Letting Go Of Illusion

Have you ever had the experience of wondering what in the world is real? Or what is the truth of a situation? Just how much of our co-created reality is actually based on belief systems and perceptions, rather than truth? Is it possible that many of these are no longer relevant or applicable?

As we near the end of 2014, an incredibly tumultuous year in which many of our core values are being challenged and tested to the nth degree, it’s actually a miracle if we are able to remain centered and balanced. 

Kudos to you if you survive this year with feelings of optimism and a strong sense of yourself and your direction! 

It’s not my intention to sound cynical or even contentious. Rather I’m in awe of the extent to which our reality seems to be unravelling and the basis of many beliefs and practices are now in question.

There are many evident examples of just how rapidly truth and information is changing. The internet, media and social media, especially, are continually shaping our perceptions of reality as more new data, stories and ‘facts’ are touted. 

Given the amount of information readily available on just about every topic it’s easy to become influenced or sceptical, depending on inclinations and conditioning. Rather than focusing on old and current research in any field, or discussing the merits or otherwise of findings I feel it’s more important to actually maintain balance and harmony in daily life. 

Letting Go Of Illusion

All the things that are witnessed and experienced in the short period of a lifetime are basically an illusion. They are merely an opportunity to engage in the physical manifestations that are consciously (and unconsciously) co-created. The short period of time spent in the physical body offers opportunities to create, play, engage and evolve. The dramas, fears, wars, emotions and activities engaged in do not reflect the true nature of your essence. Your essence, or higher wisdom, experiments and creates your life experiences yet in no way becomes them! Your essence knows and understands the illusion of this temporary playground called Earth and all that transpires while living in human form. 

We Are Transforming

According to everything I’ve learned over many years is that we are now in the middle of a massive shift or transformation. This is not a comfortable process, and at times it may be downright painful, filled with uncertainty and confusion. At times you may feel as though you are caught between realities. The old reality, the one you grew up with and are familiar with may at times feel strong and secure. At other times it may feel dated and irrelevant. The exposure to an overwhelming information load and conflicting knowledge ensures that the status quo does not remain constant. This constantly being pulled in different directions takes its toll on the physical body, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

During this time of transformation we are learning that nothing remains the same – as much as we often would prefer that change isn’t as constant! We are finding our belief systems often no longer apply, that long held practices no longer have the same impact or effect, and that our feelings and awareness are shifting. 

All this confusion and inner conflict are reflected in the outer reality. A brief analysis of world events indicates the turmoil is widespread. All this is an essential part of the transformation process. In much the same way as you  may be strongly inclined to clear the clutter out of your closets and home, globally there is also a clearing of the old energies, beliefs, enmities, traditions and cultures, etc that no longer reflect the changing energies of the world’s population. 

Lies, Mistruths and Deceptions

A significant aspect of this transformation process is the revealing and exposing of the lies and deceptions that have been generated through the generations. This process can be extremely unsettling as deeply embedded traditional family, cultural and geographic beliefs are exposed as being based on false premise. This results in great uncertainty and questioning, which is an essential part of the transformation process. 

My sense is that we’ll see more whistle blowers and mistruths revealed in the next few years. In fact, it’s highly likely that the dramas of 2014 will be continued for a while. Whether you choose to be part of those dramas or to believe in them is your decision. 

Ultimately this transformation process is an opportunity to release the illusions, to let go of dated beliefs and thereby begin the process of creating a more harmonious lifestyle, one that is connected with nature and which supports the understanding that everything is One! 

Recently I received a link to the latest Matthew channeling, which actually indicates that there’s more change coming, some of which may be greatly challenging. The link to this channeling is: 



Where Do You Stand?

To what extent have you let go of believing in the co-created illusion? Are you seeing the true nature of existence yet? Have your core values shifted dramatically? Are you more at peace deep within? 

Only you have awareness of your ‘position’ in the big picture. My sense of the current transformative times is that individuals who have undertaken a healing journey, who have released stagnant emotional pain and whose vibrational frequency is of a high level will come into their own in the next few years. These individuals will weather the challenges with minimal (if any) effort and will remain clear and balanced regardless of whatever chaos and dramas may be occurring. 

How Do You See Your Future?

Yesterday I engaged in conversation with a young guy ringing up my purchases at a local organic food store. It turns out that we have similar aspirations, despite the huge age gap! We both agreed that living off the grid, using permaculture practices, using alternative energy (solar for me) and collecting rainwater in order to live more sustainably on the planet is essential. His comment, “It’s my generation’s responsibility to clean up the planet, to make it becomes what it’s supposed to be” warmed my heart greatly. He knows his purpose and stated with great clarity the importance of this undertaking. This young man has seen through the illusion and finds it incredibly unappealing and irrelevant. 

Not everyone is able to clearly see or get a sense of their destiny, or purpose. However, most likely you are on the way to figuring out yours when you: 

  • Appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life;
  • Feel passionate about making a difference in some way;
  • See your life journey being connected with others, including total strangers, animals and plants;
  • Have compassion and extend it gladly;
  • Live in trust and in the moment;
  • Enjoy the ease and flow of life as it happens;
  • Let go of the need to control;
  • Smile and laugh often;
  • Accept others as they are;
  • Value and honor your own health and wellbeing.

 Letting go of illusion and transforming back into your natural higher wisdom state is a journey, one that many have been undertaking in recent years. It’s not always an easy journey, especially when old values and beliefs are found to be invalid. Yet, I encourage you to continue refining the process. Let go, learn to trust your higher wisdom and its intuitive guidance and you’ll begin to find that life is less stressful and more joyful. 

The Shift is Happening

As always, when I sit at my computer ready to write I have little or no idea of what is going to be produced. When I consciously concentrate and attempt to glean some idea or theme to write about my mind goes blank.  Sounds scary? It was when I initially experienced the “blank goes the brain” syndrome the first time or two. 

It’s a bit like being asked to say a few words to a gathering of people and being totally unprepared. Am sure that sounds familiar, and something that most people dread happening. I guess that it comes down to our need to feel in control of things, to have a clear idea of what is to happen, when and how.

In last month’s newsletter I wrote at length about the intense energies and the resultant feeling of being squeezed relentlessly. There is no doubt that September probably was one of the most challenging months this year for many individuals who are energy sensitive. We are now slowly beginning to move out of that intensity, though at differing stages depending upon the amount of inner work already undertaken and what still needs to be completed.

Let Go of the Need to Control

If you feel that your life has been turned upside down, that you are making little or no progress with your intentions, that emotionally you are out of control or those around you are losing it, that all the inner work you have engaged in isn’t bringing the rewards or outcomes anticipated…. Then I say LET GO! 

The need to know exactly what is happening  in order to manage how things unfold isn’t going to work anymore. That need to know is an ego conscious mind reality, often based on old paradigm thinking. It’s an old way of structuring reality in order to suit dated belief systems and ideologies. 

If you believe you (conscious mind) are in charge of creating the change then you will soon be in for some major disillusionment. It is not the conscious mind that is urging you to shift to a more aware and conscious lifestyle, to find deeper meaning, to let go of stagnant and non-serving emotions and attachments. It’s your Higher Self that actually is the mechanism that is pushing, urging and creating the opportunities.

Control is an Illusion

When you reflect upon various life situations in which you’ve been focused on being in control you’ll probably realize that it’s often rarely that things go according to carefully constructed plans. The conscious mind plans, whereas the Higher Self (Super Conscious) creates a flow of synchronicities and events that are for your higher good. I’m sure you can see and sense the difference in how the two function. 

The feeling of being in control creates an illusion that is satisfying when things go according to expectations. This happens when it is for your highest good, not because your conscious mind has deemed that specific outcomes are necessary. 

