your very best. These four simple statements, along with two others – “It is what it is” and “This too shall pass” – help me become the mindful observer of all that is occurring. They are a powerful reminder that life is a transient experience; there’s little or no point in becoming enmeshed in ego based beliefs and actions. Instead, I’m guided to live with gratitude, acceptance, patience, compassion, and so on. This means distancing myself from contentious issues, letting go of old programs and beliefs and from there learning to see the beauty in everything.

Right now the vibration of compassion and unconditional love are in great need. I’ve learned and accepted that it’s not my responsibility to change anyone or to be the person who fixes everything. Instead, I send love and healing to our precious Mother Earth on a daily basis, spend time in nature daily, do a lot of reflection and ensure that I practice kindness and harmlessness continually.

Simple, small acts and intentions have far more impact and power than we give them credit for. Every thought, spoken word and emotion contains energy, and this energy is what creates our reality. Right now my focus is on creating a positive, loving and consciously aware reality. Buckminster Fuller is quoted as having said,  “Things are never changed by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete.” This, I feel is what is happening worldwide right now. We have the choice to hang onto the old, keep repeating the patterns or to create a new, life-affirming reality of equality and compassion.


My winter hibernation has been highly productive. Long days were spent at my desk writing my fifth book. It’s titled “Merging Spirituality with Quantum Consciousness”. Sub-title is “Manifest Your Life Consciously”. The completed manuscript was submitted to my publisher this week and hopefully will be published and available by the end of October. I’m excited about this particular book because it charts new territories. In fact, I feel it’s ground-breaking, in terms of content and what it contends. A great deal of the book contains information that I’ve been fortunate to channel in the last twenty years about energy, frequency and vibration and how it relates to consciousness and spiritual awareness.