Our True Purpose

What is Our True Purpose?

Greetings! We, The Orion, have been connected to the beloved Earth for eons. We hold her in sacredness. She is a magical being. She is an organism filled with light and energy – in much the same way you are.

The form you take is obviously very different to Earth – yet there is no difference. You are a being of light. You are an organism that has consciousness and awareness. What does it mean? Why are you here, playing out the dramas? We are sure you have asked these questions and many others on countless occasions. We know that you have attempted in your own ways to define the reasons for your being, to define the reason for being in creation and to sustain some level of comprehension and understanding as to what may appear to be a very enigmatic puzzle for you.

It really is not a puzzle. As you have read and learned, all that exists is pure energy. That pure energy has consciousness. Because it has consciousness it has free will to be and to create as it desires. This means that at times creation may seem chaotic, other times you may have the awareness there is peace. Of course, there are many other states between those two.

Energy Consciousness having Experiences

All these states basically consist of energy consciousness having experiences. In having those experiences, ultimately you are seeking to gain a greater measure of understanding and knowledge, and through that to evolve to much higher planes of consciousness.

There is nothing in this whole of creation that is static. Nor does it become stagnant. It is constant energy in motion – just as you are constant energy in motion. As the energy is in motion it changes in its configurations and at the same time it can also change its frequency.

The frequencies are the power, or strength, of the energy, of all that exists. At this point in your time your planet and galaxy are moving into the higher frequencies en masse. As they move en masse into the higher frequencies there are changes occurring on every level of being. In those changes you play your role. All who are in creation and are co-creating are feeling the shifts. This means you are experiencing the changing frequencies on every level of your being.

Being in Service

At the divine soul level your purpose to be here at this time and to be of service to this process. In being of service to the process you are doing an excellent job. You are creating more than you think you are. As a mass collective – and here we refer to humanity – the shifts are enormous, though we know that you would beg to differ. You would question any statement along these lines, for you the evidence is very real as you read the news items and view the stories of what is happening globally.

We say, what you read does not depict the whole picture. In fact, every being that has chosen to be on this planet has chosen to be part of this change in frequency and to raise the level of consciousness to such a high degree. In doing so, every being is rapidly being activated – to use a term you may understand – or being awakened to higher levels of awareness and understanding.

This process may not seem to be sufficiently fast. We hear this. We pick up the vibration of impatience, but as you well know change takes time. From the broader perspective what you have come here to do has already been achieved. Think about that! What you have come here to do has already been achieved.

Earlier there was discussion in this gathering around what you refer to as the ‘now’ moment. This is all you have. This means everything has already happened. That may be a little bit challenging to understand or to place into a context. That is to be expected but as you evolve in your understanding and shift in your frequencies you will come to a point where you will have full knowledge of this information which is now being planted within your consciousness, which will assist you making this shift into multi-dimensional beings.

We are Changing

You are truly multi-dimensional beings. You are not grounded here in third dimension, which by the way, no longer really exists. You have gone beyond this level and there are many others like yourself right across the globe who are now questioning the status quo and saying, “We are changing”. It’s not a case of “We must change” but “We are changing”. Therefore the trappings of life, the manifestations of what is being co-created are also changing.

This in itself does present some difficulty for the human psyche. The human psyche likes comfort. It likes to be stable and does not welcome or appreciate unpredictability. Yet, what are you living with day to day? There is already great unpredictability and instability in your world. Try as you may to maintain the status quo, you are rapidly losing the battle.

Instead, be with whatever is happening. Allow it. Whether or not you realize it, you are part of this unpredictability and instability. The changes that are occurring within you are manifesting in an outward manner, and they are reflecting back to you, they are showing you, what is going on within.

Let us look at a simple thing like honesty. For many people honesty is vitally important. The essence of who you are, the soul you are, the vibration you hold is honest. It readily acknowledges that honesty. So when any form of action is viewed as being dishonest there occurs within a reaction on the subtle levels. Currently, in the world, there are many instances of dishonesty being revealed. The energy of honesty that exists within every being is radiating out so powerfully that instances of dishonesty – whether it be in the monetary system, in agreements, institutions or organizations – the honesty energy is so strong that all that is not honest has to be revealed and shown for what it is.

You are the creators of this happening. You will see more and more instances on a global scale where dishonesty, which of course encompasses a whole range of behaviors, will be made public. Dishonesty cannot be tolerated in an energy that you shifting into nor in the way that the Earth is also shifting.

