This is an ┬áinterview with Fiona Kaczmarczyk, founder and owner of QiYoga – which is a powerful combination of Qi Gong and Yoga techniques. For further information check out

Click on the following link to learn more about this powerful and amazing modality.

Qi Yoga




The following is an interview with Patricia Hamilton, founder of Conscious Living Magazine and also the Conscious Living Expos held in Australia. Check out

Conscious Living






While I was visiting Washington State in 2012 I had the good fortune to speak with Mike Fessler. He has developed an amazing range of natural personal products, including some of my favorites Detox Deodorant and Belly Stripper. Websites are and

Click on the link below to listen to the interview. You will be convinced of the need to use personal care products that are free of toxins, chemicals and pollutants.



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