Moving With The Times

“In case you haven’t noticed, there is an awakening going on. The world over, people are wising up to the countless distortions of our society and beginning to remember – once again – who and what we really are. And as a result, we are rejecting the poisons sold to us as “medicine”, the controls sold to us as “freedom”, the junk sold to us as “food”, and the lies sold to us as “truth”.

There are many ways this shift is manifesting, and being manifested. Ordinary people are embracing a new awareness and a revived sense of activism, and as a result we are standing on the brink of the biggest social revolution our planet has ever seen. As economies crumble around us, institutions are being exposed as control mechanisms and politicians are being revealed for what they are. As we approach a critical mass of awareness, it is our role to shape the future into something that works for us, not against us.

Sound overwhelming? It isn’t. The truth is – this kind of social revolution starts with our personal inner revolution.”

This excerpt was taken from New Dawn magazine, Vol.9, No.5 and written by Andy Whiteley, co-founder of

When reading this beginning to a brief commentary by Andy Whiteley I will admit to a short chuckle as it seemed these words have been expressed by me in countless writings for the past few years. Yet simultaneously I was elated as what I’ve seen coming is now manifesting more tangibly and evidently. It’s undeniable that there is a shift or transformation occurring. This transformation manifests in various ways, and differently, according to previous experiences, perceptions and beliefs.

Locally I’m seeing greater activism occurring. Animal rights organizations are becoming more vocal. Voters are expressing their concern and discontent at decisions made politically. It seems the level of apathy regarding issues that impact lives on a daily basis is receding and there’s more questioning of the status quo. And, of course the worldwide refugee crisis is playing a critical role in opening hearts and engendering a spirit of cooperation and humanitarianism.  

Interestingly – thanks to the internet – there seems to be more secrets revealed. Many of these secrets show that what we’ve been told are historical facts are actually fiction. Stories have been changed to suit particular agendas and ideologies. A great deal of information that’s been suppressed is also emerging, resulting in some scientific ‘truths’ to now being highly questionable.

Why is this all happening now? If you reflect back to December 2012 many in the spiritually aware community anticipated a significant shift, which in many instances didn’t manifest as anticipated. However, since that time it seems as though things are changing markedly and rapidly in our world. There is a definite speeding up in events and in the cosmic frequencies that impact our planet.

A gifted numerologist that I’ve known for many years has pointed out that 2015 is an 8 global year. In simple terms this means that it’s a year of reaping what has been sown. It’s also a year in which whatever’s been hidden becomes apparent.

About 15 years ago I channelled that deeply suppressed secrets would be revealed; that the truth of our real heritage would be shown; that there would be a mass awakening in consciousness. Interestingly there was also quite a bit of information channelled about Earth also going through a shift in her consciousness, and along with that all living forms on the planet would be changing. It’s now happening!

So where does this leave us? Where are we heading? Sometimes the crystal bowl isn’t too clear, especially when it comes to exact times or how things will unfold. However, many times I’ve received information from the non-physical realm that we are shifting into a reality where there will be two distinct levels of consciousness existing side by side – one consciousness being aware or awakened, the other remaining mired in the old energies and belief systems.

That duality is definitely apparent now. In fact, the distinction is actually becoming more evident. Recently I received information which indicates that by the end of this year we would really be feeling the shift. Apparently there’s likely to be a reset of Earth’s energies in early 2016. What this actually means in terms of scientific processes is beyond my capabilities to understand. At a layperson’s level I interpret that to mean that there’s going to be a change in Earth’s energy field. If this is the case then it could have both a profound, and possibly subtle, impact on all life on the planet.

One possibility is that accountability for all your actions will be more immediate and evident. I’m unable to speak for others yet will admit that I’m experiencing the cause and effect of all thoughts and actions very rapidly nowadays, resulting in the need for greater mindfulness in every undertaking.

It seems that Earth’s population is not yet at that point where there are two realities co-existing side by side. Currently there are three realities – and within those three realities there exists quite a continuum of differences.

The first group are individuals who have achieved a state of evolvement, which means they have completed all their karmic duties, cleared deep seated wounds and hold a great deal of light. Basically they are incredibly clear, working through their higher self and in alignment with their purpose without the burden of fears and old baggage.

This group will find life a lot easier; creation and manifestation will be almost automatic. All their striving to live with passion and to fulfil their purpose will be achieved. In addition, exposure to the heavier, denser forces or energies will be considerably reduced.

