Embrace the Changes

Now that the festive season is over and the stresses of frenzied shopping, cooking, socializing, etc are over I can’t help but wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same feeling as I am, which is “What now?” It’s amazing just how much energy is expended over a few months at the end of each year in order to celebrate and share with others. The New Year generally starts off with a bang, often filled with positive intentions, but generally it’s not long before there’s a feeling of being in a vacuum, a feeling of wondering and attempting to figure out exactly how to fulfil those positive intentions. 

Usually I strongly advocate living in an abundant present moment, while focusing on manifesting an ideal, satisfying and ongoing ‘future’. However, currently my thoughts are on all that occurred in 2014 and what has been achieved in that time. Globally there was no shortage of dramas and catastrophes. Yet, simultaneously it was a wonderful year to purge old emotions, to let go of things that no longer satisfied or worked. In particular, 2014 was a year of opportunity. I view this opportunity as the potential for going inwards, for reflecting and for correcting those things that needed to be modified or corrected in our lives. 

What have you taken from 2014 that has the potential to create positive change and growth this coming year? What were your most painful learning opportunities? How have you dealt with them? How will you be doing things differently in 2015? Last year I released both cellular and energetic memories from so many lifetimes that it seemed to be a never ending process. Consequently I feel much calmer and clearer, and definitely have that ‘empty’ feeling within. 

Basically 2014 was a powerful year as it provided an opportunity for inner transformation. It was a year of learning and teaching. Hopefully we’ve all gained something important from whatever was experienced last year and which can support and enrich our lives from hereon in. 

Currently I feel as though I’m chomping at the bit, eager for the changes that I’ve worked towards. Yet I keep getting the message to be patient, forcing me to truly live in the moment. 


In recent weeks I’ve been fortunate to receive information from the non physical realms regarding world dynamics. This coming year has the potential to be a time of enrichment, where dreams and aspirations manifest and a time of increased self empowerment. Yup, the vibes are highly positive for many individuals, in particular those individuals who have been undertaking ‘spring cleaning’ of their issues and belief systems, and who have begun the shift from the old paradigm. When shifting from the old paradigm there is a resultant shift in individual vibrational frequency to a higher frequency and level of functioning. This is what happens as we let go of old belief systems, patterning, blockages, etc.  

It’s vitally important to focus on the positive and to maintain a frequency of love, harmony, gratitude, etc from now on. There will be opportunities arise where it will be easy to become embroiled in the energies of the old paradigm. From what I understand it’s important to not succumb or spend time in the lower frequencies. Certainly there may be times when it’s necessary and important to release a lower frequency emotional memory, where clearing that memory actually supports you in maintaining a higher frequency.

Releasing old memories and emotions is part of the process of inner transformation and must not be confused with individuals and situations where the lower frequencies persist. It is a natural human tendency to rescue, help or even save others – often from themselves! What I share now may sound cruel or selfish but I ask that you view me as the messenger more than anything else. In my own words this is the gist of one of the messages I’ve received – and if you’ve read any of the Edgar Cayce channelings I undertook a few years ago you’ll also find references to this message. 

All souls have an equal opportunity to shift their frequency to the higher vibrations, though not all souls will take that opportunity. They will choose to remain mired in the ego based frequencies of materialism and the darker energies that have become strong on the planet over generations. It is not your responsibility to carry or force anyone else to make this shift from the old into the new paradigm. The transformation process is an individual journey. Some souls will embark upon it joyfully, some reluctantly and others not at all. It is vitally important to honor the choices made by others, and to pursue your choices steadfastly. 

In addition, in order to hold your frequency it is suggested that you avoid being pulled into the lower frequency dramas. This is often easier said than done, particularly if you watch television and current affairs programs. Most of these are filled with issues involving drama, pain, grief, suffering, conflict, etc. These hold the frequency of the old paradigm. Instead of taking on the pain of those who have been involved in these situations allow yourself to be the observer – without judgment or attachment – and continue sending love and healing at every opportunity. 

Does this mean that 2015 will be chaos and catastrophe free? Not at all. Those individuals who have chosen to remain in the lower frequencies will continue to experience more of that energy. That is the reality those souls have chosen! 

