I’ve been guided to awareness that I’ll be sharing brief audio channeling messages and segments online. As they are undertaken I’ll upload them! The first is below, and is about 11 minutes in length. It’s about the importance of choosing unity and oneness over duality and separation. It’s only brief and I get a sense it’s about triggering some thoughts, and hopefully it will help you reflect on the vital role you play in helping this planet and all who reside on her into a New Earth!

This brief channeling below occurred on August 15, 2020 and continues on with the theme of unity and oneness. This seems to be the theme of the day right now, mainly because as a culture it’s time that we actually started living life with this harmonious and inclusive energy. I’ve just opened a YouTube account and it’s under my name and titled Embracing Unity. I will be adding videos on this topic regularly as it’s my contribution to supporting Gaia and all who live on her in the process of healing old trauma, wounds and hurts. In the process, it’s also about dispelling the myths around separation.