The second group is those individuals who either are in the process of awakening or have made some progress along the way. This group will be encouraged to do more. They will find that the process is accelerated and opportunities to become fully awakened will increase.

The third group is those who have chosen to remain mired in third dimension reality. This group, especially, will be highly challenged in all areas.

It is at this point that I may sound callous or indifferent. I know that the instinctive response in many people is to immediately offer support, giving their time, energy and money to help those who are struggling. The message I’ve received from the non-physical realms countless times is that everyone has been given the opportunity to shift to higher levels of consciousness, to transform within while Earth also undergoes her major shift. Not everyone has chosen to undertake this process!

Many years ago I was determined to send healing to a lady I felt really needed it. No matter what I did the healing didn’t seem to penetrate, and certainly didn’t change anything. When I questioned why I was told (by non physical beings) to not waste my time on someone who could do their own healing and wasn’t prepared to.

Since that time I’ve come to realize that undergoing an inner shift is often extremely painful and challenging. I’ve also realized that it’s a very personal journey and that gaining mastery over one’s growth and awakening can only happen when it’s undertaken with heart and passion.

As we near the end of 2015 I encourage you to do whatever it takes to be truly who you are, to strip away the layers of ego, and to find your passion and sense of purpose. Do it for yourself, not anyone else!

Embrace the Changes

Now that the festive season is over and the stresses of frenzied shopping, cooking, socializing, etc are over I can’t help but wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same feeling as I am, which is “What now?” It’s amazing just how much energy is expended over a few months at the end of each year in order to celebrate and share with others. The New Year generally starts off with a bang, often filled with positive intentions, but generally it’s not long before there’s a feeling of being in a vacuum, a feeling of wondering and attempting to figure out exactly how to fulfil those positive intentions. 

Usually I strongly advocate living in an abundant present moment, while focusing on manifesting an ideal, satisfying and ongoing ‘future’. However, currently my thoughts are on all that occurred in 2014 and what has been achieved in that time. Globally there was no shortage of dramas and catastrophes. Yet, simultaneously it was a wonderful year to purge old emotions, to let go of things that no longer satisfied or worked. In particular, 2014 was a year of opportunity. I view this opportunity as the potential for going inwards, for reflecting and for correcting those things that needed to be modified or corrected in our lives. 

What have you taken from 2014 that has the potential to create positive change and growth this coming year? What were your most painful learning opportunities? How have you dealt with them? How will you be doing things differently in 2015? Last year I released both cellular and energetic memories from so many lifetimes that it seemed to be a never ending process. Consequently I feel much calmer and clearer, and definitely have that ‘empty’ feeling within. 

Basically 2014 was a powerful year as it provided an opportunity for inner transformation. It was a year of learning and teaching. Hopefully we’ve all gained something important from whatever was experienced last year and which can support and enrich our lives from hereon in. 

Currently I feel as though I’m chomping at the bit, eager for the changes that I’ve worked towards. Yet I keep getting the message to be patient, forcing me to truly live in the moment. 


In recent weeks I’ve been fortunate to receive information from the non physical realms regarding world dynamics. This coming year has the potential to be a time of enrichment, where dreams and aspirations manifest and a time of increased self empowerment. Yup, the vibes are highly positive for many individuals, in particular those individuals who have been undertaking ‘spring cleaning’ of their issues and belief systems, and who have begun the shift from the old paradigm. When shifting from the old paradigm there is a resultant shift in individual vibrational frequency to a higher frequency and level of functioning. This is what happens as we let go of old belief systems, patterning, blockages, etc.  

It’s vitally important to focus on the positive and to maintain a frequency of love, harmony, gratitude, etc from now on. There will be opportunities arise where it will be easy to become embroiled in the energies of the old paradigm. From what I understand it’s important to not succumb or spend time in the lower frequencies. Certainly there may be times when it’s necessary and important to release a lower frequency emotional memory, where clearing that memory actually supports you in maintaining a higher frequency.

Releasing old memories and emotions is part of the process of inner transformation and must not be confused with individuals and situations where the lower frequencies persist. It is a natural human tendency to rescue, help or even save others – often from themselves! What I share now may sound cruel or selfish but I ask that you view me as the messenger more than anything else. In my own words this is the gist of one of the messages I’ve received – and if you’ve read any of the Edgar Cayce channelings I undertook a few years ago you’ll also find references to this message. 