Two Realities Co-ExistingAnother message of significance is that a division between two realities now exists upon the planet. One reality consists of those individuals who have chosen the higher frequencies, the other contains those who choose to remain in the lower frequencies. These two realities will co-exist, side by side, for some time. Eventually, however the higher frequency reality will predominate and will become the only frequency Earth accepts. 

If you haven’t already figured it out, this means that ultimately those souls who choose to remain in the lower frequency will eventually choose to no longer live on the planet. 

This is an inevitable evolutionary process, involving both our beautiful planet and those souls who are accompanying her in this frequency shift. 

Evolved Souls

There is no denying that so many young people are of a higher soul evolution. If you have children and/or grandchildren I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes that are occurring. These younger generation individuals are often labelled Indigo, Crystal or other names due to the huge characteristic and trait differences they carry. 

Another message I’ve been given is that only evolved souls will be born into human form on the planet from now on. If we assume that all souls are the same then I believe we are making a huge mistake in our thinking. For many years adults have commented that an individual is an ‘old soul’ or a ‘young soul’ – or used different words to describe the inherent nature of the individual. Intuitively we’ve known that not all souls are the same. 

I use the word ‘evolved’ to describe higher order souls though that may not necessarily be the most appropriate term, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying. Our planet is receiving an influx of higher frequency souls, who all come in with a clear sense of purpose and who know a lot more than we mere adults. It is these evolved souls who will be playing a paramount role in shifting humanity into higher frequency functioning on all levels. 

Now is the Time

Whether or not we’re ready the Shift of the Ages, that’s been long prophesized, is upon us. The shift is more of an internal shift, an inner transformation, which in turn eventually results in massive and significant changes on all levels. From my understanding it’s likely to take a generation, or about 25 years, for it to be fully completed. This means that we’re likely to be observing and experiencing continual changes on countless levels in coming years. But then, recent years haven’t been that calm either! 

Whatever 2015 brings I trust that you’ll use every opportunity to embrace the positive shifts and be fluid with making changes as they occur! 

Do You Feel Invisible?

It is interesting to feel and observe the changes that are occurring internally and externally during this time of transformation. I always reflect on what I observe happening ‘out there’ and endeavor to understand how the outer events are a reflection of what is, or has been, transpiring within.

When speaking with other people it is surprising to hear that our experiences, while unique to each individual, are essentially similar. Interpretations and understanding of experiences are often expressed differently but take away the language component of explanation and interpretation then differences are actually not that great.

For example, more and more I encounter people who share experiences where they have felt as though they were invisible. Common situations include those waiting to be served in a store and being overlooked or being in a group situation but not being noticed. The common thread is that individuals comment they feel totally invisible, as though their presence is not observed or felt by others.

What does this signify? Is it actually becoming more prevalent? And, why does this happen to some people and not others?

I believe this is one of the symptoms, or side-effects, of the changes that occur energetically as we become more consciously aware. A great deal has been written about shifting from 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency, about shifting from lower density to holding higher vibrations, or as I channeled during the years I was connected to the energy of Edgar Cayce it’s about becoming multi-dimensional. 

Scientifically it’s been shown that all living things hold bio-photon energy within their cellular structure. Cayce (from channeled information) insists that the ‘junk DNA’ our bodies hold is being activated as there is a shift in consciousness, thereby increasing the amount of bio-photon light held by the body. Interestingly, I recently read a scientific article that supported this claim.

As we shift into the higher frequencies our bodies hold more light. Some individuals are shifting rapidly, others not so. The implication is that individuals whose bodies are more light filled may not be as physically visible to those whose frequencies are not on a similar wavelength.

It can be frustrating to be overlooked time and again. If this has happened to you I’m sure you’ll understand just what I’m saying. Getting served in restaurants, stores and institutions can become challenging. Even socializing at events can feel like a dismal affair. 

Rather than focusing on the annoyances I’ve found there are advantages to being ‘invisible’. Generally I am left alone to do ‘my thing’ – it is as though I am left to my own devices. Life definitely flows ever so much more effortlessly. There are certainly fewer interpersonal challenges. And, there is an enhanced feeling of being balanced and having inner stability. 