Basically, what I’m saying is that right now your Higher Self is in the driver’s seat and is the driving force for much of what is happening within and externally in your life. As a creator you are continually creating through thoughts, words, emotions and actions. However, it is when your creation attempts are not meeting with success, when you feel frustrated and annoyed with how things are manifesting that it’s time to let go and trust the process that is being experienced. 

Reality ‘Divide’

Currently it’s as though there are two realities co-existing side by side in our world. One reality is manifesting and demonstrating some of these characteristics:

  • A love of the Earth and all that reside upon her
  • An honoring of all that is sacred and natural
  • Developing love and compassion for self and all living beings
  • Feeling a sense of oneness with all
  • Eschewing the violence and negativity that exists in the wider world
  • Living in a state of unconditional love and cooperation 

The other reality has some of these characteristics:

  • Living in fear
  • Supporting and believing in the need for competition and aggression – a Them vs Us belief system
  • Supporting war, conflict and believing in The System
  • Accepting what is publicly told via media without questioning
  • Remaining mired in the old negative emotional belief system 

The divide between the two realities is becoming stronger and more evident. If you are energy sensitive it’s most likely becoming more difficult to remain in the energy of the second reality for any length of time. In fact, the process of separating the two realities is actually going to become more consistent over the next few years. 

Live in Trust

What does this division of the realities have to do with letting go of control and living in trust? 

If you reflect back on the journey you have been experiencing in recent years there’s most likely been a lot of shifting of emotional states, letting go of old friendships, going deeper within, seeking meaning and purpose, etc  along the way. Each step has involved letting go of something and trusting that all will work out. 

Right now the cosmic energies are supporting us to fully let go of old paradigm beliefs and ways of functioning. When you seek to know why, how, when etc of a situation you are actually slowing down the process of letting go and healing. A great deal of what is occurring is karma in action or it may be the release of cellular and energetic memories from all lifetimes. 

There is no need for ‘control’ in this new paradigm that is being created. Instead there is FLOW, as one experience flows to the next – with your Higher Self guiding the process. This does not mean you stop thinking and questioning. If you did that then there would be no creation occurring because thoughts create reality. 

Shifting from Control to Flow

This morning a young lady shared that she had read about the changes that would engulf us. She commented that, “Reading about it and living through it are two very different things”. In fact, whatever has been written about the challenges of this process has not been able to accurately and clearly provide a blueprint for the experience. 

Each person is undertaking this journey individually, in a unique and powerful way. It is your journey; tailor made to your special needs and aspirations. The wisdom of your Higher Self is the guidance that is needed in order to fully shift into an awakened, consciously aware state. 

What can you do to reduce the stress of what is occurring as you undergo this shift on the deeper levels? 

  • Meditate upon the meaning and purpose of what you are experiencing. Ask questions as you are in the early stages of a meditative state. Answers will come in various ways, not necessarily during meditation.
  • Seek guidance from Higher Self and others that you connect with energetically. Ask to be shown, to have understanding as well as guidance as to how to survive what is often a roller coaster ride of emotions and issues.
  • Breathe deeply as often as possible. Learn to feel your breath and consciously release stored stress on the exhalation.
  • Accept what is happening – even if it’s outside your previous experience and you aren’t prepared. My favorite saying is, “It is what it is” – an oldie but when it is uttered it actually seems to provide a buffer between any emotional tension and allows for acceptance to occur.
  • Engage in healthy activities. Walk in the woods, find a swing and feel the freedom of swinging high in the air, watch a comedy movie. Anything that assists in letting go of the stress and allows you the opportunity to live in the moment joyfully is beneficial.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for all the great things in your life. Express gratitude for the fact that you are shifting into a new vibration and releasing all that is not for your highest good. Express gratitude for what you have experienced, regardless of how bad it may seem.
  • Repeat – as often as necessary – “This too shall pass” or words similar, as this also provides a buffer between emotional tension and the situation, thereby in some way diminishing the impact of whatever is occurring.
  • Say “I release with love…….(whatever is bugging you)” . Sometimes statements need to be repeated many times.
  • Continually find opportunities to experience self-appreciation and self-love. This is your unique experience. You are the leading actor in your life experiences and you have the choice as to whether you imbue those experiences with love or negative emotions.
  • Own what you need to deal with. Let others deal with their stuff. This is not the time to take on the challenges that are there for others to resolve. 

Benefits of Letting Go

I learned the art of letting go very painfully. My life path was clearly mapped out – in my head anyway and I was determined things would proceed along a smooth path, with each step being carefully executed. It wasn’t long before I stumbled as one challenge after the next surfaced. In addition, there seemed to be so much resistance to achieving my carefully thought out plan of action. 

One day while meditating I saw clearly what was happening. I saw both my hands on a steering wheel, then heard the words ‘let go’. Immediately I got the message and from that day I let go and suddenly all the things I had planned began to happen, though not necessarily as I’d intended. They happened far better than I could have created on my own.  From my experiences I learned the importance of letting go, of allowing experiences to occur in their own way and time and to trust that the outcomes would be for my highest good. 

We are shifting into new frequencies, as is the Earth. These frequencies signify a new paradigm, one we are unfamiliar with in the physical sense.  All the challenges, pain and discomfort are for a good reason. As yet the broad landscape we will co-create is not evident. Our conscious awareness may have glimpses of what is possible but our Higher Self has full awareness and knows that this is the journey we have chosen.

Minimize Exposure, Detox – and Feel the Difference!

Am I getting tired of beating the same drum? Not at all. Especially when I find information citing research that confirms what I’ve been saying for years.

In a new study published in the Journal of Environment Research it was found that participants (ages 18-65) who ate a diet consisting of at least 80% organic foods for one week had a staggering 89% less pesticide residue in their urine, compared with what is found when conventionally (pesticide laden) grown produce is eaten.

This is a huge result, but exactly what does it mean? One of the main components of pesticides is organophosphates. These have been found to inhibit a specific neurotransmitter essential for carrying signals between muscles and nerves. Organophosphates may also cause paralysis and children, in particular, are at greater risk from pesticides because their bodies do not detox as easily as adult bodies.

For many families purchasing organic produce is cost prohibitive. All conventionally grown produce contains a dose of toxic pesticides. According to a Natural Society report (5/6/14 – The 15 Cleanest and 12 Most Pesticide-Laden Produce of 2014):

“Today, over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States alone every year, leading to numerous health and environmental consequences. Among the many negative effects of pesticides, research has found that these chemicals can lead to cancer, birth defects, infertility, kidney failure, and much more. Monsanto’s Bt toxins are killing human embryo cells, while Roundup and glyphosate are leading to a kidney disease epidemic in poor farming regions….”

While this statement relates to the United States I can safely say that the situation is not markedly different in just about every other country that has adopted large crop, mono-agricultural farming methods.

The Dirty Dozen

The items of produce that have been found to be most toxic are:  1) Apples, 2) Strawberries, 3) Grapes, 4)Celery, 5) Peaches, 6) Spinach, 7) Sweet Bell Peppers, 8) Nectarines, 9) Cucumbers, 10) Cherry Tomatoes, 11) Snap Peas (imported) and 12) Potatoes.

The Clean Fifteen

The produce items found to hold least pesticide residue and have tested low on pesticide concentration are:  1) Avocados, 2) Sweet Corn (though is likely to be GMO), 3) Pineapples, 4) Cabbage, 5) Frozen Sweet Peas, 6) Onions, 7) Asparagus, 8) Mangoes, 9) Papayas (tho likely to be GMO), 10) Kiwis, 11) Eggplant, 12) Grapefruit, 13) Canteloupe, 14) Cauliflower and 15) Sweet Potato.

If you’ve been putting off growing some of your own fruits, vegetables and herbs possibly you may reconsider your options. During the warmer months, especially, it’s a great time to begin growing some of your own food supply. If you don’t know how to, then there is an abundance of books available on all types of gardening, including growing food in small spaces, in pots as well as containing great information on making your own insect repellent sprays that are organic and non-toxic.