There are other instances where you are having a very powerful impact through the changing of your thought patterns and emotions. Compassion is strengthening. Compassion for one another and all sentient beings is becoming very evident. Where there is lack of compassion evident there is a sense of disbelief and outrage in those who hold compassion. Then those who are compassionate release their sense of outrage and instead extend compassion toward those who lack compassion.

It is as though there are many strands of change playing their roles simultaneously. They are coming from within each and every being who is involved in creating the shift. You are also in the process of understanding the interconnectedness of absolutely everything.

Seeking the Truth – All is Simple

The information you are seeking has been available for eons through the ancient scriptures and teachings. That information is priceless knowledge. We say, do not make complexity out of these teachings. Simplify them. The teachings are very simple. They are the basis upon which all souls are functioning. All is one and all have free will to function in unconditional love, choosing to have many experiences. Some of those experiences might result in moral indignation and outrage from other individuals. Ultimately, all that is experienced serves a purpose. Ultimately you arrive back into one. It is quite a journey you are undertaking. Not for the faint hearted!

We applaud you for your endeavors. We encourage you to maintain those endeavors. Keep your life very simple. In the simplicity you will find greater comfort and ease. Here we talk about simplicity on many levels.

It is easy to create complex explanations for what life is about. We can tell you simply. You are here to be of service. You are here to evolve as a soul. You are here to have the experience of all that life offers. It is not that complex. So, we say make the most of each moment you have. Find the joy, peace, abundance. It is all within you to manifest. As you shift in your vibration you are already noticing your ability to manifest is vastly increased, more so than previously.

Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions as manifestation is rapidly becoming almost instantaneous. Your purpose in life is not that complex. It is all those other things you add to your definition of self that we refer to as ‘window dressing’. These are the things that may bring you temporary joy and happiness. Many of these are material possessions. You know only too well that the more you immerse yourself in material possessions the less guarantee there is that you will be happier.

Addictive Habits

In actual fact, immersing yourself in material possessions is no different to any other type of addiction. There are many within society that are endeavoring to break free from the bonds of addiction at this time, and addiction takes many forms. You know well the types that you would consider addictions. But what about other addictions, such as an addiction to only being fit, strong and healthy. This addiction can become such a strong obsession that it overrides all commonsense and deprives an individual of the feeling of enjoyment. Another is the addiction to be thin at all costs. Again, there is a form of self-sabotage that is inbuilt. Basically, you are here to enjoy the human experience and to make it enjoyable for all others, and not to make it a punishing experience, one where you mete out self-punishment over and over again through your thoughts and actions towards self.

We aren’t talking about your thoughts and actions towards others. We are talking about your thoughts and actions towards self. There are other addictions, such as an addiction to having an ordered life. Earlier we spoke about the desire for control and having predictability – this really is another addiction.

In order to understand the nature of creation you should know that it all flows, that there is a continuous flow. Within your body there is a continuous flow of information. This information is communicated via your cells. There is a flow in thoughts and communications with others. There is a natural flow to your life, from the time that you are a baby until the time you are ready to leave behind the bodily entrapments.

From Experiences You Evolve

There is a non-stop flow to life and if at any stage you believe you are here to control it we assure you that on a deeper level you know that you are not here to control anything – because it is beyond your control. You are here to allow the experiences to be what they are, and from those experiences to evolve.

The more you allow the experiences the more you evolve. The more you resist them the greater the pain and discomfort you experience.

In the teachings – the teachings of old – it is often said that when you surrender to your higher power you then allow the flow to be. That flow you are in becomes stronger and stronger. When you are in a state of wanting to control, when you are in a state of needing to control your life or environment, to make sure you are safe, know that all these concepts have been cleverly indoctrinated into you via the media and the psychologists who deem you are powerless.

We are saying you have much power within and the more you allow yourself to be with the flow and the less your desire to control life the more opportunities will present themselves, and the greater the enjoyment and of course the greater the sense of empowerment.

It is easy to talk about free will. It is a concept that is regularly discussed. We say, once you understand the concept of free will at the soul level, at the deep inner level, then you also understand and embrace the concept of empowerment. Empowerment is life changing. It means that you, as a soul, know who you are that that you are here to have the joys and wonders of this lifetime, where you can offer your services to many others and be open and receptive to whatever manifests.