My experience of being invisible is not unique, as I’ve discussed the experiences with others who also find this happening. One of the biggest benefits is to health and wellbeing.

Sickness and susceptibility to viruses, bacteria and pathogens become a thing of the past. It’s a gradual process but over time it becomes apparent that the body functions in much healthier ways and remains healthy even when there are viruses that are seriously affecting the larger population.

In the channeled messages from Edgar Cayce he stated this was one of the outcomes that can be anticipated as our bodies hold more light. Given the huge amounts of money being spent annually on health related issues and conditions being ‘invisible’ can be considered advantageous.

If you are feeling challenged and are unsure of just how to shift your energy to higher frequencies I will be exploring this topic in greater depth in the February newsletter. 


Riding the Waves of Change

Holiday season is a time for spending quality moments with family and friends, and reflecting on the important things in life. It also happens to be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Currently we are experiencing some incredibly intense energies as our planet and solar system are moving further into the photon belt. This phenomenon occurs every twenty-four to twenty-six thousand years (depending on which school of thought you follow). When this happens there is a significant shift in vibration, shifting everything into much higher frequencies.

While this is something that can be discussed academically, and which we may think really doesn’t impact us greatly, the truth is that we have been impacted and affected by these changes for some years. The intensity of these energetic changes, however, has dramatically increased in recent months.

Currently stress, tension and anxiety seem to be highly prevalent in our society. It’s easy to lay the blame for this occurrence on our economic climate, erratic weather conditions, poor crop harvests and on declining employment opportunities. These, however, are merely indicators of the significant shift that is occurring.

As the intensity of the higher energetic frequencies impact our physical bodies we find ourselves in a state of dissatisfaction and flux. Some of the indicators that are evident within society include:  relationships ending;  family dissension;  employment dissatisfaction;  friendship dissolution;  change of residence/locality;  and increasing suicides.

While the above factors may all be viewed as potential disasters they in fact indicate that on a deep level there is significant inner change occurring. Anything and everything that is of a lower vibration cannot – and will not – survive and flourish in the higher frequencies.

This means that lower frequency energies that once held relationships together no longer do so, employment situations that are detrimental to one’s highest good will change, etc.

The process of shifting from the lower frequency into the higher frequency vibrations is not without its challenges. There is often great mental and emotional pain. At times there is physical manifestation, in terms of illness conditions.

So, how can we best ride the waves of change with minimum impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing?

There are no hard and fast guidelines. Each person is unique and has a unique biochemistry. What may work beautifully for one individual may have no impact on another’s state of wellbeing.

Some suggestions that may provide assistance in coping with the intense stress and anxiety that is occurring at the moment include:

1.  Begin each day with a heartfelt expression of gratitude. This may relate to some particular aspect of your life, or it may be more general.

2.  Undertake daily recreation and relaxation activity – this may include walking, gardening, swimming, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc. Anything and everything that helps lower stress levels. This does not include competitive activities!

3.  When a challenging situation arises over which you have absolutely no control, remind yourself gently, “This too shall pass”. A very powerful statement that assists in letting go of attachment and expectation.

4.  Deal with issues as they arise, instead of putting them to one side and worrying needlessly.

5.  Avoid stimulants and activities that induce a ‘flight or fight’ response in your body. This may mean no longer watching drama or action television last thing at night – but you will sleep so much better!

6.  Remove all electrical appliances from your bedroom and sleep in the dark – your body will heal as you sleep without the interference from ‘dirty electricity’ emitted by appliances.

7.  When a situation arises ask yourself, “Is this my problem?” If it is then deal with it. If it’s not then allow the person responsible to handle the issue/s.

8.  Let go of the need to control and learn to Trust.

9.  Worry less and laugh more.

10.  Take time daily to be in nature. Smell the roses, hug a tree and allow your body to enjoy and absorb the sun’s healing rays.

I am sure there are many other practical and helpful suggestions to reduce the stress of the changing times. It’s up to you to find the methods of letting go and relaxing that work for you – and when you do, then stick with those methods.