Another option is to frequent farmers’ markets and find produce that is grown free of chemicals, though not necessarily labelled organic. Being certified Organic is a huge expense that many farmers cannot afford.

Toxin Toxout

A newly released book, Toxin Toxout – Getting Harmful Chemicals out of our Bodies and our World, by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith explains how toxins damage our bodies and environment, and best of all provides some simple strategies that can be applied to reduce the levels of pollutants and exposure to them.

Detoxing Your Body of Pesticides and Other Chemicals

Just the other day I heard a news report that the chemical toxins from car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke (including second hand) are highly toxic to the body. There is no doubt that over time the toxins accumulate. What are the long term health implications of this? Why is it important to detox regularly?

The first time I undertook a detox was in the mid-90s. It involved preparing all meals from scratch, using only wholesome unprocessed foods. This detox process lasted six weeks. By the end of it my skin glowed, my eyes were clear, hair shone and I had a huge amount of energy – I felt better than I had for years. Since that time I’ve made it a point to ensure that my body detoxes regularly and on an ongoing basis.

As many of you know I eat a largely organic diet. Starting the day off with a freshly slow pressed vegetable juice is a great way of helping the body remain ‘clean’ on the inside. However, in recent times I’ve added a teaspoon of either spirulina or chlorella powder to my morning juice. Both these potent green powders actually help the body eliminate heavy toxic metals. There are no immediate side effects or even signs that the body is detoxing. However, every few weeks I find a subtle hint that there is a release of toxins. This release is evident in a strongly metallic taste in my mouth, it also is evident in my body’s eliminations as a strong metal smell. When perspiring, especially, the odour can be strong for a brief moment.

However, the body only releases heavy metals at a very slow rate and not a great deal is released at a time, which is why it pays dividends to continue taking chlorella and/or spirulina regularly. I use powder, mixed into juice, as the rate of absorbability in the body (from liquids) is up to about 98%, whereas taking these potent greens in tablet form results in an absorption rate of only about 50%.

Exercise and Sweating Important

An article at www.mercola.com entitled Niacin, Exercise, and Sauna – A Simple and Effective Detox Program That Can Significantly Improve Your Health cites significant research findings on the health benefits of detoxing.

Research is cited in the article, demonstrating clearly that the body stores toxins in fat and other fatty organs such as the brain. When weight is lost toxic chemicals gradually move out from the body’s fat stores.

Exercise is a key to elimination, as pesticides and other toxic chemicals are safely released via the skin, the body’s largest organ. The article cites the work of Dr Yu, who stresses the importance of taking niacin to “mobilize toxic substances from your fat cells”. His study focuses on mobilizing toxins from both the skin and the GI tract. Dr Yo recommends using niacin in conjunction with both exercise and sauna therapy.

Not everyone has access to a sauna. However, I’m finding that hiking up and down the trails in the mountains two to three times a week (regardless of the season) is ideal for building up a sweat, as well as providing an aerobic workout. Dr Mercola and other fitness experts recommend high intensity interval training, as a means of stimulating the human growth hormone in adults – and which, I assure you, generates lots of sweating!

I have never taken niacin as a supplement on its own. It may be something you feel is appropriate to explore and learn more about.

Toxins in the Breast Tissue

With breast cancer being one of the scourges of our time there are steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of succumbing to this insidious disease. The breasts consist of tissue and fat cells – a great place for toxins to reside. The lymph glands, located close to the breasts, are also an area where cancer cells locate. This is why regular exercise (with sweating) is important. The lymph moves the toxins, via the lymph, to the liver which then detoxify slowly.

It has also been found that the sweat glands under the arms are able to eliminate the stored toxins. I’ve found a wonderful product, Detox Deodorant – for night time detox use – to be brilliant for helping remove stored toxins from the breast tissue. This product is applied like a deodorant, but at night time, and washed off in the morning shower. The developer of this product has undertaken years of research, and the use of thermal imaging to map the reduction of toxins in the body as a result of regular application of this product. For more information on this product (which happens to be totally synthetic chemical and petroleum free) go to www.herbalixrestoratives.com

Hydration is Important

It’s easy to overlook the importance of hydration in this process. Drinking purified water – and plenty of it – helps the liver, sweat glands and fat cells eliminate toxic chemicals from the body. My personal preference is to have a water filter that filters out fluoride and chlorine, and other chemicals. A water purifier doesn’t have to be overly expensive to be of a high quality. Do your research and find the purifier system that suits your body, one that ‘feels right’.

While detoxing your body from chemicals limit your intake of coffee, sodas and other flavored  liquids as much as possible. Prepare meals from scratch using wholesome, natural foods and avoid consuming pre-packaged, processed foods.

One Day at a Time

If you have never undertaken a detox program the first thing to remember is – don’t feel overwhelmed! Take it one day at a time. Make the changes slowly. Adjust to the changes before taking the next step. This way you will begin to identify what works, notice the minor changes and improvements in wellbeing.

If your body contains a lot of toxic chemicals there is a possibility that you may actually feel sick, have headaches and generally feel out of sorts for up to a week or two! If so, just take it slowly and ensure you persist with the process as your body may be going through a similar process as someone who’s giving up cigarette smoking or alcohol. I’ve experienced this type of healing crisis response in my body numerous times (for various reasons) and it’s never comfortable. The final result, however, is well worth the discomfort. 

Biophoton Field – Your Key to Health and Wellbeing

Have you ever had the experience of looking at someone, or even a group of people, and been aware that the individual/s are either really healthy or that they appear to be sickly?

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed myself at a three day folk festival where I was only one of a large group of volunteers. I certainly toiled when on duty, but once off duty I spent time wandering over the grounds where the festival was held, I listened to a great variety of music from incredibly talented musicians and I also found myself really observing people.

People watching is a past time that many people enjoy indulging in. From my perspective the observations undertaken over the three day weekend were not intended to be critical or judgmental. Instead I found myself wondering just how healthy the majority of the attending population really were.

In all honesty I have to say that the majority of people observed did not look hale and healthy, with most people looking stressed, tired and worn down. The number of people exuding vitality and energy were few in number – compared with the thousands that attended.

How is it possible to determine a person’s health and wellbeing just from looking at them briefly? While I’m not saying that I’m an expert at this, I will share that I note the following features: skin that has a healthy sheen (it glows); eyes that are clear; hair that is thick and lustrous; posture that is straight and gait that is balanced and strong.

Generally these are characteristics of younger people. Somehow, as we age, there seems to be an attendant deterioration in health, and often this is an insidious and gradual process. So, how can this steady deterioration be reversed? Or, is it possible for it to even be reversed?

Let’s look at where healing and wellbeing really originate from and what supports wellness and what creates ill health.

Everything is Energy

Often we read or hear people say ‘everything is energy’, but what does this really mean? More importantly, what are the ramifications of this in everyday life?

When I observe the three dimensional reality that we have co-created I really don’t see any recognition or acknowledgment of this important factor, nor of its implications in so many aspects of daily functioning, health and wellbeing.

Some scientific findings regarding the body being energy (holding light) include:

  1. The human body literally glows as it emits visible light in small quantities. In fact, all living things have this quality.
  2. Sensitive cameras have detected this light. Scientists have found that the body glow rises and falls during the course of a day with its lowest point being at 10am and peaking at 4pm. Possibly there is a link between this and the body’s biorhythm.
  3. The greatest light ‘glow’ is emitted from the face.
  4. The light (energy) emitted is about 1,000 times less intense than what can be seen with the naked eye.

The term often referred to in scientific research is ‘biophoton field’. The whole human body is alive and humming with light at the subatomic levels, and this has been proved to originate from the DNA.

