Spiritual Counseling Session

There are times in life when the Why questions surface? By this I mean that you may be pondering why certain things happen, why you feel a drive to achieve something, why there’s something that’s ‘missing’. If you are at this stage in your life and are seeking deeper insight for the meaning of your life and feel the desire to know and understand more then a Spiritual Counseling Session may help guide your direction, provide insights into your purpose, urges, addictions and so on. This session is different to a Soul Life Path reading as it focuses also on all the other facets of your life, and not only on the soul aspect.

A Spiritual Counseling Session involves discussing and exploring core issues and concerns that require deeper insight, understanding and healing. A session often answers what has been puzzling and uncertain in life. It may provide direction and certainty. Each soul is unique. Each soul has a unique purpose. Your needs guide the session. I’m also available for follow up concerns and questions if you feel the need. 

The cost for a session is By Donation. A session may last 30, 45, 60 or more minutes, though I generally indicate that 60 minutes be made available, just in case it’s needed. Email me at bente@dynamicenergyhealing.net for an appointment!