The Shift is Happening

As always, when I sit at my computer ready to write I have little or no idea of what is going to be produced. When I consciously concentrate and attempt to glean some idea or theme to write about my mind goes blank.  Sounds scary? It was when I initially experienced the “blank goes the brain” syndrome the first time or two. 

It’s a bit like being asked to say a few words to a gathering of people and being totally unprepared. Am sure that sounds familiar, and something that most people dread happening. I guess that it comes down to our need to feel in control of things, to have a clear idea of what is to happen, when and how.

In last month’s newsletter I wrote at length about the intense energies and the resultant feeling of being squeezed relentlessly. There is no doubt that September probably was one of the most challenging months this year for many individuals who are energy sensitive. We are now slowly beginning to move out of that intensity, though at differing stages depending upon the amount of inner work already undertaken and what still needs to be completed.

Let Go of the Need to Control

If you feel that your life has been turned upside down, that you are making little or no progress with your intentions, that emotionally you are out of control or those around you are losing it, that all the inner work you have engaged in isn’t bringing the rewards or outcomes anticipated…. Then I say LET GO! 

The need to know exactly what is happening  in order to manage how things unfold isn’t going to work anymore. That need to know is an ego conscious mind reality, often based on old paradigm thinking. It’s an old way of structuring reality in order to suit dated belief systems and ideologies. 

If you believe you (conscious mind) are in charge of creating the change then you will soon be in for some major disillusionment. It is not the conscious mind that is urging you to shift to a more aware and conscious lifestyle, to find deeper meaning, to let go of stagnant and non-serving emotions and attachments. It’s your Higher Self that actually is the mechanism that is pushing, urging and creating the opportunities.

Control is an Illusion

When you reflect upon various life situations in which you’ve been focused on being in control you’ll probably realize that it’s often rarely that things go according to carefully constructed plans. The conscious mind plans, whereas the Higher Self (Super Conscious) creates a flow of synchronicities and events that are for your higher good. I’m sure you can see and sense the difference in how the two function. 

The feeling of being in control creates an illusion that is satisfying when things go according to expectations. This happens when it is for your highest good, not because your conscious mind has deemed that specific outcomes are necessary. 

Basically, what I’m saying is that right now your Higher Self is in the driver’s seat and is the driving force for much of what is happening within and externally in your life. As a creator you are continually creating through thoughts, words, emotions and actions. However, it is when your creation attempts are not meeting with success, when you feel frustrated and annoyed with how things are manifesting that it’s time to let go and trust the process that is being experienced. 

Reality ‘Divide’

Currently it’s as though there are two realities co-existing side by side in our world. One reality is manifesting and demonstrating some of these characteristics:

  • A love of the Earth and all that reside upon her
  • An honoring of all that is sacred and natural
  • Developing love and compassion for self and all living beings
  • Feeling a sense of oneness with all
  • Eschewing the violence and negativity that exists in the wider world
  • Living in a state of unconditional love and cooperation 

The other reality has some of these characteristics:

  • Living in fear
  • Supporting and believing in the need for competition and aggression – a Them vs Us belief system
  • Supporting war, conflict and believing in The System
  • Accepting what is publicly told via media without questioning
  • Remaining mired in the old negative emotional belief system 

The divide between the two realities is becoming stronger and more evident. If you are energy sensitive it’s most likely becoming more difficult to remain in the energy of the second reality for any length of time. In fact, the process of separating the two realities is actually going to become more consistent over the next few years. 

Live in Trust

What does this division of the realities have to do with letting go of control and living in trust? 

If you reflect back on the journey you have been experiencing in recent years there’s most likely been a lot of shifting of emotional states, letting go of old friendships, going deeper within, seeking meaning and purpose, etc  along the way. Each step has involved letting go of something and trusting that all will work out. 

Right now the cosmic energies are supporting us to fully let go of old paradigm beliefs and ways of functioning. When you seek to know why, how, when etc of a situation you are actually slowing down the process of letting go and healing. A great deal of what is occurring is karma in action or it may be the release of cellular and energetic memories from all lifetimes. 

There is no need for ‘control’ in this new paradigm that is being created. Instead there is FLOW, as one experience flows to the next – with your Higher Self guiding the process. This does not mean you stop thinking and questioning. If you did that then there would be no creation occurring because thoughts create reality. 

Shifting from Control to Flow

This morning a young lady shared that she had read about the changes that would engulf us. She commented that, “Reading about it and living through it are two very different things”. In fact, whatever has been written about the challenges of this process has not been able to accurately and clearly provide a blueprint for the experience. 

Each person is undertaking this journey individually, in a unique and powerful way. It is your journey; tailor made to your special needs and aspirations. The wisdom of your Higher Self is the guidance that is needed in order to fully shift into an awakened, consciously aware state. 

What can you do to reduce the stress of what is occurring as you undergo this shift on the deeper levels? 

  • Meditate upon the meaning and purpose of what you are experiencing. Ask questions as you are in the early stages of a meditative state. Answers will come in various ways, not necessarily during meditation.
  • Seek guidance from Higher Self and others that you connect with energetically. Ask to be shown, to have understanding as well as guidance as to how to survive what is often a roller coaster ride of emotions and issues.
  • Breathe deeply as often as possible. Learn to feel your breath and consciously release stored stress on the exhalation.
  • Accept what is happening – even if it’s outside your previous experience and you aren’t prepared. My favorite saying is, “It is what it is” – an oldie but when it is uttered it actually seems to provide a buffer between any emotional tension and allows for acceptance to occur.
  • Engage in healthy activities. Walk in the woods, find a swing and feel the freedom of swinging high in the air, watch a comedy movie. Anything that assists in letting go of the stress and allows you the opportunity to live in the moment joyfully is beneficial.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for all the great things in your life. Express gratitude for the fact that you are shifting into a new vibration and releasing all that is not for your highest good. Express gratitude for what you have experienced, regardless of how bad it may seem.
  • Repeat – as often as necessary – “This too shall pass” or words similar, as this also provides a buffer between emotional tension and the situation, thereby in some way diminishing the impact of whatever is occurring.
  • Say “I release with love…….(whatever is bugging you)” . Sometimes statements need to be repeated many times.
  • Continually find opportunities to experience self-appreciation and self-love. This is your unique experience. You are the leading actor in your life experiences and you have the choice as to whether you imbue those experiences with love or negative emotions.
  • Own what you need to deal with. Let others deal with their stuff. This is not the time to take on the challenges that are there for others to resolve. 

Benefits of Letting Go

I learned the art of letting go very painfully. My life path was clearly mapped out – in my head anyway and I was determined things would proceed along a smooth path, with each step being carefully executed. It wasn’t long before I stumbled as one challenge after the next surfaced. In addition, there seemed to be so much resistance to achieving my carefully thought out plan of action. 

One day while meditating I saw clearly what was happening. I saw both my hands on a steering wheel, then heard the words ‘let go’. Immediately I got the message and from that day I let go and suddenly all the things I had planned began to happen, though not necessarily as I’d intended. They happened far better than I could have created on my own.  From my experiences I learned the importance of letting go, of allowing experiences to occur in their own way and time and to trust that the outcomes would be for my highest good. 

We are shifting into new frequencies, as is the Earth. These frequencies signify a new paradigm, one we are unfamiliar with in the physical sense.  All the challenges, pain and discomfort are for a good reason. As yet the broad landscape we will co-create is not evident. Our conscious awareness may have glimpses of what is possible but our Higher Self has full awareness and knows that this is the journey we have chosen.