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“In case you haven’t noticed, there is an awakening going on. The world over, people are wising up to the countless distortions of our society and beginning to remember – once again – who and what we really are. And as a result, we are rejecting the poisons sold to us as “medicine”, the controls sold to us as “freedom”, the junk sold to us as “food”, and the lies sold to us as “truth”.

There are many ways this shift is manifesting, and being manifested. Ordinary people are embracing a new awareness and a revived sense of activism, and as a result we are standing on the brink of the biggest social revolution our planet has ever seen. As economies crumble around us, institutions are being exposed as control mechanisms and politicians are being revealed for what they are. As we approach a critical mass of awareness, it is our role to shape the future into something that works for us, not against us.

Sound overwhelming? It isn’t. The truth is – this kind of social revolution starts with our personal inner revolution.”

This excerpt was taken from New Dawn magazine, Vol.9, No.5 and written by Andy Whiteley, co-founder of

When reading this beginning to a brief commentary by Andy Whiteley I will admit to a short chuckle as it seemed these words have been expressed by me in countless writings for the past few years. Yet simultaneously I was elated as what I’ve seen coming is now manifesting more tangibly and evidently. It’s undeniable that there is a shift or transformation occurring. This transformation manifests in various ways, and differently, according to previous experiences, perceptions and beliefs.

Locally I’m seeing greater activism occurring. Animal rights organizations are becoming more vocal. Voters are expressing their concern and discontent at decisions made politically. It seems the level of apathy regarding issues that impact lives on a daily basis is receding and there’s more questioning of the status quo. And, of course the worldwide refugee crisis is playing a critical role in opening hearts and engendering a spirit of cooperation and humanitarianism.  

Interestingly – thanks to the internet – there seems to be more secrets revealed. Many of these secrets show that what we’ve been told are historical facts are actually fiction. Stories have been changed to suit particular agendas and ideologies. A great deal of information that’s been suppressed is also emerging, resulting in some scientific ‘truths’ to now being highly questionable.

Why is this all happening now? If you reflect back to December 2012 many in the spiritually aware community anticipated a significant shift, which in many instances didn’t manifest as anticipated. However, since that time it seems as though things are changing markedly and rapidly in our world. There is a definite speeding up in events and in the cosmic frequencies that impact our planet.

A gifted numerologist that I’ve known for many years has pointed out that 2015 is an 8 global year. In simple terms this means that it’s a year of reaping what has been sown. It’s also a year in which whatever’s been hidden becomes apparent.

About 15 years ago I channelled that deeply suppressed secrets would be revealed; that the truth of our real heritage would be shown; that there would be a mass awakening in consciousness. Interestingly there was also quite a bit of information channelled about Earth also going through a shift in her consciousness, and along with that all living forms on the planet would be changing. It’s now happening!

So where does this leave us? Where are we heading? Sometimes the crystal bowl isn’t too clear, especially when it comes to exact times or how things will unfold. However, many times I’ve received information from the non-physical realm that we are shifting into a reality where there will be two distinct levels of consciousness existing side by side – one consciousness being aware or awakened, the other remaining mired in the old energies and belief systems.

That duality is definitely apparent now. In fact, the distinction is actually becoming more evident. Recently I received information which indicates that by the end of this year we would really be feeling the shift. Apparently there’s likely to be a reset of Earth’s energies in early 2016. What this actually means in terms of scientific processes is beyond my capabilities to understand. At a layperson’s level I interpret that to mean that there’s going to be a change in Earth’s energy field. If this is the case then it could have both a profound, and possibly subtle, impact on all life on the planet.

One possibility is that accountability for all your actions will be more immediate and evident. I’m unable to speak for others yet will admit that I’m experiencing the cause and effect of all thoughts and actions very rapidly nowadays, resulting in the need for greater mindfulness in every undertaking.

It seems that Earth’s population is not yet at that point where there are two realities co-existing side by side. Currently there are three realities – and within those three realities there exists quite a continuum of differences.

The first group are individuals who have achieved a state of evolvement, which means they have completed all their karmic duties, cleared deep seated wounds and hold a great deal of light. Basically they are incredibly clear, working through their higher self and in alignment with their purpose without the burden of fears and old baggage.

This group will find life a lot easier; creation and manifestation will be almost automatic. All their striving to live with passion and to fulfil their purpose will be achieved. In addition, exposure to the heavier, denser forces or energies will be considerably reduced.

The second group is those individuals who either are in the process of awakening or have made some progress along the way. This group will be encouraged to do more. They will find that the process is accelerated and opportunities to become fully awakened will increase.

The third group is those who have chosen to remain mired in third dimension reality. This group, especially, will be highly challenged in all areas.

It is at this point that I may sound callous or indifferent. I know that the instinctive response in many people is to immediately offer support, giving their time, energy and money to help those who are struggling. The message I’ve received from the non-physical realms countless times is that everyone has been given the opportunity to shift to higher levels of consciousness, to transform within while Earth also undergoes her major shift. Not everyone has chosen to undertake this process!

Many years ago I was determined to send healing to a lady I felt really needed it. No matter what I did the healing didn’t seem to penetrate, and certainly didn’t change anything. When I questioned why I was told (by non physical beings) to not waste my time on someone who could do their own healing and wasn’t prepared to.

Since that time I’ve come to realize that undergoing an inner shift is often extremely painful and challenging. I’ve also realized that it’s a very personal journey and that gaining mastery over one’s growth and awakening can only happen when it’s undertaken with heart and passion.

As we near the end of 2015 I encourage you to do whatever it takes to be truly who you are, to strip away the layers of ego, and to find your passion and sense of purpose. Do it for yourself, not anyone else!

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