All souls have an equal opportunity to shift their frequency to the higher vibrations, though not all souls will take that opportunity. They will choose to remain mired in the ego based frequencies of materialism and the darker energies that have become strong on the planet over generations. It is not your responsibility to carry or force anyone else to make this shift from the old into the new paradigm. The transformation process is an individual journey. Some souls will embark upon it joyfully, some reluctantly and others not at all. It is vitally important to honor the choices made by others, and to pursue your choices steadfastly. 

In addition, in order to hold your frequency it is suggested that you avoid being pulled into the lower frequency dramas. This is often easier said than done, particularly if you watch television and current affairs programs. Most of these are filled with issues involving drama, pain, grief, suffering, conflict, etc. These hold the frequency of the old paradigm. Instead of taking on the pain of those who have been involved in these situations allow yourself to be the observer – without judgment or attachment – and continue sending love and healing at every opportunity. 

Does this mean that 2015 will be chaos and catastrophe free? Not at all. Those individuals who have chosen to remain in the lower frequencies will continue to experience more of that energy. That is the reality those souls have chosen! 

Two Realities Co-ExistingAnother message of significance is that a division between two realities now exists upon the planet. One reality consists of those individuals who have chosen the higher frequencies, the other contains those who choose to remain in the lower frequencies. These two realities will co-exist, side by side, for some time. Eventually, however the higher frequency reality will predominate and will become the only frequency Earth accepts. 

If you haven’t already figured it out, this means that ultimately those souls who choose to remain in the lower frequency will eventually choose to no longer live on the planet. 

This is an inevitable evolutionary process, involving both our beautiful planet and those souls who are accompanying her in this frequency shift. 

Evolved Souls

There is no denying that so many young people are of a higher soul evolution. If you have children and/or grandchildren I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes that are occurring. These younger generation individuals are often labelled Indigo, Crystal or other names due to the huge characteristic and trait differences they carry. 

Another message I’ve been given is that only evolved souls will be born into human form on the planet from now on. If we assume that all souls are the same then I believe we are making a huge mistake in our thinking. For many years adults have commented that an individual is an ‘old soul’ or a ‘young soul’ – or used different words to describe the inherent nature of the individual. Intuitively we’ve known that not all souls are the same. 

I use the word ‘evolved’ to describe higher order souls though that may not necessarily be the most appropriate term, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying. Our planet is receiving an influx of higher frequency souls, who all come in with a clear sense of purpose and who know a lot more than we mere adults. It is these evolved souls who will be playing a paramount role in shifting humanity into higher frequency functioning on all levels. 

Now is the Time

Whether or not we’re ready the Shift of the Ages, that’s been long prophesized, is upon us. The shift is more of an internal shift, an inner transformation, which in turn eventually results in massive and significant changes on all levels. From my understanding it’s likely to take a generation, or about 25 years, for it to be fully completed. This means that we’re likely to be observing and experiencing continual changes on countless levels in coming years. But then, recent years haven’t been that calm either! 

Whatever 2015 brings I trust that you’ll use every opportunity to embrace the positive shifts and be fluid with making changes as they occur! 

Letting Go Of Illusion

Have you ever had the experience of wondering what in the world is real? Or what is the truth of a situation? Just how much of our co-created reality is actually based on belief systems and perceptions, rather than truth? Is it possible that many of these are no longer relevant or applicable?

As we near the end of 2014, an incredibly tumultuous year in which many of our core values are being challenged and tested to the nth degree, it’s actually a miracle if we are able to remain centered and balanced. 

Kudos to you if you survive this year with feelings of optimism and a strong sense of yourself and your direction! 

It’s not my intention to sound cynical or even contentious. Rather I’m in awe of the extent to which our reality seems to be unravelling and the basis of many beliefs and practices are now in question.

There are many evident examples of just how rapidly truth and information is changing. The internet, media and social media, especially, are continually shaping our perceptions of reality as more new data, stories and ‘facts’ are touted. 

Given the amount of information readily available on just about every topic it’s easy to become influenced or sceptical, depending on inclinations and conditioning. Rather than focusing on old and current research in any field, or discussing the merits or otherwise of findings I feel it’s more important to actually maintain balance and harmony in daily life. 

