Our True Purpose

What is Our True Purpose?

Greetings! We, The Orion, have been connected to the beloved Earth for eons. We hold her in sacredness. She is a magical being. She is an organism filled with light and energy – in much the same way you are.

The form you take is obviously very different to Earth – yet there is no difference. You are a being of light. You are an organism that has consciousness and awareness. What does it mean? Why are you here, playing out the dramas? We are sure you have asked these questions and many others on countless occasions. We know that you have attempted in your own ways to define the reasons for your being, to define the reason for being in creation and to sustain some level of comprehension and understanding as to what may appear to be a very enigmatic puzzle for you.

It really is not a puzzle. As you have read and learned, all that exists is pure energy. That pure energy has consciousness. Because it has consciousness it has free will to be and to create as it desires. This means that at times creation may seem chaotic, other times you may have the awareness there is peace. Of course, there are many other states between those two.

Energy Consciousness having Experiences

All these states basically consist of energy consciousness having experiences. In having those experiences, ultimately you are seeking to gain a greater measure of understanding and knowledge, and through that to evolve to much higher planes of consciousness.

There is nothing in this whole of creation that is static. Nor does it become stagnant. It is constant energy in motion – just as you are constant energy in motion. As the energy is in motion it changes in its configurations and at the same time it can also change its frequency.

The frequencies are the power, or strength, of the energy, of all that exists. At this point in your time your planet and galaxy are moving into the higher frequencies en masse. As they move en masse into the higher frequencies there are changes occurring on every level of being. In those changes you play your role. All who are in creation and are co-creating are feeling the shifts. This means you are experiencing the changing frequencies on every level of your being.

Being in Service

At the divine soul level your purpose to be here at this time and to be of service to this process. In being of service to the process you are doing an excellent job. You are creating more than you think you are. As a mass collective – and here we refer to humanity – the shifts are enormous, though we know that you would beg to differ. You would question any statement along these lines, for you the evidence is very real as you read the news items and view the stories of what is happening globally.

We say, what you read does not depict the whole picture. In fact, every being that has chosen to be on this planet has chosen to be part of this change in frequency and to raise the level of consciousness to such a high degree. In doing so, every being is rapidly being activated – to use a term you may understand – or being awakened to higher levels of awareness and understanding.

This process may not seem to be sufficiently fast. We hear this. We pick up the vibration of impatience, but as you well know change takes time. From the broader perspective what you have come here to do has already been achieved. Think about that! What you have come here to do has already been achieved.

Earlier there was discussion in this gathering around what you refer to as the ‘now’ moment. This is all you have. This means everything has already happened. That may be a little bit challenging to understand or to place into a context. That is to be expected but as you evolve in your understanding and shift in your frequencies you will come to a point where you will have full knowledge of this information which is now being planted within your consciousness, which will assist you making this shift into multi-dimensional beings.

We are Changing

You are truly multi-dimensional beings. You are not grounded here in third dimension, which by the way, no longer really exists. You have gone beyond this level and there are many others like yourself right across the globe who are now questioning the status quo and saying, “We are changing”. It’s not a case of “We must change” but “We are changing”. Therefore the trappings of life, the manifestations of what is being co-created are also changing.

This in itself does present some difficulty for the human psyche. The human psyche likes comfort. It likes to be stable and does not welcome or appreciate unpredictability. Yet, what are you living with day to day? There is already great unpredictability and instability in your world. Try as you may to maintain the status quo, you are rapidly losing the battle.

Instead, be with whatever is happening. Allow it. Whether or not you realize it, you are part of this unpredictability and instability. The changes that are occurring within you are manifesting in an outward manner, and they are reflecting back to you, they are showing you, what is going on within.

Let us look at a simple thing like honesty. For many people honesty is vitally important. The essence of who you are, the soul you are, the vibration you hold is honest. It readily acknowledges that honesty. So when any form of action is viewed as being dishonest there occurs within a reaction on the subtle levels. Currently, in the world, there are many instances of dishonesty being revealed. The energy of honesty that exists within every being is radiating out so powerfully that instances of dishonesty – whether it be in the monetary system, in agreements, institutions or organizations – the honesty energy is so strong that all that is not honest has to be revealed and shown for what it is.

You are the creators of this happening. You will see more and more instances on a global scale where dishonesty, which of course encompasses a whole range of behaviors, will be made public. Dishonesty cannot be tolerated in an energy that you shifting into nor in the way that the Earth is also shifting.

There are other instances where you are having a very powerful impact through the changing of your thought patterns and emotions. Compassion is strengthening. Compassion for one another and all sentient beings is becoming very evident. Where there is lack of compassion evident there is a sense of disbelief and outrage in those who hold compassion. Then those who are compassionate release their sense of outrage and instead extend compassion toward those who lack compassion.

It is as though there are many strands of change playing their roles simultaneously. They are coming from within each and every being who is involved in creating the shift. You are also in the process of understanding the interconnectedness of absolutely everything.

Seeking the Truth – All is Simple

The information you are seeking has been available for eons through the ancient scriptures and teachings. That information is priceless knowledge. We say, do not make complexity out of these teachings. Simplify them. The teachings are very simple. They are the basis upon which all souls are functioning. All is one and all have free will to function in unconditional love, choosing to have many experiences. Some of those experiences might result in moral indignation and outrage from other individuals. Ultimately, all that is experienced serves a purpose. Ultimately you arrive back into one. It is quite a journey you are undertaking. Not for the faint hearted!

