Distance Energy Clearing/Healing

This involves working with the higher self to clear limiting programs and blockages, including those from all life times. Each person has unique needs, so this work varies depending upon what I am guided to clear and give healing to.

A distance treatment clears out the ‘clutter’ that’s stored deep within – I liken it to doing a complete clean out of the hard drive on the computer. It’s this clutter that causes self-sabotage in so many instances, and which prevents us from fully reaching our potential. A full clearing takes approximately 2 hours. A written report is provided via email on what was found and then cleared. 

Often a client will request a session, calling it a Tune Up. What this means is that they’ve discovered the magic of having a session from time to time. It supports the release of stored stress – and let’s face facts, life is stressful – resulting in improved clarity of thinking, an increase in feelings of calm, better focus. Basically a distance energy session is like removing a thick layer of stagnant energy, or like taking off the outer layers of the onion. In addition, clients often report improvement in physical health challenges or conditions. 

I’ve made changes to the payment system. With this type of work there’s always an energy exchange component. Instead of setting an exact cost I’m now working on a BY DONATION basis. This means that payment is commensurate with client ability to pay. Payment is still via PayPal. 

Instead of clicking on a PayPal link, go to www.paypal.com and click on Send Money and then remit to my PayPal account email address which is bentehansen03@gmail.com

How will you know an appropriate amount to pay? The process is straightforward and works. Simply close your eyes and ask “How much?” and you will have an amount come to mind, either immediately or within twenty-four hours. PayPal takes care of currency exchange rates. 

Contact me on email at bente@dynamicenergyhealing.net to schedule a session. After payment has been received for the distance session I will contact you.

‘Now 38, I look back and realize that I lived with severe, at times almost debilitating, depression that started in my early teens. The depression held me back in every aspect of my life. I had one distant energy clearing and healing session with Bente. When I woke up the next day I felt a sense of peace that I had never experienced. I stopped taking anti-depressants that day without the side effects that accompanied the many times I tried to stop prior. I haven’t looked back. I am growing spiritually by leaps and bounds. Because of Bente’s healing, I am now finding my true gifts, talents and purpose. Bente is a wonderfully gifted healer and teacher.’ BL, Snohomish, WA