Letting Go Of Illusion

All the things that are witnessed and experienced in the short period of a lifetime are basically an illusion. They are merely an opportunity to engage in the physical manifestations that are consciously (and unconsciously) co-created. The short period of time spent in the physical body offers opportunities to create, play, engage and evolve. The dramas, fears, wars, emotions and activities engaged in do not reflect the true nature of your essence. Your essence, or higher wisdom, experiments and creates your life experiences yet in no way becomes them! Your essence knows and understands the illusion of this temporary playground called Earth and all that transpires while living in human form. 

We Are Transforming

According to everything I’ve learned over many years is that we are now in the middle of a massive shift or transformation. This is not a comfortable process, and at times it may be downright painful, filled with uncertainty and confusion. At times you may feel as though you are caught between realities. The old reality, the one you grew up with and are familiar with may at times feel strong and secure. At other times it may feel dated and irrelevant. The exposure to an overwhelming information load and conflicting knowledge ensures that the status quo does not remain constant. This constantly being pulled in different directions takes its toll on the physical body, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

During this time of transformation we are learning that nothing remains the same – as much as we often would prefer that change isn’t as constant! We are finding our belief systems often no longer apply, that long held practices no longer have the same impact or effect, and that our feelings and awareness are shifting. 

All this confusion and inner conflict are reflected in the outer reality. A brief analysis of world events indicates the turmoil is widespread. All this is an essential part of the transformation process. In much the same way as you  may be strongly inclined to clear the clutter out of your closets and home, globally there is also a clearing of the old energies, beliefs, enmities, traditions and cultures, etc that no longer reflect the changing energies of the world’s population. 

Lies, Mistruths and Deceptions

A significant aspect of this transformation process is the revealing and exposing of the lies and deceptions that have been generated through the generations. This process can be extremely unsettling as deeply embedded traditional family, cultural and geographic beliefs are exposed as being based on false premise. This results in great uncertainty and questioning, which is an essential part of the transformation process. 

My sense is that we’ll see more whistle blowers and mistruths revealed in the next few years. In fact, it’s highly likely that the dramas of 2014 will be continued for a while. Whether you choose to be part of those dramas or to believe in them is your decision. 

Ultimately this transformation process is an opportunity to release the illusions, to let go of dated beliefs and thereby begin the process of creating a more harmonious lifestyle, one that is connected with nature and which supports the understanding that everything is One! 

Recently I received a link to the latest Matthew channeling, which actually indicates that there’s more change coming, some of which may be greatly challenging. The link to this channeling is:  


Where Do You Stand?

To what extent have you let go of believing in the co-created illusion? Are you seeing the true nature of existence yet? Have your core values shifted dramatically? Are you more at peace deep within? 

Only you have awareness of your ‘position’ in the big picture. My sense of the current transformative times is that individuals who have undertaken a healing journey, who have released stagnant emotional pain and whose vibrational frequency is of a high level will come into their own in the next few years. These individuals will weather the challenges with minimal (if any) effort and will remain clear and balanced regardless of whatever chaos and dramas may be occurring. 

How Do You See Your Future?

Yesterday I engaged in conversation with a young guy ringing up my purchases at a local organic food store. It turns out that we have similar aspirations, despite the huge age gap! We both agreed that living off the grid, using permaculture practices, using alternative energy (solar for me) and collecting rainwater in order to live more sustainably on the planet is essential. His comment, “It’s my generation’s responsibility to clean up the planet, to make it becomes what it’s supposed to be” warmed my heart greatly. He knows his purpose and stated with great clarity the importance of this undertaking. This young man has seen through the illusion and finds it incredibly unappealing and irrelevant. 

Not everyone is able to clearly see or get a sense of their destiny, or purpose. However, most likely you are on the way to figuring out yours when you: 

  • Appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life;
  • Feel passionate about making a difference in some way;
  • See your life journey being connected with others, including total strangers, animals and plants;
  • Have compassion and extend it gladly;
  • Live in trust and in the moment;
  • Enjoy the ease and flow of life as it happens;
  • Let go of the need to control;
  • Smile and laugh often;
  • Accept others as they are;
  • Value and honor your own health and wellbeing.

 Letting go of illusion and transforming back into your natural higher wisdom state is a journey, one that many have been undertaking in recent years. It’s not always an easy journey, especially when old values and beliefs are found to be invalid. Yet, I encourage you to continue refining the process. Let go, learn to trust your higher wisdom and its intuitive guidance and you’ll begin to find that life is less stressful and more joyful. 

Are you Feeling the Call yet?