The DNA in cells vibrates at a high frequency and are continually receiving and transmitting information on the subtle levels. In many ways, this transmission and recording of information can be viewed as the mechanism by which both good health and illness are determined. A biophoton field that is damaged or weak indicates that something is amiss, whereas a strong and vibrant biophoton field denotes strong health and wellness throughout the body.

Basically the greater the store of light energy in the body, the greater the power of the overall biophoton field (sometimes referred to as electromagnetic field or energy field) which results in increased energy essential for the maintenance of optimal health.

Science has determined that the biophoton field surrounds the physical body.

However, the understanding I have around this is that the physical body is also part of the biophoton field. Its vibrational frequency is denser, which results in the denseness and physicality of the human body.

Damage to the Biophoton Field

Western medicine, nutritionists, exercise experts, etc espouse health routines that benefit the physical body. Yet, how often do they relate the importance of what they teach to supporting the healthy functioning of the biophoton field?

From my observations and the reading I’ve undertaken over many years – they don’t! It’s as though they assume that the physical body is no more than a conglomeration of tissue, muscle, tendons, bones, circulatory systems, etc.

Everything I’ve learned about the biophoton field – which I generally refer to as the Energy Field – is that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are determined by how we either nourish or mistreat the biophoton field!

There are countless environmental factors that interfere with and damage the biophoton field.  Dirty electricity from wifi technology is now recognized has having a deleterious impact. The remedy for this is to spend time in nature daily and to minimize exposure to modern technologies. Environmental toxins also have a damaging impact – and there is no shortage of these in the air, water and soils. Daily we are exposed to a chemical cocktail of environmental toxins – household products, factory emissions, chemical spraying of crops are only a few.

Strengthening the Biophoton Field

The biophoton field thrives on raw foods, especially organic raw foods. This is because these foods are enriched from the energy of the sun and the nutrients are in no way destroyed by heat or cooking. Raw organic foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and are rich in enzymes.

According to Dr Johanna Budwig (from Germany) “live foods are electron rich, and act as high-powered electron donors and ‘solar resonance fields’ in your body to attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in your body”. (from www.mercola.com “Your Body Literally Glows With Light”)  

Obviously the greater the amount of light energy your body holds the stronger your biophoton field is, which in turn results in having more energy for healing and wellness maintenance.

I’ve also found that spending time in nature daily ensures greater exposure to sunlight (even on cloudy days), and supports the body’s self regeneration process.

Drinking green juices daily brings the sun’s energy (via chlorophyll) into the body and feeds the biophoton field.

Minimizing exposure to damaging chemical toxins is also critical. This means using household and personal products free of toxic chemicals. Luckily there are now some great natural and toxic chemical free products available. They may cost more but ultimately I believe it’s better to spend a bit more on health enhancing products which ultimately means less money will be spent on medical costs in later years.

Emotional, mental and spiritual health significantly impacts the biophoton field. Viewing the proverbial glass as being half full rather than half empty actually has a positive effect.

Thoughts and acts of gratitude, generosity and kindness enrich and enhance the biophoton field. Think of how good you feel when you contribute to your own welfare and to the welfare of others. Simple acts of kindness have a similar effect as digesting chlorophyll laden greens!

Managing Your Biophoton Field

Biological research has shown that plants can draw alternative energy sources from other plants. The theory is that people also do the same. In fact, they can and do draw energy from other people. (refer to www.healthfreedoms.org article on People Can Draw Energy From Other People the Same Way Plants Do)

According to the cited research in the above article “the human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feel emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger”.

In the metaphysical world there is already significant awareness that this actually occurs but it’s great to see that biological research is now revealing this fact.

I think we all know someone who ‘drains our energy’. When in their company it doesn’t take long to feel depleted and tired. Some simple techniques for supporting your biophoton field – the one you’ve worked so hard to create and sustain include:

  1. Remain centered and grounded as this helps you release other people’s energies.
  2. Visualize your biophoton field being surrounded by a bubble of light and that this bubble of light shields you from other energies.
  3. Visualize this bubble of light acting as a mirror which reflects back with love all that is directed at your biophoton field.
  4. You may choose to create a similar shield around your home, car and pets – if it feels appropriate.

Many years ago I questioned the need or desirability of shielding or protection. My invisible guidance responded with, “You own a house?” to which I said, “Yes”. Immediately afterwards I heard, “Do you leave your doors and windows open for all and sundry to enter at will?”….. that was sufficient information for me to act on.

Managing your biophoton field is vital to managing your health. It’s important to respect the commitment you have to creating health and wellness. This means that shielding/protection is undertaken out of respect for the commitment you’ve made to achieving optimal health.

If you have any personal questions about any aspect of the concepts I’ve raised here please email me at bhansen9@hotmail.com with a clear indication in the subject line that your question relates to this topic. Actually this topic is far wider than I’ve covered in this space but I’ve attempted to condense it for ease and convenience! 

Going Organic – It May Add Years To Your Life

I hold a strong belief that it’s our right to have access to clean water and clean food. Yet, ironically it’s often not the case due to the continual contamination of our water and food sources with toxic chemicals.

It may sound as though I’m harping on this subject unnecessarily. Yet, this message is long overdue and change is happening too slowly!

It was back in 1972 that I became aware of the dangers of fluoride. I was working at the Australian National University and a visiting professor from the United States had undertaken a great deal of research on the subject. What he shared was sufficient impetus for me to continue delving into research that wasn’t cited in mainstream media.

Nowadays the fluoride controversy continues, with very few towns choosing to have fluoride free water. This does not mean that the issue is a non-event. In fact, the latest issue of Nexus (www.nexusmagazine.com) contains a one page letter from Paul Connett, Fluoride Action Network USA . He depicts a depressing situation here in Australia due to bureaucratic decisions that are made without public consultation. The Fluoride Action Network in the States can be found at www.fluoridealert.org. In Australia the website is www.fluoridealertaustralia.org.

I’m mentioning fluoride because it’s only one of many chemicals that are found in our water supply. A recent article in The Sun Herald (February 16th) by Julia Medew states that “Chemicals affect children’s brains: study”. The first paragraph of this news article reads:

“Leading chemical experts are calling for a radical overhaul of chemical regulation to protect children from everyday toxins that may be causing a global “silent epidemic” of brain development disorders such as autism, dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

The research article, published in The Lancet, indicates that current regulations are inadequate to safeguard children from potentially hazardous chemicals found in the environment. It goes on to list the many hazardous chemicals and includes fluoride, a mineral found in water, plants and toothpaste. According to everything I’ve read since 1972 fluoride is added to the water supply – it is not naturally ‘found’ in water!

By the way, as much as local authorities are keen to urge us to drink tap water I’ve found that purchasing a water filter to be one way of reducing and minimizing exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Not all water filters are able to remove these toxins but if you search long and hard you will find a water filtration system that works. And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive on the market!

The Organic Gardening Movement

it seems that in recent years there’s been a dramatic increase in organic gardening. This is indicative of a reversal from the mono-cropping agricultural system that’s been adopted since the 1960s.

A new wave of consumers is demonstrating an increased concern about the quality of their food. They are flocking to organic garden centres to buy produce and to learn how to grow their own food.

Urban gardening and farming is one important step towards building a more sustainable food system. Food grown and picked from your own garden is fresher, more nutritious and certainly tastes much better than mass produced food that’s been shipped long distances and stored for long periods of time.

I’ve noticed there are now plenty of magazines and books on ‘how to’ grow vegetables, herbs and even fruits in small spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have limited space, just growing a few plants in large pots and ensuring they are kept watered and get sufficient warmth and sunlight will produce a great crop.

As much as it is easier to just go and buy what is needed from the local supermarket in the long term it’s not healthier for you to rely on the convenience factor.