If you have other suggestions I welcome them. Just share your comments for others to read and adopt! We are all in this together, and the more we support one another and develop a sense of community the less stressful the whole process of shifting into the new and higher frequencies will be.




Managing the Challenges of 2012

We are now more than half way through 2012. Is it unfolding as you had expected or anticipated? Or, did you think that the year would become relatively easy as it nears December? Most people I encounter comment on the intensity of the energies, the constant challenges and also the depth of pain that is being experienced.

Why is this happening? What does it portend for the remaining months of the year? And, will things eventually become easier, calmer and more joyful?

More than ten years ago I channeled – many times – that we would be coming to a time of rapid change. It is interesting to observe that the information relating to these changes is now evident to my eyes.

What are some of the significant changes that were ‘forecast’?

  • There would be an overwhelming amount of media information available. This is obvious as we are being inundated with information from the media and technology/communications networks. There are more books being written than ever before, many individuals are feeling inspired to share their thoughts and experiences.
  • All that has been hidden and kept secret would be revealed. This we see constantly as more whistle blowers reveal the dirty secrets of organizations and people in power.
  • There would be many individuals who would claim to be the truth tellers. There is no shortage of individuals claiming to know what the current world situations mean and who offer opportunities for redemption.
  • The disintegration of organizations and structures would also begin. We are certainly seeing this happening in the financial markets, the housing industry, trade agreements, etc.
  • An increase in illnesses and conditions for which the medical profession would have no clear labels or ability to accurately diagnose. This is something that I encounter more frequently as I hear clients’ stories.
  • Earth changes are inevitable. This is so that Earth can clear the heavy energy she has been carrying for humanity and from there transform into the higher frequencies – as she is destined to do.
  • Many souls would choose to depart the Earth plane. They would be going ‘home’, back to the Light, as the intensity of the changes would be too intense for them.

All the above are already evident in our rapidly changing global community. It is all too easy to focus on what is not ‘right’ or on what feels uncomfortable or threatening. Yet, the information channeled all those years ago also provided clear insight as to how to minimize the impact of the changes. Some of the suggestions include (but are not limited to):

1.   Learn discernment. This means getting in touch with your inner guidance system (gut feeling/intuition ) and trusting what feels right or not right for you.
2.   Realize and accept that all that’s happening is an external manifestation of the inner chaos that is occurring. You have a choice as to whether or not you wish to engage with those energies or to remain the detached observer.
3.   Find your center of balance and remain within it. This means observing, sending love and trusting that whatever is happening is for the highest good of all.
4,   Spend time in nature. Connect with the Earth energies as they help clear and balance your energy field.
5.   Shift into a state of unconditional love. This is humanitarian love and comes from within, from the heart center and is not a state of mind – it’s a state of being.
6.   Focus on becoming the very best that you can be. Allow others to do the same for themselves.
7.   Accept that the shift into the higher frequencies is occurring with a great deal of guidance and support from the cosmic universe. This means that there are times when it is painful – use these as opportunities for growth and increased awareness.

When I channeled the energy of Edgar Cayce he made it abundantly clear that 2012 would end up being whatever we made it, and that it’s up to us to determine the reality we choose to experience.

Let’s endeavor to spend the remaining months of 2012 in a state of awareness, gratitude and love. The more we do this the more we manifest a reality that reflects that intention! I realize that sometimes it’s challenging to feel gratitude and love when confronted by a challenging situation. Yet, that is precisely the best time to do this, as immediately it begins to change the energy of whatever challenge is being experienced.

A simple mantra to begin each day is: “I am grateful for the experiences I have today as they enable me to evolve and live in greater harmony.”

And, at the end of each day remember to express gratitude for that day’s experiences and the opportunities they have presented.


Energy is Everything!

We are truly in the Age of Energy! The basic principles of Energy are:

  • Everything is energy
  • Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – merely transformed
  • It takes energy to move energy
  • Energy holds frequencies
  • These frequencies can be, and are, changed
  • We have the ability to consciously shift our energy frequency

What steps are you taking to shift your frequency? What changes are you experiencing as a result?