Think about a river, a river meanders across the terrain of the earth, a river finds the weakest spots where it knows its flow will be unimpeded. Rivers do not do too well when they are embanked and contained for they are not going with their natural flow. A natural flowing river finds the places it needs to be. It is the same when you surrender to the higher powers within. You will then be guided to the places you need to be, to have the opportunities you need to experience, to experience growth on many levels within.

Inner Awareness

We encourage you to be with the sense of who you are and to be consciously mindful of your vibrations and energies daily. As you have this awareness of what is going on within you will be more accepting of, and ready to go with the flow, to be with whatever is happening instead of resisting and questioning.

You are about to experience more changes in the world. We are not going to talk about those though. To do so would only put you into a perspective of wishing to project yourself with the changes, along with wishing to know what these changes are. If you do this then immediately you project outside of yourself.

Right now the most important contribution you can make to the evolution of humanity and this planet is to focus your attention to yourself. Get to know yourself better. Become intimate with every part of your knowing. Know how you truly respond. Listen to what your inner knowing tells you. Listen to the messages that are continually being communicated. Use your body as a barometer for what you undertake.

Your body is so powerful it will tell you what it chooses to do and not to do. Your body gives you the direction and course of your life. It is the closest thing you have at hand to guide you. It will tell you more so than anyone or anything else will tell you what you are here to do and how to do it and when to do it. It is that simple. It is in connecting with your body in new and unfamiliar ways that you once again begin to re-experience the miracle of creation.

Miracle of Re-Creation

That is what is happening right now. It is the miracle of re-creation. It is occurring for the planet and humanity – re-creating something out of something. By this we mean you are re-creating the old into something new. This re-creation is a massive project, and will take some time. However, you are at the cusp of this change. You are at the forefront and will show many others how to do this.

There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge, information and to make this transition and re-creation both magnificent and profound for all. We thank you!

Bente Hansen © 2012

Become Aware of the Breath

We tend to take breathing for granted. As it’s an autonomic response in the body we just breathe without thinking or feeling the experience.

How about taking the opportunity to just stop still for several minute and use that time to focus and feel the breath. Feel where the breath circulates within your body, feel it’s vibration, feel its warmth.

Breath is also known as prana (breath of life). We couldn’t exist without it – yet we overlook it’s vital importance in bringing prana to every cell, atom and molecule in the body. We also overlook it’s powerfully restorative properties.

Anyone studying qi gong, tai chi or yoga knows how healing deep and relaxing breathing can be.

Best of all, consciously focusing on the breath results in generating a feeling of being in the moment.  It feels as though time stands still and nothing exists but the breath in the now moment!!

A Time of Silence and Reflection

 The Reincarnation Cycle

You are living in a time of tumultuous change. You have been preparing for this for eons. I do not use the word eons lightly. You have, through the reincarnation cycle, come into your body time and again. You have chosen through that reincarnation cycle to experience all aspects and facets of humanity. Your psyche has experienced pain, untold suffering, intense emotion, conflict, sadness and in the midst of all this your psyche has also experienced times of joy and pleasure. There have been gleanings of happiness and peace. Yet, as you well know – and you know this from studying history books – the course of humanity in recent times and by this I mean, during the times of the recent civilization, of which you are a part – the course of humanity of recent times has not been one of great joy and upliftment overall.

The darkness – as some would call it – has been intense, and cultures and civilizations upon the planet have experienced the depths of degradation, of deprivation and of intense and untold barbarity as one human is pitted against another. As beings you have awareness of this. In your embodiment, in this particular lifetime, you have determined that this history that has been written in the history books must be changed.

Changing the Course of History

In this instance it is not wishful thinking. You have embodied in other lifetimes with the intention of creating a lightening of the energies, of serving humanity and to divert its course so that it did not and does not remain entrenched in such depths of inhumanity. But as you know from history books those who have come to change the world throughout the course of history have only succeeded marginally. They have been what you may refer to as the ‘bright lights’. As bright lights they have inspired and offered hope in order that others may follow on and create a positive and enduring outcome for humanity.

Yet, despite the efforts and intentions of these blessed souls you are now at a juncture whereby you and others like yourself have come back in large numbers to once and for all turn the tide. Turn the tide so that the inhumanity of which I speak will no more be. The deprivation, the degradation will in time become viewed as ancient history. These barbaric acts that have been perpetrated upon humanity generation after generation in one country after anotherwill in time become a thing of the past. And, you and others like yourself are here to ensure that this is how it will be.