When I channeled the energy of Edgar Cayce he stressed – during the trance channelings – that we are living in a time of great Earth changes and that ultimately the structure of our civilization would change considerably.
Since the evolution into the Industrial Age humanity has come to experience a great distancing from Earth and all that sustains us as human beings. We have become isolated and separated from Source and from the true nature of who we are. 
All that is living has energy and is connected to the whole or larger cosmos. Everything that is living contains bio photon energy which pulsates to varying degrees. There has been a great deal of research into this phenomenon. Below is a link to a brief video that reminds us of this very profound energy connection that we share.
Because we are connected with everything energetically it then means we feel subtle shifts that are occurring elsewhere. 
It would appear that the subtle shifts are happening rapidly. I am noticing a number of changes in consciousness that are occurring at an almost unprecedented level.
1.  The desire to farm organically and locally is growing rapidly. It is exciting to see that rooftop farming is occurring in NY city, that community gardens are being established, that CSAs are increasing in numbers. More and more people are recognizing that the chemicalization of our food supplies is risky and detrimental to health and wellbeing.
If you are interested in learning more about the importance of re-establishing our connection with the Earth then I highly recommend the Anastasia series of books available via
2.  There is increasing resistance worldwide to the ongoing poisoning of our planet. This includes the rejection of genetically modified foods in most countries of the world. Monsanto and other chemical companies believe that they are invincible in their quest to control the world through chemicals and bio-engineering of our food chain. The resistance to this is growing daily and I intuitively feel that ultimately it’s the people in the States who will ensure that these practices no longer occur.
3.  Truth is being revealed at an ever increasing pace. Wikileaks is only one such example of this. Ironically, Bradley Manning (the person who provided Wikileaks with the information) attempted to give the information to both the Washington Post and the New York Times. His explanation for sharing the classified information is that the people of the United States had a right to know and he thought it would help the country.
This is only one example of the truth being revealed. Secrets, deception and lies are being revealed at a rapid rate. Expect to witness many more revelations of deceptions that have been perpetrated. Individuals are being guided to speak up, to share and to inform. 
4.  The desire to establish community, through sharing and working cooperatively is manifesting in many ways. Edgar Cayce, via the trance channelings, indicated that living collaboratively and in community would be commonplace in our new world order. An example that we are already witnessing is that of Iceland, where the people expelled the International Monetary Fund and the bankers responsible for their country’s debt. Instead, a new form of democracy has been establish – and with a new currency. 
There are more examples I could provide but I’m sure you can see that as a worldwide community we are in the midst of change. The world as we have known it cannot remain as it’s been. Because we are energy beings, and we are changing in our energy frequencies, then everything in our outer reality must also change – to reflect the changes occurring within.
So, what is this ‘call’ that I’m referring to? 
Are you feeling the desire to do something meaningful? Are you wanting to do something totally different? Are you finding that things which you previously tolerated are no longer tolerable?
This ‘call’ is, and can be, uncomfortable and even challenging. But then so is stepping out of one paradigm into something new and totally foreign. If you are feeling pulled into new directions it’s because your higher self, or soul self, is guiding you to make changes. They don’t have to drastic or severe to be effective. 
Allow yourself to experience new opportunities. Be open and receptive to new thought forms and processes. Allow yourself to release limiting beliefs. And, trust that ‘call’ — it’s your inner guidance system that is leading you away from separation and isolation into community and cooperation!

Moving Forward into 2013

We survived the hype around the December 2012 solstice and life continues on as always. Are you surprised? Did you really expect things would change significantly overnight? Even if we can’t see obvious signs of changes there is no denying that a major transformation is occurring worldwide. This is an inner transformation, and is a gradual, and often, intense process.

President Evo Morales of Bolivia, in a speech to the UN in September 2012 is quoted as saying:
“…according to the Mayan Calendar the 21st December marks the end of the non-time and the beginning of time. It is the end of the Macha and the beginning of the Pacha. It is the end of selfishness and the beginning of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism and the beginning of collectivism… the end of hatred and the beginning of love. The end of lies and the beginning of truth. It is the end of sadness and the beginning of joy. It is the end of division and the beginning of unity….”
What a beautiful description of the transformation process. Are you able to visualize just how this change is going to manifest? Or, how the inner changes you are experiencing are contributing to the conscious collective’s transformation?
There is no doubt that 2012 was an intense year for practically everyone. Challenges include finances, relationships, family, friendships, self worth, along with added grief as a large number of souls chose 2012 as the time to transition from the Earth plane.
In numerology 2012 is a “5” year, which denotes ‘Change’. The coming year, 2013, is a “6” year and will bring with it some challenges but overall should be more steady. According to Ellin Dodge:
“2013…The year of the “Cosmic Parent” when the universe aims to find domestic balance, harmony and comfort.  Blue is the Universal color. In general, the focus in every country around the world is inward and on a stronger sense of responsibility…family values, domestic changes, educational and health reforms and advances –  lots of weddings – food products, home products, community politics, civic improvements and the housing market returns. The music industry surges forward.  Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart and home improvement and home decorating businesses break all records.  All children born in 2013 will live “The Wisdom Cycle”…their last cycle of life, in comfort, surrounded by loving families.