A recent article published on www.naturalnews.com entitled “Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it” depicts a very bleak picture. One paragraph reads:

“GM (genetically modified) corn is engineered to grow a deadly toxin inside each and every grain of corn. This deadly toxin is then consumed by all the people who unknowingly eat genetically engineered crops via breakfast cereals, corn tortillas, corn snack chips, etc. This mass poisoning of the population is clearly intentional, as it is deliberately engineered into the crops which are grown for the sole purpose of human and animal consumption. This mass poisoning is not accidental, in other words, and in fact the technology is promoted under the justification that it will “feed the world”. Indeed it will feed the world…poison.”

It’s not just GMOs that pose a grave danger to the health of humans and animals. It’s also the heavy metal contamination found in many processed products; as well as bleach and other chemicals used in the processing of foods.

What can you do?

  • Avoid purchasing processed foods. This means no more pre-packaged meals, sauces, curries, etc.
  • Avoid all processed meats as they contain sodium nitrite (carcinogenic). This means eliminating bacon, sausage, ham, deli meats, hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and even beef jerky. (When you purchase biodynamic meat you can make your own beef jerky, and this avoids the addition of chemical additives.)
  • Grow your own food – or as much as is possible. Just make sure you use organic seeds or purchase organic seedlings!
  • Purchase chemical free produce from local farmers.
  • Purchase from a CSA in the States. Here in Australia purchase from Aussie Farmers Direct (at www.aussiefarmers.com.au)
  • Avoid all sodas, fruit juices and anything containing artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is an added ingredient in many ‘diet’ drinks. It’s toxic to the human biology and it’s a well-documented fact that all artificial sweeteners have harmful side effects if consumed regularly.
  • Be sceptical of products that contain the label “Natural” and are processed or refined in some way.
  • Check for countries of origin as some countries (China especially) have been found to produce foods with heavy metal contamination.

Change Food Preparation

Our taste buds have become accustomed to refined, processed foods that contain additives, artificial sweeteners and flavors. When working with clients I’ve found that it’s not easy for people to change their eating habits, especially as so many foods that are heavily chemicalized contain ingredients that are addictive.

  • My recommendation is to always make one change at a time. If you can’t do without pizza regularly then learn to make your own. Find ways to use organic vegetables creatively, add spices and herbs, and come up with your own variations on the popular pizzas. This may mean making your own dough and tomato sauce, picking fresh herbs and vegetables, etc.

This may take longer but it also helps you fully connect with the food you are about to consume. It creates a ‘bond’ and a feeling of being creative! And, best of all there’s the satisfaction of knowing you made the meal you’re eating – that is enormously exciting.

  • Buy lots of vegetables and fruits each week and then figure out what you’re going to create with them. It’s exciting to purchase unfamiliar vegetables and to learn what to do with them – it certainly breaks the monotony of eating the same foods every week that require little or no preparation. 
  • Make your own curries, sauces, dressings, etc. from scratch using organic ingredients and use them within a few days. Organic food doesn’t last for weeks, it begins to rot if left too long 
  • Experiment with new foods. Try fermented foods such as kim chi or sauerkraut and see if it makes a difference to your digestion. Add lots of greens – whether it be in salads, green smoothies or wheatgrass shots. 
  • As you make changes you’ll find that your body changes. Become aware of what your body ‘likes’ and ‘needs’. Stop eating foods that cause tiredness, lethargy, headaches and digestive disorders.


Organic Bodies Need Organic Foods

The human body is an amazing organism. It is alive and needs a lot of fuel to keep it being healthy and strong. It’s a myth that as we age we can expect ill health and deteriorating functioning. In reality we have the potential and ability to live to more than 120 years. But we can only do so if we treat our treasured body with respect and ensure that it only ever gets the very best quality food and water.

The greatest threat to our health unfortunately comes from the manufacturers of mass produced processed and refined foods.

David Suzuki, geneticist, is reported as saying:

Any politician or scientist who tells you these (GMO) products are safe is either very stupid or lying.”

By avoiding the foods that are refined, processed and containing toxic chemicals you’re supporting your body back into health and balance. By avoiding these foods you’re also sending a strong message to the companies that believe it’s okay to contaminate our food supplies.

It’s not okay for us to eat food that’s not real food but a chemical imitation.

I suggest – if you’d like to become more proactive – then become a member of the Slow Food movement (www.slowfood.org). It’s an international movement dedicated to the growing, production and eating of foods in the traditional ways.  

Dynamics of Change Process

It’s yet another new year and I trust that it has begun effortlessly. Have you determined to fulfil some New Year’s resolutions? And, if so, what are your chances of succeeding?

It seems that generally New Year’s resolutions often end up going by the wayside, possibly because the targets or goals set are too difficult for the individual to maintain consistently. 

Once the feeling of failure enters any situation the most likely response and perception is that, “This is too hard maybe I’ll be ready for this change next year”. After several years of following this pattern the individual then finally gives up attempting to make the changes required to give up addictions, to eat healthier, to lose weight, etc. Or, as is sometimes the case the individual begins to make some real progress with their resolution but as time progresses find their resolve weakens and eventually there is a reversal to previous behaviour patterns.

What is the dynamic that keeps us stuck in behavioural patterns? How do emotions contribute to this?

In his powerful research nearly one hundred years ago, Napolean Hill, found a recurring pattern taking place with individuals who aspired to follow their passion, their dream. He records this beautifully in Think and Grow Rich, a book that’s as widely relevant today as it was when published.

Hill found that highly successful people hold deep convictions – and determination – to succeed. They hold faith in their aspirations. But, interestingly, every person who succeeds does not give up when the going gets really tough. Hill identified a phase that occurs just before success is within grasp. This phase we would probably label as “the darkest hour before dawn”.

It is this incredibly dark and challenging time that separates successful people from those who fail to reach their goals. Pushing forward when most challenged is what produces desired results. In fact, those perceived insurmountable challenges can be viewed as necessary precursors to creating lasting change.

We live in a world filled with uncertainty and constant change. Regardless of whether or not New Year’s resolutions are made we are continually faced with situations that require change in some form or another. When there is a resistance to change this results in feelings of dis-empowerment, helplessness and also possibly intense emotions such as anger or apathy.

Human emotions, belief systems and behavioural patterns all contribute, and respond, to the change processes as they occur. These factors can be viewed as either detrimental or supportive. It is basically a matter of how they are perceived.

For example, when faced with a challenge that poses the opportunity for change occurring on some level do you resist, viewing it as a potential threat to your existence? Or, do you view the challenge as possibly having some potential for positive change, maybe even new opportunities?

Some years ago I encountered a research article about vision and beliefs. The research demonstrated that it’s not a matter of believing what is seen but is actually the reverse – we see what we believe! This indicates that our belief systems actually create our reality. Beliefs are basically perceptions that we hold around people, issues and the world at large that have been inculcated via generational patterning, repetition and acceptance of the status quo. 

Over time, due to the repetitive nature of beliefs (perceptions), they become ‘truth’. And, it becomes all too easy to accept as complete truth beliefs that actually have little or no real basis in reality. In my book, The New World of Self Healing, I write, “You believe what you know. What you come to know becomes your truth. Your view of what is true comes from your observation of the world and is greatly shaped by the beliefs and knowledge you have acquired.”

While this may sound somewhat convoluted I believe that this actually means there is an opportunity to dismantle erroneous beliefs and to open to new, and often healthier, ways of perceiving yourself and reality. If a belief is merely the creation and repetition of thoughts and emotions then conscious application and intention to change can create positive and desired outcomes.

How does this process work? How can simple changes in thought and intention manifest desired, lasting and meaningful changes?