You are here in large numbers – as I say – not only to turn the tide but to create lasting change. This lasting change has often been prophesized and referred to as the One Thousand Years of Peace. In your heart you may feel a tingle of excitement when you think of this. Your heart may race and you may wonder how can this be achieved, and you will know how wonderful it will be when every individual upon this planet knows there is nothing to fear and that all is in harmony.

You are not Insignificant

From where you sit at this moment you may wonder, ‘How can I, insignificant I, make a difference?’ You are very important to the process. Do not for one moment view yourself as insignificant or incapable of creating and supporting this major shift. This is what you have come to do. This is the excitement that has been building amongst many souls. This is the eagerly awaited for event. This is why there is such a huge population upon the planet at this time. There are many souls who know what is to come, who know that in order for the transformation to occur there must be change. In order for change to happen it involves many minds, hearts and hands working together in community, in collaboration.

No More Isolation or Separation

The time of isolation and feeling alone is no more. It is now the time for all individuals to see themselves as part of the One and to feel and experience that oneness with others in community, knowing there is no separation. There is a reconnection that is taking place. It is occurring energetically as I speak. There are many individuals who are striving within to become a better person, to make changes in their life.

As soon as they begin this process they emit a certain vibration and in emitting that vibration energetically there is a connection with others. This results in a ripple effect when one individual is connected energetically with the next, and the next and the next. Before you know it there is a commonality of energies, all striving individually and yet collectively to transform this planet. If you have not yet explored the possibility of connecting with other like-minded souls, of allowing your mind to be open to all potentialities I encourage you to begin doing so now.

There is within your culture still some skepticism and some individuals still feel isolated even though they are striving for meaning. Those who have reached the place of understanding what this transformation encompasses are in a position to lead and guide others.

Intense Vibrational Increases

Earlier in the discussion This One made mention of earth changes and the passing of many souls. Currently there are dramatic, intense and powerful energy shifts occurring on every level as humanity and planet Earth are transitioning from one vibration to another, to another and another.

Some may refer to this process as shifting from third dimension into fourth and into fifth dimensional reality. I say again – as I’ve said before – do not limit yourself in this regard. Do not for one moment define yourself as attaining a certain level of vibration and then saying, ‘This is it. I have done what I came to do.’ Oh no, oh no, that again is a mind limitation. Those terminologies that refer to the shift – whether those terminologies include words such as dimension or ascension process – are merely indicators used to shift consciousness and awareness. Time and again I have made it abundantly clear that your soul is multi-dimensional and if you choose to not be limited you also have the potential in this life time to become truly multi-dimensional.

There are no limits other than those you place upon yourself, other than those you impose upon your reality, other than those you choose to restrict and limit you. There are no limitations – none whatsoever. For those who choose to take not only the quantum leap into higher frequencies but who choose to go beyond what some have defined as fifth dimensional reality and to open yourself to your truly multi-dimensional aspects you will find this to be a truly transformative and liberating experience. You will find that you will have shifted your vibration and energies to such a high degree that you will be able to function as the avatars, the masters and the gifted ones have done at varying times in history.

This is not the lifetime where you will attain such a degree of proficiency by merely meditating and isolating yourself from the rest of your community. In the past it was the way in which the adepts and masters attained such degree of proficiency. For them the vibration in the surrounding world was indeed extremely dense and heavy. In order to attain such a high level of awareness they were able to do this only by retreating into silence, to be in connection not only with nature but with divine inspiration and Source. This was the only means, or the only conditions that supported such enormous growth and shift in consciousness.

Now, however, everyone upon the planet has this potential – if you so choose. And, not attaining it through isolation, withdrawal and going into the silence, but by living spiritual truth in community, by living spiritual integrity in harmony with others, by being mindful and aware at all times. This involves mindfulness and awareness of your thoughts.

The Challenge of Thought

Let us focus on thought for a moment. This is one of the most challenging aspects for any and all individuals to master. It is stated in the Bible that in the beginning there was the word. It is well touted and acknowledged that it is the word that creates. The word creates reality on a continuous basis. Those individuals who are mindful of their thoughts – their thoughts being their words – know their thoughts create. They endeavor to use only thoughts, or words, that enhance and create a higher expression.

