About Me

I refer to myself as being an intuitive wellness consultant. However, it is not easy to define what I do as my work continually evolves, depending on what is required at any one time. Suffice it to say that I am an inspirational speaker, energy healer, soul healer, energetic channel, spiritual counselor, author, radio host and teacher. I enjoy opportunities to be a guest speaker and seminar presenter at various venues nationally and internationally. 

My speciality is ENERGY and SOUL HEALING. This means that I take every opportunity to share my understanding and knowledge of how energy functions to shape our reality and how it can be used to enhance life experiences, wellbeing and challenges. 

I view the concept of community as becoming vitally important to our survival and envision myself actively involved in creating Earth based spiritual community, assisting others to reconnect with the vibration and healing powers of Earth.

While this belief and drive are still strong I’m guided to become involved in greater community activities and to re-ignite the strong passion I have for supporting individuals in their journey towards wellness and health, along with being able to provide mentoring and spiritual counseling. The beauty of technology is that it means that time and distance differences are meaningless.

Check out this link for a recent interview:  https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/bentehansen-interview/


My other love is non-fiction writing, and so far I have published five books

Messages From Beyond, published in 2001 and limited copies are available from www.amazon.com. The book contains channeled messages from the Arcturus Community. Topics covered include information on who we really are, our purpose and information relating to the current spiritual awakening that is occurring worldwide. These messages are uplifting and encourage our efforts to be the very best we possibly can be. 


The New World of Self Healing, 2006 (Llewellyn). The book has just been re-released (see below). In addition, it is available as an eBook from all eBook suppliers. 

This book contains a vast amount of information about energy that has been shared from non-physical teachers in relation to the human energy body as well as the nature of healing.

The two underlying themes are:  energy and self-empowerment. An energy model, existing in absolutely everything, is clearly described. The book also contains a CD of guided visualizations relating to energy techniques for healing.

“I just finished reading ‘The New World of Self Healing’ and I had to write to you. It was no accident your book manifested when I needed it most. I love your book and audio meditations – it’s perfection from start to finish… This is the best book for self healing because it explains how to do it. I’ve read so many but this one stands by itself.” A.R. (MA)  


Edgar Speaks: Inner Transformation, 2012 and Beyond and Earth Changes    (2011). In late 2008 I began channeling the energy of Edgar Cayce. This book chronicles my challenging journey of integrating his energies as well as the powerful and transformative information that’s been channeled to audiences in the Northeast of the U.S.A. for three years. The information channeled prior to 2012 is as relevant now at it was then. The book is also available as an eBook from all eBook distributors. 

 “An excellent book from a powerful healer. Combine the knowledge and experience of the author with the energy and wisdom of Edgar Cayce, and the end result is an exceptional blending of information that will likely change the world! This book is not to be missed and is highly recommended to all readers.” L.H. (NY)




A Square Peg: Conformity Isn’t An Option (2018) Published under the pen name Gabriella Jaye this book is the story of my weird, surreal, out of this world experiences and adventures with the non physical reality. It explores the events that lead up to my receptivity to the invisible realms along with the many challenges that occurred along the way. It wasn’t an easy book to write because it’s basically about exposing my underbelly, something that was intensely uncomfortable. It’s available from all quality bookstores internationally, along as an eBook from all suppliers.



Merging Spirituality with Quantum Consciousness was released late November 2019. It’s a follow on from my earlier book, The New World of Self Healing, and shares a vast amount of information on energy and how it’s possible to utilize it positively and constructively in order to manifest your desires in a most straight forward way, rather than haphazardly and unconsciously.  The timing of this book’s release is perfect as there’s a massive shift globally and the book contains a lot of channeled information in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. 

The book links the nature and functioning of cosmic energies with the human ability to manifest and create consciously, thereby prosaically removing the teachings and beliefs of faith-based ideologies. However, it honors the wisdom of ancient knowledge in new, realistic and meaningful ways. This enables the reader to eschew limiting beliefs and programs that hinder self empowerment and full consciousness. The merging of recent scientific understanding with the basics of spirituality are explored, discussed and explained in a simplistic easy to understand manner. This simplifies the processes involved in the gaining of inner wisdom and growth without religious or spiritual dogma. It is a straightforward read, helpful for the individual feeling stuck in their life journey or who may be experiencing a lack of understanding of their purpose.


The New World of Self Healing, 2021 (Balboa Press)  

Re-publishing The New World of Self Healing was not a decision lightly made. My off planet guidance alerted me to undertake the task of reviewing the manuscript and making minor changes for readability. When it was initially published in 2006 it received good reviews. However, the book was published before its time. Now is the time. The world is changing. We are in the process of shifting to the Age of Aquarius. There’s a massive awakening happening globally.

“I found this book to be profound and extremely easy to follow….I would definitely continue using this as a catalyst to change my life.” (Belladonna’s Book Shelf)
“Described is a unique map of the three-dimensional energy grid surrounding each of us. Learn to maintain this grid and you’ll become empowered to live a healthy life full of inspiration, passion and harmony.” (Unknown)
“In today’s increasingly toxic world, this book serves as motivation and inspiration that there is another way to optimal health and longevity.” (Reader’s Choice, New Connextion)

If you read my earlier book, Edgar Speaks, you may remember some of the deep trance channelling I undertook which stressed that the New Earth (Age of Aquarius) would emerge and that there would be significant deconstruction of our systems. These include finance, politics, education, religion, trade, and so on. We are amid this deconstruction right now, and simultaneously we are engaging in a reconstruction process.

All change comes from within. The New World of Self Healing explores ways of creating a reality that is fully aligned to wellness, healing, inner peace and abundance. It explains clearly, through exploration of the energy system, how we are more than a physical body. The book demonstrates how understanding energy flow and its impact will create whatever we choose to manifest.

The New World of Self Healing is available from reputable bookstores. It can be purchased direct from Balboa Press and is available online from www.amazon.com. It’s also available in eBook format.

It’s an ideal gift for the person who is undergoing the awakening process, as it explains simply what is often perceived to be complex or confusing.

“Bente has an outstanding talent for healing not only the body of pain, but identifying the root cause of the issue. I had suffered from a wrenched hip for many years that was not only painful but impacted my ability to ride. Bente straightened out my hip and improved my total posture in just two visits. The insights she provides are absolutely profound. Bente is truly a beacon in today’s new world.”  DI (WA)

“Bente is one of the few healers I let work on me.  She has the integrity, insight and compassion I require in a healer.  I have seen her for the past 3 years and have always come away from my sessions cleared of whatever was dragging me down.  She has also educated me on health matters that have been extremely helpful and beneficial. I would recommend anyone to Bente for her practical, grounded approach which always brings healing!!” SM (OR)