Challenging problems arise from unwillingness to make adjustments, stubbornness, unyielding ideals and self-righteousness.  The new ideas begin in April and rise up in June.  February and November bring focuses on actively solving problems, money, big business and bring January and October underlying problems to a head…Universally, it’s all about taking responsibility, fulfilling obligations, nurturing our families and improving our immediate neighborhood in 2013.”


Basically I see that we all have responsibility – individually and collectively – to transform our reality. It’s our duty and obligation – for the sake of our children and grandchildren – to clean up the environmental messes created worldwide;  to rid our world of toxins that are creating illness and disease;  to create an environment that is conducive to healthy learning and joyful participation in all aspects of life;  to create a stronger, vital sense of community and self-sustainability;  to foster unity and oneness;  and to nurture the brilliance and gifts that our young children bring with them into this lifetime.
The younger generation is the one that holds the responsibility for bringing Earth back into balance, this is what they have incarnated for. Whatever steps we take to support their growth and awareness will definitely speed up the process of inner transformation, and will ultimately be manifested in our shared co-created reality.
As we move into 2013 let’s all aspire – in whatever ways feel appropriate – to transform aspects of our reality that no longer are in harmony with the essence that is within. It’s time to become more proactive in determining our true purpose and then living that purpose/meaning for being here to the utmost of our abilities.
If you are uncertain about becoming more proactive then this youtube video may be just the inspiration you are seeking.
The journey post-Mayan Calendar has commenced. The journey will take us wherever we choose to go. Let’s choose wisely and with foresight!

A Time of Silence and Reflection

 The Reincarnation Cycle

You are living in a time of tumultuous change. You have been preparing for this for eons. I do not use the word eons lightly. You have, through the reincarnation cycle, come into your body time and again. You have chosen through that reincarnation cycle to experience all aspects and facets of humanity. Your psyche has experienced pain, untold suffering, intense emotion, conflict, sadness and in the midst of all this your psyche has also experienced times of joy and pleasure. There have been gleanings of happiness and peace. Yet, as you well know – and you know this from studying history books – the course of humanity in recent times and by this I mean, during the times of the recent civilization, of which you are a part – the course of humanity of recent times has not been one of great joy and upliftment overall.

The darkness – as some would call it – has been intense, and cultures and civilizations upon the planet have experienced the depths of degradation, of deprivation and of intense and untold barbarity as one human is pitted against another. As beings you have awareness of this. In your embodiment, in this particular lifetime, you have determined that this history that has been written in the history books must be changed.

Changing the Course of History

In this instance it is not wishful thinking. You have embodied in other lifetimes with the intention of creating a lightening of the energies, of serving humanity and to divert its course so that it did not and does not remain entrenched in such depths of inhumanity. But as you know from history books those who have come to change the world throughout the course of history have only succeeded marginally. They have been what you may refer to as the ‘bright lights’. As bright lights they have inspired and offered hope in order that others may follow on and create a positive and enduring outcome for humanity.

Yet, despite the efforts and intentions of these blessed souls you are now at a juncture whereby you and others like yourself have come back in large numbers to once and for all turn the tide. Turn the tide so that the inhumanity of which I speak will no more be. The deprivation, the degradation will in time become viewed as ancient history. These barbaric acts that have been perpetrated upon humanity generation after generation in one country after anotherwill in time become a thing of the past. And, you and others like yourself are here to ensure that this is how it will be.

You are here in large numbers – as I say – not only to turn the tide but to create lasting change. This lasting change has often been prophesized and referred to as the One Thousand Years of Peace. In your heart you may feel a tingle of excitement when you think of this. Your heart may race and you may wonder how can this be achieved, and you will know how wonderful it will be when every individual upon this planet knows there is nothing to fear and that all is in harmony.

