Become Aware of the Breath

We tend to take breathing for granted. As it’s an autonomic response in the body we just breathe without thinking or feeling the experience.

How about taking the opportunity to just stop still for several minute and use that time to focus and feel the breath. Feel where the breath circulates within your body, feel it’s vibration, feel its warmth.

Breath is also known as prana (breath of life). We couldn’t exist without it – yet we overlook it’s vital importance in bringing prana to every cell, atom and molecule in the body. We also overlook it’s powerfully restorative properties.

Anyone studying qi gong, tai chi or yoga knows how healing deep and relaxing breathing can be.

Best of all, consciously focusing on the breath results in generating a feeling of being in the moment.  It feels as though time stands still and nothing exists but the breath in the now moment!!