This is where the challenge arises. In the culture of this great country a vast amount of energy has been expended in encouraging individuals to speak. If an individual does not speak openly or articulate clearly they are left behind. If an individual is unable to express their needs and wants immediately and in a loud and clear manner then they are overlooked. The art of speaking has become so predominant within this culture, to such a degree that the art of mindfulness of speech has been lost. It has been overlooked and then gradually lost.

When individuals, from time to time, hold back and do not speak then in most instances they are thinking. They are thinking the words and thoughts that they are not expressing verbally. The art of silence has been lost. The art of silence is one of the most profound ways of developing and creating that level of consciousness and awareness of which I speak.

It is common for some individuals – certainly not for the majority of the population – to take time in their daily routine to enter the meditative state. In this meditative state they, with diligence and practice, experience the silence. It is a well-known fact that once the meditation has ceased and an individual returns to the stresses of daily life then the mind chatter starts once again, and the verbalizing then follows.

What I advocate as a way of shifting consciousness and awareness into such a state of alignment with Source energy is that it is vitally important to find the silence within at every possible moment. I have advocated breathing – focused breathing – as a means of silencing the mind. That is the first step.

When it comes to thinking and expressing yourself the next step is to be aware of your expression. In other words, think about what you are going to say before you speak. Are you using words that hold a vibration that uplifts, creating wellness and happiness within? Or are your thoughts and words negative that bring you down and create a feeling of lowered energy within?

It has become habit to speak without thinking. The art of silence has long been lost within this culture. The art of reflection has also been lost. While I say this it does not mean it has to remain this way. Far from it. It is up to you, one by one, to begin this process of taking every opportunity to be with yourself in silence. Then, before speaking to reflect upon the true meaning of what it is you wish to express. Is what you wish to express beneficial to yourself and to others? Is it for the highest good of all? Will it uplift you and others?

Then look at the syntax and structure of your expression. Are you desiring to feel lightened by what you say? If you express statements that leave you feeling less than lightened reflect upon your language, reflect upon the words that create the dampening of mood. Then in your reflection ask, ‘What words, or word, would be more appropriate? What word or words would lift my mood?’ You have the intelligence to do this. Put it into practice. As you change within, as you change your mindfulness around your use of language all that you desire to create becomes a much stronger potentiality and in time manifests in the way your heart desires.

It is commonplace, as it was during my time, often to speak without thinking. What I am saying now – because of the changing vibrations and higher frequencies upon this planet that there are so many people worldwide aspiring to transform – that when you speak without thinking the manifestation of that expression occurs almost instantaneously. In most instances you are not aware that you have created this manifestation.

Mindfulness is Important

This is why I advocate that time is taken to go into silence and to reflect. In doing this you feel and reflect upon the structure of the language used. When doing this you will rapidly erase, omit and delete many of the common phrases and words used. You will realize they have a resonance of a lower vibration. You will be amazed at how many of the commonly used words in today’s language have this lower resonance or vibration and do not serve you well. Once you make this discovery you will feel liberated. You will feel clearer and willfeel empowered in ways not previously experienced.

As I said, it is the word that creates. You are aware of the changes occurring across the planet. You are aware of the impact these changes are having upon individuals and communities. By making what you may consider to be very minor changes within yourself and within your language usage and structure you begin to change your reality. As you do this and the next person does the same thing and so on, before you know it there is a collective generation of energy that will help shift the vibration right across the planet.

The Larger Picture

It does not require the conscious intention and application of every person across the planet to make this change. There is a certain percentage that is required for this to happen. It is interesting to note – for I am aware of what is being publicized in the media – I am aware that some individuals will say that when ten percent of the population ‘gets it’ that the whole population will evolve. Others claim twenty-five percent. But, how do you measure this? What I say instead is that when you endeavor to shift your vibration through conscious intention you rapidly begin to accelerate and as energy begins to shift within you then there is the ripple effect so that others feel it. There is no set percentage required. How can you measure the vibrational shift? How can you measure who is vibrating at a third dimensional level and who is at a fifth dimensional level, or who even may be at the seventeenth vibrational level or higher?