You are not Insignificant

From where you sit at this moment you may wonder, ‘How can I, insignificant I, make a difference?’ You are very important to the process. Do not for one moment view yourself as insignificant or incapable of creating and supporting this major shift. This is what you have come to do. This is the excitement that has been building amongst many souls. This is the eagerly awaited for event. This is why there is such a huge population upon the planet at this time. There are many souls who know what is to come, who know that in order for the transformation to occur there must be change. In order for change to happen it involves many minds, hearts and hands working together in community, in collaboration.

No More Isolation or Separation

The time of isolation and feeling alone is no more. It is now the time for all individuals to see themselves as part of the One and to feel and experience that oneness with others in community, knowing there is no separation. There is a reconnection that is taking place. It is occurring energetically as I speak. There are many individuals who are striving within to become a better person, to make changes in their life.

As soon as they begin this process they emit a certain vibration and in emitting that vibration energetically there is a connection with others. This results in a ripple effect when one individual is connected energetically with the next, and the next and the next. Before you know it there is a commonality of energies, all striving individually and yet collectively to transform this planet. If you have not yet explored the possibility of connecting with other like-minded souls, of allowing your mind to be open to all potentialities I encourage you to begin doing so now.

There is within your culture still some skepticism and some individuals still feel isolated even though they are striving for meaning. Those who have reached the place of understanding what this transformation encompasses are in a position to lead and guide others.

Intense Vibrational Increases

Earlier in the discussion This One made mention of earth changes and the passing of many souls. Currently there are dramatic, intense and powerful energy shifts occurring on every level as humanity and planet Earth are transitioning from one vibration to another, to another and another.

Some may refer to this process as shifting from third dimension into fourth and into fifth dimensional reality. I say again – as I’ve said before – do not limit yourself in this regard. Do not for one moment define yourself as attaining a certain level of vibration and then saying, ‘This is it. I have done what I came to do.’ Oh no, oh no, that again is a mind limitation. Those terminologies that refer to the shift – whether those terminologies include words such as dimension or ascension process – are merely indicators used to shift consciousness and awareness. Time and again I have made it abundantly clear that your soul is multi-dimensional and if you choose to not be limited you also have the potential in this life time to become truly multi-dimensional.

There are no limits other than those you place upon yourself, other than those you impose upon your reality, other than those you choose to restrict and limit you. There are no limitations – none whatsoever. For those who choose to take not only the quantum leap into higher frequencies but who choose to go beyond what some have defined as fifth dimensional reality and to open yourself to your truly multi-dimensional aspects you will find this to be a truly transformative and liberating experience. You will find that you will have shifted your vibration and energies to such a high degree that you will be able to function as the avatars, the masters and the gifted ones have done at varying times in history.

This is not the lifetime where you will attain such a degree of proficiency by merely meditating and isolating yourself from the rest of your community. In the past it was the way in which the adepts and masters attained such degree of proficiency. For them the vibration in the surrounding world was indeed extremely dense and heavy. In order to attain such a high level of awareness they were able to do this only by retreating into silence, to be in connection not only with nature but with divine inspiration and Source. This was the only means, or the only conditions that supported such enormous growth and shift in consciousness.

Now, however, everyone upon the planet has this potential – if you so choose. And, not attaining it through isolation, withdrawal and going into the silence, but by living spiritual truth in community, by living spiritual integrity in harmony with others, by being mindful and aware at all times. This involves mindfulness and awareness of your thoughts.

The Challenge of Thought

Let us focus on thought for a moment. This is one of the most challenging aspects for any and all individuals to master. It is stated in the Bible that in the beginning there was the word. It is well touted and acknowledged that it is the word that creates. The word creates reality on a continuous basis. Those individuals who are mindful of their thoughts – their thoughts being their words – know their thoughts create. They endeavor to use only thoughts, or words, that enhance and create a higher expression.

This is where the challenge arises. In the culture of this great country a vast amount of energy has been expended in encouraging individuals to speak. If an individual does not speak openly or articulate clearly they are left behind. If an individual is unable to express their needs and wants immediately and in a loud and clear manner then they are overlooked. The art of speaking has become so predominant within this culture, to such a degree that the art of mindfulness of speech has been lost. It has been overlooked and then gradually lost.

When individuals, from time to time, hold back and do not speak then in most instances they are thinking. They are thinking the words and thoughts that they are not expressing verbally. The art of silence has been lost. The art of silence is one of the most profound ways of developing and creating that level of consciousness and awareness of which I speak.