We applaud you for your endeavors. We encourage you to maintain those endeavors. Keep your life very simple. In the simplicity you will find greater comfort and ease. Here we talk about simplicity on many levels.

It is easy to create complex explanations for what life is about. We can tell you simply. You are here to be of service. You are here to evolve as a soul. You are here to have the experience of all that life offers. It is not that complex. So, we say make the most of each moment you have. Find the joy, peace, abundance. It is all within you to manifest. As you shift in your vibration you are already noticing your ability to manifest is vastly increased, more so than previously.

Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions as manifestation is rapidly becoming almost instantaneous. Your purpose in life is not that complex. It is all those other things you add to your definition of self that we refer to as ‘window dressing’. These are the things that may bring you temporary joy and happiness. Many of these are material possessions. You know only too well that the more you immerse yourself in material possessions the less guarantee there is that you will be happier.

Addictive Habits

In actual fact, immersing yourself in material possessions is no different to any other type of addiction. There are many within society that are endeavoring to break free from the bonds of addiction at this time, and addiction takes many forms. You know well the types that you would consider addictions. But what about other addictions, such as an addiction to only being fit, strong and healthy. This addiction can become such a strong obsession that it overrides all commonsense and deprives an individual of the feeling of enjoyment. Another is the addiction to be thin at all costs. Again, there is a form of self-sabotage that is inbuilt. Basically, you are here to enjoy the human experience and to make it enjoyable for all others, and not to make it a punishing experience, one where you mete out self-punishment over and over again through your thoughts and actions towards self.

We aren’t talking about your thoughts and actions towards others. We are talking about your thoughts and actions towards self. There are other addictions, such as an addiction to having an ordered life. Earlier we spoke about the desire for control and having predictability – this really is another addiction.

In order to understand the nature of creation you should know that it all flows, that there is a continuous flow. Within your body there is a continuous flow of information. This information is communicated via your cells. There is a flow in thoughts and communications with others. There is a natural flow to your life, from the time that you are a baby until the time you are ready to leave behind the bodily entrapments.

From Experiences You Evolve

There is a non-stop flow to life and if at any stage you believe you are here to control it we assure you that on a deeper level you know that you are not here to control anything – because it is beyond your control. You are here to allow the experiences to be what they are, and from those experiences to evolve.

The more you allow the experiences the more you evolve. The more you resist them the greater the pain and discomfort you experience.

In the teachings – the teachings of old – it is often said that when you surrender to your higher power you then allow the flow to be. That flow you are in becomes stronger and stronger. When you are in a state of wanting to control, when you are in a state of needing to control your life or environment, to make sure you are safe, know that all these concepts have been cleverly indoctrinated into you via the media and the psychologists who deem you are powerless.

We are saying you have much power within and the more you allow yourself to be with the flow and the less your desire to control life the more opportunities will present themselves, and the greater the enjoyment and of course the greater the sense of empowerment.

It is easy to talk about free will. It is a concept that is regularly discussed. We say, once you understand the concept of free will at the soul level, at the deep inner level, then you also understand and embrace the concept of empowerment. Empowerment is life changing. It means that you, as a soul, know who you are that that you are here to have the joys and wonders of this lifetime, where you can offer your services to many others and be open and receptive to whatever manifests.

Think about a river, a river meanders across the terrain of the earth, a river finds the weakest spots where it knows its flow will be unimpeded. Rivers do not do too well when they are embanked and contained for they are not going with their natural flow. A natural flowing river finds the places it needs to be. It is the same when you surrender to the higher powers within. You will then be guided to the places you need to be, to have the opportunities you need to experience, to experience growth on many levels within.

Inner Awareness

We encourage you to be with the sense of who you are and to be consciously mindful of your vibrations and energies daily. As you have this awareness of what is going on within you will be more accepting of, and ready to go with the flow, to be with whatever is happening instead of resisting and questioning.

You are about to experience more changes in the world. We are not going to talk about those though. To do so would only put you into a perspective of wishing to project yourself with the changes, along with wishing to know what these changes are. If you do this then immediately you project outside of yourself.

Right now the most important contribution you can make to the evolution of humanity and this planet is to focus your attention to yourself. Get to know yourself better. Become intimate with every part of your knowing. Know how you truly respond. Listen to what your inner knowing tells you. Listen to the messages that are continually being communicated. Use your body as a barometer for what you undertake.

Your body is so powerful it will tell you what it chooses to do and not to do. Your body gives you the direction and course of your life. It is the closest thing you have at hand to guide you. It will tell you more so than anyone or anything else will tell you what you are here to do and how to do it and when to do it. It is that simple. It is in connecting with your body in new and unfamiliar ways that you once again begin to re-experience the miracle of creation.

Miracle of Re-Creation

That is what is happening right now. It is the miracle of re-creation. It is occurring for the planet and humanity – re-creating something out of something. By this we mean you are re-creating the old into something new. This re-creation is a massive project, and will take some time. However, you are at the cusp of this change. You are at the forefront and will show many others how to do this.

There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge, information and to make this transition and re-creation both magnificent and profound for all. We thank you!

Bente Hansen © 2012

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