Some common limitations to manifesting positive change include:

  • Lack of self worth. This includes I’m not good enough, not intelligent enough, not pretty enough, etc.
  • Self hatred or dissatisfaction with self. This includes abusive thoughts, emotions and behaviours towards the self.
  • Feelings of victimhood and disempowerment.
  • Reliance on external validation in order to feel accepted.
  • Believing other peoples’ needs and emotions are more important.

Becoming the observer, or witness, to your emotions and beliefs is an easy step to changing beliefs and truths. Some questions to ask are:

  • Why do I believe this?
  • What is the belief underlying this emotion or reaction?
  • Is there any validity to the belief?
  • Where does this belief originate?
  • Does this belief serve me well now?
  • If not, what is the appropriate belief (and behaviour) to replace it with?

 Once there is understanding around beliefs and truths then it’s a matter of consciously and consistently creating new, positive and supportive attitudes and actions. Letting go of old beliefs requires significant inner work. It necessitates conscious awareness of patterns that have become habituated, along with a willingness to let go of those that no longer serve your highest good. In other words, anything that doesn’t feel good, that inhibits your growth as a human being and that limits your enjoyment of life needs to be released with love.

A number of strategies can assist in releasing limiting patterns and behaviours.

  1. Meditation is a powerful tool for letting go. Setting the intention to release with love all that no longer serves your highest good, then going into a meditative state and visualizing the old limitations releasing assists in releasing the layers of cellular memory.
  2. Make a declaration of release. This facilitates the release of stagnant energy memory. Choose your own meaningful statement or possibly something like this, “I release with love all emotions and thoughts that have contributed to…… I release them from all times, planes and dimensions. I replace them with the energy of unconditional love and know the Universe provides abundance in all things.”
  3. Old habits have a way of resurfacing. You have the power to change the old patterns of response and functioning. Whenever a thought intrudes that you are not good enough, lack talent, etc then affirm aloud the exact opposite. Affirm that you are successful, that you are deserving, etc. In other words, you are re-programming your consciousness when undertaking this process.
  4. Write lists of all your special skills, talents and qualities. Write lists of how other people see you. Listing these is very revealing. When doing this you may have awareness of some negative qualities you wish to change. If so, write them as a positive statement and describe how you will achieve this intended change. Refer to the lists as often as you choose. Use them in affirming ways in everyday life situations. Continual reinforcement of your worth and success will pay dividends.

Gandhi is often quoted as saying, You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Changing from within is essential to this process. All the New Years’ resolutions will only succeed insofar as there has been sufficient inner change to create the external changes.

Popular literature often uses the words ‘self sabotage’ to describe our failure to fulfil our desires. While this term is widely understood and even hints at failure I much prefer to focus on the concept of re-programming. This is because our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, etc have all been programmed into our conscious and sub-conscious minds via our life experiences. Consequently, being such powerful beings we have the power to re-program those aspects of our character and behaviours that we know are detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

The journey of inner change and growth is essential to the creation of an external reality that has equity, generosity, shared community values, co-operation, and so on. The global changes we all hope to see in our lifetime will only occur when we undertake the work necessary to change the inner landscape.

Living in a Toxic World

There is no doubt that we owe Monsanto a huge expression of gratitude. Thanks to their bio-engineering genius we are now faced with a global toxic contamination of our food supply. (Do I sound facetious?) From recent reports I’ve read the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) developed by Monsanto are now finding their way into the natural environment.

Globally we are facing a major disaster as the toxins from GMOs permeate all levels of the food chain. Yet, thanks to Monsanto’s bio-engineering feats more people worldwide are waking up to the dangers that toxic chemicals create in our environment and bodies. In fact, Monsanto’s actions are resulting in a huge ‘wake up’ call for humanity.

This wake up call is long overdue. Globally we are facing food shortages not experienced before. It’s already happening, it’s not something that we can ignore or hope that someone else will take responsibility for. The solution needed to turn around the current state of toxicity in our environment and food chain requires action from every person living on the planet.

If you think that I’m being exaggerating the situation then I urge you do some serious research and you’ll soon begin to become concerned and hopefully take action to reverse the current trends.

For example, currently food shortages worldwide have resulted in price increases for staple foods of 35-40% worldwide; chemically engineered crops are not meeting demand and in many instances are not surviving due to erratic weather patterns. Initially when the concept of mono-cropping was introduced in the 1950s and 60s we were promised larger crop yields. The exact opposite has happened as GMO plants are creating soils depleted in essential minerals and trace elements that are essential for the human body’s functioning and wellbeing.

GMOs are only one source of toxicity affecting the planet and its inhabitants. A trip to the local supermarket is remarkably revealing. Just about every product – whether food, household or personal care – contains toxic chemicals. Read the labels carefully and you’ll soon see what I mean. Jack LeLane, fitness guru who lived into his mid-nineties is quoted as saying, “If it’s man made don’t eat it.” Obviously he was referring to the refined and processed foods that are stocked on supermarket shelves in vast quantities.

These links below will give you more of a sense just what is happening to our bodies as a result of continuous and ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. There is no shortage of information on chemical toxins on the internet, though you may not find much, if any, reference to this danger to our health in the mainstream media.






The Human Energy Field

As an energy practitioner I rapidly became aware of the subtle bodies and their vital role in maintaining wellness and good health. Most people look to the physical body as the indicator of health, but in fact it’s in the subtle bodies where wellness or illness first begin. As this is such a complex topic I’m going to narrow my focus on toxic chemicals and their deleterious impact on the human energy field.

Most people acknowledge that we all have an aura – I much prefer the term ‘human energy field, but both terms are equally valid. There are many layers to this subtle energy emanation that extends beyond the physical body. Everything that happens in life impacts the energy field. This includes our thoughts, emotions and actions as well as our interactions with the environment and other people.

In my early days as a student of the human energy field I became aware of its extreme sensitivity to its surroundings. I learned about the many things that damage the energy field. When there is damage to the energy field it begins on the outer edges and over time as more damage occurs it goes deeper and deeper into the energy field until such time it reaches the physical body. It’s been widely acknowledged by many practitioners (and also doctors) that cancer develops long before it manifests in the human body. In fact, it may take 8 to 11 years before showing up physically.

Ultimately all the damage done to the energy field is caused by toxins – whether they be toxic thoughts and emotions or chemical toxins. Chemical toxins are already implicated as a possible contributor to breast cancer. It is our daily inhalation and ingestion of chemical toxins that weaken and damage the human energy field that eventually results in the possibility of chronic and even life threatening illness conditions.

Each day we are exposed to up to 80,000 toxic chemicals. The FDA in the States has not tested for the safety on humans for most of these chemicals. We live in a veritable sea of toxins that will have some long term damaging effect on health and wellbeing.


Reducing Effects of Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

It is only by taking a proactive approach that we minimize the damaging impact of these toxic chemicals. Some of the suggestions below may be self-evident but nevertheless it’s up to individuals to ensure that changes in lifestyle are adopted and maintained as exposure to toxic chemicals is an ongoing process – unfortunately!