The technology for that has not yet been developed. In fact it is not relevant. The motivating energy for the change comes from here, within you, through mindfulness, awareness and intention. Through that you place the intention and begin the journey of shifting to the higher frequencies. There is no place to stop. You keep going. There are those, like myself from beyond the veil, who are here to support and guide you. You know this well enough. Some forget to ask. Others are finding the changes too painful. It is up to you to decide what is your path, what resonates for you. What do you intuitively know you are here to do? Once you have that awareness, then apply yourself. You are extremely important. This journey is your journey. You do not need permission from others. Nor do you follow in someone else’s footsteps. You travel the journey. You create the journey. You are the master of your journey. It all comes from the heart. When you apply the heart, the feeling from the heart, the intention from the heart, into everything you do then you will begin to feel the shift of the vibration more keenly than ever before.

I thank you for your attentiveness and open myself to questions.

Managing the Challenges of 2012

We are now more than half way through 2012. Is it unfolding as you had expected or anticipated? Or, did you think that the year would become relatively easy as it nears December? Most people I encounter comment on the intensity of the energies, the constant challenges and also the depth of pain that is being experienced.

Why is this happening? What does it portend for the remaining months of the year? And, will things eventually become easier, calmer and more joyful?

More than ten years ago I channeled – many times – that we would be coming to a time of rapid change. It is interesting to observe that the information relating to these changes is now evident to my eyes.

What are some of the significant changes that were ‘forecast’?

  • There would be an overwhelming amount of media information available. This is obvious as we are being inundated with information from the media and technology/communications networks. There are more books being written than ever before, many individuals are feeling inspired to share their thoughts and experiences.
  • All that has been hidden and kept secret would be revealed. This we see constantly as more whistle blowers reveal the dirty secrets of organizations and people in power.
  • There would be many individuals who would claim to be the truth tellers. There is no shortage of individuals claiming to know what the current world situations mean and who offer opportunities for redemption.
  • The disintegration of organizations and structures would also begin. We are certainly seeing this happening in the financial markets, the housing industry, trade agreements, etc.
  • An increase in illnesses and conditions for which the medical profession would have no clear labels or ability to accurately diagnose. This is something that I encounter more frequently as I hear clients’ stories.
  • Earth changes are inevitable. This is so that Earth can clear the heavy energy she has been carrying for humanity and from there transform into the higher frequencies – as she is destined to do.
  • Many souls would choose to depart the Earth plane. They would be going ‘home’, back to the Light, as the intensity of the changes would be too intense for them.

All the above are already evident in our rapidly changing global community. It is all too easy to focus on what is not ‘right’ or on what feels uncomfortable or threatening. Yet, the information channeled all those years ago also provided clear insight as to how to minimize the impact of the changes. Some of the suggestions include (but are not limited to):

1.   Learn discernment. This means getting in touch with your inner guidance system (gut feeling/intuition ) and trusting what feels right or not right for you.
2.   Realize and accept that all that’s happening is an external manifestation of the inner chaos that is occurring. You have a choice as to whether or not you wish to engage with those energies or to remain the detached observer.
3.   Find your center of balance and remain within it. This means observing, sending love and trusting that whatever is happening is for the highest good of all.
4,   Spend time in nature. Connect with the Earth energies as they help clear and balance your energy field.
5.   Shift into a state of unconditional love. This is humanitarian love and comes from within, from the heart center and is not a state of mind – it’s a state of being.
6.   Focus on becoming the very best that you can be. Allow others to do the same for themselves.
7.   Accept that the shift into the higher frequencies is occurring with a great deal of guidance and support from the cosmic universe. This means that there are times when it is painful – use these as opportunities for growth and increased awareness.

When I channeled the energy of Edgar Cayce he made it abundantly clear that 2012 would end up being whatever we made it, and that it’s up to us to determine the reality we choose to experience.

Let’s endeavor to spend the remaining months of 2012 in a state of awareness, gratitude and love. The more we do this the more we manifest a reality that reflects that intention! I realize that sometimes it’s challenging to feel gratitude and love when confronted by a challenging situation. Yet, that is precisely the best time to do this, as immediately it begins to change the energy of whatever challenge is being experienced.

A simple mantra to begin each day is: “I am grateful for the experiences I have today as they enable me to evolve and live in greater harmony.”

And, at the end of each day remember to express gratitude for that day’s experiences and the opportunities they have presented.


Energy is Everything!

We are truly in the Age of Energy! The basic principles of Energy are:

  • Everything is energy
  • Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – merely transformed
  • It takes energy to move energy
  • Energy holds frequencies
  • These frequencies can be, and are, changed
  • We have the ability to consciously shift our energy frequency

What steps are you taking to shift your frequency? What changes are you experiencing as a result?