It is common for some individuals – certainly not for the majority of the population – to take time in their daily routine to enter the meditative state. In this meditative state they, with diligence and practice, experience the silence. It is a well-known fact that once the meditation has ceased and an individual returns to the stresses of daily life then the mind chatter starts once again, and the verbalizing then follows.

What I advocate as a way of shifting consciousness and awareness into such a state of alignment with Source energy is that it is vitally important to find the silence within at every possible moment. I have advocated breathing – focused breathing – as a means of silencing the mind. That is the first step.

When it comes to thinking and expressing yourself the next step is to be aware of your expression. In other words, think about what you are going to say before you speak. Are you using words that hold a vibration that uplifts, creating wellness and happiness within? Or are your thoughts and words negative that bring you down and create a feeling of lowered energy within?

It has become habit to speak without thinking. The art of silence has long been lost within this culture. The art of reflection has also been lost. While I say this it does not mean it has to remain this way. Far from it. It is up to you, one by one, to begin this process of taking every opportunity to be with yourself in silence. Then, before speaking to reflect upon the true meaning of what it is you wish to express. Is what you wish to express beneficial to yourself and to others? Is it for the highest good of all? Will it uplift you and others?

Then look at the syntax and structure of your expression. Are you desiring to feel lightened by what you say? If you express statements that leave you feeling less than lightened reflect upon your language, reflect upon the words that create the dampening of mood. Then in your reflection ask, ‘What words, or word, would be more appropriate? What word or words would lift my mood?’ You have the intelligence to do this. Put it into practice. As you change within, as you change your mindfulness around your use of language all that you desire to create becomes a much stronger potentiality and in time manifests in the way your heart desires.

It is commonplace, as it was during my time, often to speak without thinking. What I am saying now – because of the changing vibrations and higher frequencies upon this planet that there are so many people worldwide aspiring to transform – that when you speak without thinking the manifestation of that expression occurs almost instantaneously. In most instances you are not aware that you have created this manifestation.

Mindfulness is Important

This is why I advocate that time is taken to go into silence and to reflect. In doing this you feel and reflect upon the structure of the language used. When doing this you will rapidly erase, omit and delete many of the common phrases and words used. You will realize they have a resonance of a lower vibration. You will be amazed at how many of the commonly used words in today’s language have this lower resonance or vibration and do not serve you well. Once you make this discovery you will feel liberated. You will feel clearer and willfeel empowered in ways not previously experienced.

As I said, it is the word that creates. You are aware of the changes occurring across the planet. You are aware of the impact these changes are having upon individuals and communities. By making what you may consider to be very minor changes within yourself and within your language usage and structure you begin to change your reality. As you do this and the next person does the same thing and so on, before you know it there is a collective generation of energy that will help shift the vibration right across the planet.

The Larger Picture

It does not require the conscious intention and application of every person across the planet to make this change. There is a certain percentage that is required for this to happen. It is interesting to note – for I am aware of what is being publicized in the media – I am aware that some individuals will say that when ten percent of the population ‘gets it’ that the whole population will evolve. Others claim twenty-five percent. But, how do you measure this? What I say instead is that when you endeavor to shift your vibration through conscious intention you rapidly begin to accelerate and as energy begins to shift within you then there is the ripple effect so that others feel it. There is no set percentage required. How can you measure the vibrational shift? How can you measure who is vibrating at a third dimensional level and who is at a fifth dimensional level, or who even may be at the seventeenth vibrational level or higher?

The technology for that has not yet been developed. In fact it is not relevant. The motivating energy for the change comes from here, within you, through mindfulness, awareness and intention. Through that you place the intention and begin the journey of shifting to the higher frequencies. There is no place to stop. You keep going. There are those, like myself from beyond the veil, who are here to support and guide you. You know this well enough. Some forget to ask. Others are finding the changes too painful. It is up to you to decide what is your path, what resonates for you. What do you intuitively know you are here to do? Once you have that awareness, then apply yourself. You are extremely important. This journey is your journey. You do not need permission from others. Nor do you follow in someone else’s footsteps. You travel the journey. You create the journey. You are the master of your journey. It all comes from the heart. When you apply the heart, the feeling from the heart, the intention from the heart, into everything you do then you will begin to feel the shift of the vibration more keenly than ever before.

I thank you for your attentiveness and open myself to questions.