  1. Eat organic foods as much as possible. If unable to afford the additional cost then at least ensure that the ‘Dirty Dozen’ (listed in my last blog “Why Organic is Best”) fruits and vegetables are organic. The Dirty Dozen are sprayed with high amounts of pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Read all labels carefully. Where ingredients are unpronounceable then don’t buy!
  3. Familiarize yourself with personal care and household products that contain dangerous and toxic chemicals, and avoid them. Take time to look for products that are more natural and organic, containing plant based ingredients.
  4. Make meals from scratch using natural and organic ingredients as much as possible.
  5. Avoid fast foods! There are healthier alternatives.
  6. Eat a lot of vegetables and some fruit daily. In fact, limit intake of meat products. Modern animal husbandry involves dipping animals in toxic chemicals at some stage and these chemicals then permeate into the meat that is sold to consumers.
  7. Undertake intermittent fasting. This means not eating for 12+ hours from time to time (preferably at least once a week) as this supports the body in its ability to assimilate and metabolize, and it also gives the liver a break from its workload.
  8. Drink green juices such as wheatgrass regularly. I begin each day with fresh organic juice containing lots of greens as they assist in purifying the blood.
  9. Take spirulina and chlorella supplements. These have been found to support the body in the removal of toxic heavy metals. Organic cilantro/coriander is also a powerful food for the elimination of toxic chemicals.
  10. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Many of the processed foods sold commercially have been bleached to ensure ‘whiteness’ and cleanliness of the product. For example, while flour itself is not necessarily overly toxic to the human body the fact that it undergoes whitening with bleach means that toxins are then ingested. Dioxin is highly toxic to the human body and is a component of many bleach products.
  11. If you are female then use natural unbleached feminine products sold in health food stores. Commercial feminine products sold in supermarkets and chemists have been bleached with dioxin, which actually results in increased bleeding.
  12. Spend time outdoors daily. This assists in the removal of toxic electromagnetic frequencies that build up in the body due to constant exposure to wi-fi technology.
  13. Ensure your home is well ventilated. Most household products, from carpet to furnishings contain formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients.
  14. Use therapeutic grade essential oils as room fresheners. Avoid the chemically laden room fresheners that line the supermarket shelves.
  15. Use natural therapies for supporting and maintaining wellness. I use therapeutic grade essential oils but also love homeopathic essences, herbal tonics as well as eating healing foods.

These are only some suggestions for avoiding and eliminating toxic chemicals. Having awareness of the dangerous impact of toxic chemicals on the human energy field, and eventually the physical body, is only the first step. Becoming better informed and then making safer choices goes a long way to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Time for Action

No doubt you are feeling the increase in tempo as the frenetic pace of the holiday season encroaches on all other aspects of life. If you are like most people you might find yourself grumbling about the time, energy and costs associated with Christmas, Hannuka, New Year and other social events. It’s as though they all come together in a crunch and society is swept up in the tidal wave of celebration, festivities, social interactions, etc.

Overall, this time of the year is incredibly stressful for many people. At the risk of sounding negative – not meaning to be – there are countless individuals who cannot afford the expense of presents, party and celebratory foods and the expectations foisted upon them to be more than generous with presents.

Yet, regardless of these expectations and consumer pressure to spend and indulge more than in previous years this is also the time of year when more suicides occur. For many individuals in our society this time of year results in heavy credit card debt that may take months to pay off, and which places extra stress on household budgets that are already over-stretched. It’s easy to deduce that depression could easily be a by-product, or end product, of rampant marketing and consumerism.

Over the years I’ve spoken with individuals who like myself don’t subscribe to the concept of celebrating Christmas. However, in many instances they continue with the charade of participating in festivities because of family expectations. Or, possibly because to be different from the mainstream is too challenging?

 Don’t get me wrong, I love the practice of spending time with loved ones, of celebrating thankfulness and sharing joyful moments. Ideally these moments should be ongoing, at times when it’s convenient and suitable for family and friends to congregate and share their abundance and love.

 Spending time together because the time has been deemed to be one of celebration and cause for great consumerism just doesn’t have any meaning for lots of people any more – yet the charade is often continued!

 In earlier missives I’ve referred to the fact that Earth and climate changes are occurring rapidly. Along with these physical changes there are also paradigm shifts taking place.  Yet, it seems that as much as we acknowledge that change is strongly evident there is also an ongoing clinging to old traditions, habits and belief systems. In order for the shift in consciousness to become fully effective and impactful we have no choice but to put into action new practices while letting go of those that are dated and irrelevant to the new heart centered consciousness paradigm we are shifting into.

 Stepping away from the dated traditions that have shaped society takes courage. How can we as a global society become more cohesive, live in true community and develop inclusiveness? It is through recognizing the traditions, beliefs and habits that keep us in bondage to systems that we begin making changes.

 Identifying the traditions and belief systems that are limiting is the first step. Talking about what isn’t working, what isn’t relevant or applicable is the next step. It is through discussion and sharing that the kernels of new models for functioning develop. Finally, comes the need for action. Without action there is no change. Without action there is no growth and the status quo is maintained.

Below is an excerpt from the new Ram Dass book, “Polishing the Mirror: How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart”.

“Ours is a journey toward simplicity, toward quietness, toward a kind of joy that is not in time. In this journey out of time to “NowHere,” we are leaving behind every model we have had of who we thought we were. This journey involves a transformation of our being so that our thinking mind becomes our servant rather than our master. It’s a journey that takes us from primary identification with our psyche to identification with our souls, then to identification with God, and ultimately beyond any identification at all.”  

 If we truly are shifting into the Now Moment, or as Ram Dass calls it ‘NowHere’ we then have no choice but to leave behind every model of who we thought we were. This means letting go of traditions, beliefs, dated concepts and paradigms, etc.

 Are you truly ready to let go and leave these behind? Are you willing to ‘buck the system’, challenge the beliefs of others, and take action to ensure that what you feel and think is in alignment with all your behaviors?

What will you find when you do this? That remains to be seen. I suspect that you will still be the same person, reveling in the Now Moment, living in appreciation and joyfulness and without the pressures currently being experienced by many at this time of the year.

Personally I feel liberated – freed from expectations and stresses. I choose to not embrace traditions such as Christmas and religion. Instead, I feel so much peace and joy and celebrate the feeling of Oneness in all actions and interactions. However, I will add that it’s taken many years of questioning and reflecting to reach this awareness. It has been a process of letting go, of accepting that it’s okay to not conform, of learning that ultimately the chains of being in bondage were all in my mind.

Where are you on this journey? What can you do to create greater ease within? As always, it’s a matter of choice!


Check out my blog at www.joyinoneness.blogspot.com.au for more comments and information

regarding the changing times we live in.


Living With Heart Centered Consciousness

The spiritual movement, often referred to as the New Age movement, continues to expand and evolve. Nowadays it is becoming much more commonplace to hear statements, words or phrases in mainstream communication that once were the considered to be exclusive to the spiritual domain. For example, ‘live in the moment’, ‘being in the flow’, ‘the universe….’, ‘parallel realities’, ‘karma’, ‘heart consciousness’, etc.

There is no doubt we have to thank the internet and the increasing amount of available written and audio information for this shifting of awareness. However, there are times when this surplus of information can be confusing and also contradictory. It is all too easy to be swayed by words or images because they resonate. Then, before too long, exposure to another set of words or images may totally change perception and therefore set up the likelihood of a new set of beliefs or truths.

With this overload of information it can become difficult to ascertain what actually has a real basis for consideration or what may be erroneous. An example of this is the scientific conflict that currently exists regarding global warming. There are many scientists who have supported the claims that Earth’s climate is warming due to greenhouse emissions. Documentaries such as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ are certainly convincing that we are facing a warming of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Yet, there are probably as many scientists who disagree with the contention that global warming is a real threat to our survival. In fact, their research has identified global cooling with the possible threat of an ice age as being the greatest threat to our survival. The link below gives as much credence to the possibility of global cooling as other research does to the possibility of global warming.


So, how is it possible to live with heart centered consciousness when intellectually and logically we are continually faced with many questions and issues that require our mental faculties to resolve them?

Hearts Have Their Own Consciousness

The heart has its own functional ‘brain’, which has now been acknowledged as a highly complex system. It communicates information to the brain as well as throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. In fact, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater than that produced by the brain – and it permeates every cell, atom and molecule in the body. It does this by pulsing waves of energy that radiate out from the heart and interact with organs and all body systems.

It’s been found that emotional states affect heart functioning. As an example, sustained positive emotions give rise to a distinct code of functioning which increases awareness of and sensitivity to others. It’s also been postulated that the heart field is involved in intuitive processing.

Shifting to Heart Centered Consciousness

As with all things, we say and direct our energies to where we aspire to be. For example, once there is awareness of the importance of living in the moment then we continually make reference to this. Our language reinforces the fact that we live in the moment. However, over time there is a repetition of that energy which builds up so that instead of merely repeating the same phrase/words we actually step into the feeling state of living in the moment.

The point I’m making is that talking about something is different to feeling it. Yet, in order to step into the feeling state there has to be plenty of talking, which then leads up to the shift of experiencing the feeling state. Once fully immersed in that feeling state it’s virtually impossible to revert back to just talking about a conceptual experience. The concept actually becomes an experience!

It is the same with shifting to a state of living with heart centered consciousness. Lots of talk precedes the feeling state. Once in the feeling state of heart there is a huge shift on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Being in a feeling state and functioning through the heart center ultimately means that there’s no need to constantly engage in thoughts or to even express words. The energy of being in that state takes precedence and anything that does not resonate with this new state of being feels incredibly uncomfortable.

Shifting to heart centered consciousness however cannot occur until a great deal of inner work has transpired. This involves undertaking healing work on all levels in relation to self and others – and most likely will also involve healing energies from other lifetimes. In the sessions I conduct I’m emphatic that the energy memories based in the lower three chakras require a lot of work in this process. When working solely on the shifting to heart centered consciousness without doing the inner work the result will end up being out of balance. The fear and pain triggers in the lower chakra centers will always manifest, resulting in dissonance and possibly even great anguish and pain.

Techniques for Shifting

I’ve shared these before, but because they are so powerful and critical to the process will list them again. If you’re like me, it’s all too easy to overlook or forget them due to life’s issues and pressures.

  • Give gratitude daily. This is an ongoing process and though what you express gratitude for may change the act of giving gratitude needs to be as ingrained as the act of breathing. When in a true state of living with heart centered consciousness the expression of gratitude does not require sentences or thoughts. It becomes a feeling state and experience.
  • Live in the moment. Find the technique that works for you. Personally I prefer the breathing technique taught by the energy of Edgar Cayce. It works for me and I’ve also had feedback from others as to the high degree of efficacy of breath work in creating the Now moment.
  • Express love daily – and constantly. Whether it be to nature, body, health, friends, family etc. Expressions of love – whether they be verbal, physical or mental/emotional – go a long way to creating that feeling state of heart centeredness.
  • Apply forgiveness to self and others whenever a situation arises that brings up painful memories. Rather than dwelling on the issue or emotion I’ve learned that mentally affirming ‘I love myself, I forgive myself’ is extremely powerful for shifting the pain energy. This can also include an additional statement, ‘I love….., I forgive….’ when in relation to others.
  • Do what you enjoy, what gives you pleasure. The more you do the things that enthuse and inspire you the greater the reduction of inner stress.
  • Let go of toxic situations and people. Sometimes it’s not possible to do this so instead I recommend that letting go of the anxiety and stress reduces the level of inner tension. My favorite mantras in this regard are ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘It is what it is’. This in no way diminishes the nature of the issue or situation. Instead it creates an energetic barrier, distancing you from the situation and allowing greater ease within.
  • Let go of your story. Most people carry memories of experiences that have been painful or abusive – to some extent. Continually talking about those experiences, remembering them, re-visiting the emotions keeps them truly alive and creates an energy trigger that doesn’t abate. I’m not saying ignore or suppress the emotions/pain. Instead, when they surface I’ve found the statement, ‘I release with love….’ to be highly effective in reducing any stored pain. Sometimes that statement needs to be repeated countless times, along with doing forgiveness work, but ultimately is well worth the energy.

Most likely you also have a technique or two that works for you. I would love to hear about them as the more that we share our experiences the wider our community connection becomes!

Shifting to ‘we’ Consciousness

I trust that you’re surviving the intense astrological effects that have been happening this past month or so. While I’m not into astrology per se I’m fortunate to have colleagues who are and who keep me posted. It seems that this has been a time of going deep and releasing the old issues, belief systems, values, memories, pain, etc.

Whatever has been stored within for a long time has been provided the ideal conditions astrologically for their release, providing a resultant opportunity for a great deal of healing. If you are observing turmoil and stress in the world around you then you are witnessing signs of change happening – as has been predicted by the Mayans, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and many others.

If you doubt that change is happening globally then all you need do is look at what is happening with the weather patterns. I’m attaching a youtube link that actually shows real earth changes are occurring right now!


This week a section in one of Sydney’s daily newspapers focused on the Green Global Awards and this article listed quite a number of businesses that are leading the way in sustainability, environmental regeneration and innovation.

What really caught my eye though is an article entitled ‘Hippies Got It Right’. The article described how Nimbin, a small colorful community, that is well known for its alternative and sustainable lifestyle, finally received recognition for its focus on living sustainably, food self-sufficiency and community living. Many years ago the community recognized the need for food security. The manager of the community centre is quoted as saying:

“(Our environmental initiatives) have been seen as more of an alternative mission, but now they’re things that are seen as quite sensible.”

Examples of what this alternative community has achieved in about 40 years include:  a thriving community centre, farmers’ markets, establishment of a solar farm, small to medium scale local food production and supply, environmental initiatives that result in job creation and much more.

It is interesting to note that this community, once touted as being for hippies and those who are alternative, is now cited as being a leading example to the rest of the country in terms of greening, conservation and sustainability. Maybe there is a great deal that we can all learn from alternative communities that have been established. Maybe living alternatively might even be better for our overall health and wellbeing?

Community focused living results in a shift from the ‘me’ mentality into a ‘we’ collaborative arrangement. It’s a well-known fact that when there is disaster and chaos in a country, city or region that the population works together to support those affected. Studies indicate that morale and attitude improve when there is a sense of togetherness, where there is a sense of working towards the same outcomes that benefit everyone.

It is not necessary to actually live in a community that is set up the way that Nimbin is in order to participate in community. Currently I belong to Slow Food  (www.slowfood.com) which is a global community that focuses on reclaiming our traditional ways of growing, sharing and storing food produce, which in turn reduces reliance on the large multi-national food corporations, supermarket food chains etc.

There are other global, national and local communities that may just offer you an opportunity to share and contribute your expertise, and from which you may also learn and develop new skills that generate feelings of satisfaction and joy.

The intense astrological energies of the past month or so are already waning now that the equinox has just passed. From what I understand we are now moving into a phase of expansion and greater opportunities for change, a time for manifestation and dream realization.

If you experienced the intense energies of the past month or so you might now be ready to shift from going within to looking outwards at the larger picture and to creating changes you’ve long desired.

Some simple, but highly effective, strategies that support changing the energies include:

  1. Giving gratitude daily for all that you have, including giving gratitude for the things that you would like but are still to manifest. Remember to express gratitude as if they are already in your life!
  2. Spending time in silence daily – this is to enable you to hear the voice of your soul, which will then provide the guidance needed.
  3. Spending time in nature daily, preferably in bare feet. Allow your feet to touch the earth, to feel her strength and to feel her filling your body with strength and healing.
  4. Giving generously of your time to yourself first and then to others. By this I mean ensure your needs are fulfilled so that you do not feel resentment when others demand your time and attention.
  5. Explore options for growth and change. Find what excites you – this provides opportunity for moving in new directions, for finding peace and excitement about living during a time of significant change.
  6. Create a vision for the future. What are the changes and improvements you see? As you create this vision you will find that the universe supports you in making the changes needed to create your vision.

Most likely you also have your own special techniques that support you when times are tough and when you are faced with challenging changes. Use whatever strategies that work best and leave you feeling comfortable within. Remember that changes don’t always occur according to your schedule. Universal timing and planning take precedence!