Biophoton Field – Your Key to Health and Wellbeing

Have you ever had the experience of looking at someone, or even a group of people, and been aware that the individual/s are either really healthy or that they appear to be sickly?

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed myself at a three day folk festival where I was only one of a large group of volunteers. I certainly toiled when on duty, but once off duty I spent time wandering over the grounds where the festival was held, I listened to a great variety of music from incredibly talented musicians and I also found myself really observing people.

People watching is a past time that many people enjoy indulging in. From my perspective the observations undertaken over the three day weekend were not intended to be critical or judgmental. Instead I found myself wondering just how healthy the majority of the attending population really were.

In all honesty I have to say that the majority of people observed did not look hale and healthy, with most people looking stressed, tired and worn down. The number of people exuding vitality and energy were few in number – compared with the thousands that attended.

How is it possible to determine a person’s health and wellbeing just from looking at them briefly? While I’m not saying that I’m an expert at this, I will share that I note the following features: skin that has a healthy sheen (it glows); eyes that are clear; hair that is thick and lustrous; posture that is straight and gait that is balanced and strong.

Generally these are characteristics of younger people. Somehow, as we age, there seems to be an attendant deterioration in health, and often this is an insidious and gradual process. So, how can this steady deterioration be reversed? Or, is it possible for it to even be reversed?

Let’s look at where healing and wellbeing really originate from and what supports wellness and what creates ill health.

Everything is Energy

Often we read or hear people say ‘everything is energy’, but what does this really mean? More importantly, what are the ramifications of this in everyday life?

When I observe the three dimensional reality that we have co-created I really don’t see any recognition or acknowledgment of this important factor, nor of its implications in so many aspects of daily functioning, health and wellbeing.

Some scientific findings regarding the body being energy (holding light) include:

  1. The human body literally glows as it emits visible light in small quantities. In fact, all living things have this quality.
  2. Sensitive cameras have detected this light. Scientists have found that the body glow rises and falls during the course of a day with its lowest point being at 10am and peaking at 4pm. Possibly there is a link between this and the body’s biorhythm.
  3. The greatest light ‘glow’ is emitted from the face.
  4. The light (energy) emitted is about 1,000 times less intense than what can be seen with the naked eye.

The term often referred to in scientific research is ‘biophoton field’. The whole human body is alive and humming with light at the subatomic levels, and this has been proved to originate from the DNA.

The DNA in cells vibrates at a high frequency and are continually receiving and transmitting information on the subtle levels. In many ways, this transmission and recording of information can be viewed as the mechanism by which both good health and illness are determined. A biophoton field that is damaged or weak indicates that something is amiss, whereas a strong and vibrant biophoton field denotes strong health and wellness throughout the body.

Basically the greater the store of light energy in the body, the greater the power of the overall biophoton field (sometimes referred to as electromagnetic field or energy field) which results in increased energy essential for the maintenance of optimal health.

Science has determined that the biophoton field surrounds the physical body.

However, the understanding I have around this is that the physical body is also part of the biophoton field. Its vibrational frequency is denser, which results in the denseness and physicality of the human body.

Damage to the Biophoton Field

Western medicine, nutritionists, exercise experts, etc espouse health routines that benefit the physical body. Yet, how often do they relate the importance of what they teach to supporting the healthy functioning of the biophoton field?

From my observations and the reading I’ve undertaken over many years – they don’t! It’s as though they assume that the physical body is no more than a conglomeration of tissue, muscle, tendons, bones, circulatory systems, etc.

Everything I’ve learned about the biophoton field – which I generally refer to as the Energy Field – is that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are determined by how we either nourish or mistreat the biophoton field!

There are countless environmental factors that interfere with and damage the biophoton field.  Dirty electricity from wifi technology is now recognized has having a deleterious impact. The remedy for this is to spend time in nature daily and to minimize exposure to modern technologies. Environmental toxins also have a damaging impact – and there is no shortage of these in the air, water and soils. Daily we are exposed to a chemical cocktail of environmental toxins – household products, factory emissions, chemical spraying of crops are only a few.

Strengthening the Biophoton Field

The biophoton field thrives on raw foods, especially organic raw foods. This is because these foods are enriched from the energy of the sun and the nutrients are in no way destroyed by heat or cooking. Raw organic foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and are rich in enzymes.

According to Dr Johanna Budwig (from Germany) “live foods are electron rich, and act as high-powered electron donors and ‘solar resonance fields’ in your body to attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in your body”. (from “Your Body Literally Glows With Light”)  

Obviously the greater the amount of light energy your body holds the stronger your biophoton field is, which in turn results in having more energy for healing and wellness maintenance.

I’ve also found that spending time in nature daily ensures greater exposure to sunlight (even on cloudy days), and supports the body’s self regeneration process.

Drinking green juices daily brings the sun’s energy (via chlorophyll) into the body and feeds the biophoton field.

Minimizing exposure to damaging chemical toxins is also critical. This means using household and personal products free of toxic chemicals. Luckily there are now some great natural and toxic chemical free products available. They may cost more but ultimately I believe it’s better to spend a bit more on health enhancing products which ultimately means less money will be spent on medical costs in later years.

Emotional, mental and spiritual health significantly impacts the biophoton field. Viewing the proverbial glass as being half full rather than half empty actually has a positive effect.

Thoughts and acts of gratitude, generosity and kindness enrich and enhance the biophoton field. Think of how good you feel when you contribute to your own welfare and to the welfare of others. Simple acts of kindness have a similar effect as digesting chlorophyll laden greens!

Managing Your Biophoton Field

Biological research has shown that plants can draw alternative energy sources from other plants. The theory is that people also do the same. In fact, they can and do draw energy from other people. (refer to article on People Can Draw Energy From Other People the Same Way Plants Do)

According to the cited research in the above article “the human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feel emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger”.

In the metaphysical world there is already significant awareness that this actually occurs but it’s great to see that biological research is now revealing this fact.

I think we all know someone who ‘drains our energy’. When in their company it doesn’t take long to feel depleted and tired. Some simple techniques for supporting your biophoton field – the one you’ve worked so hard to create and sustain include:

  1. Remain centered and grounded as this helps you release other people’s energies.
  2. Visualize your biophoton field being surrounded by a bubble of light and that this bubble of light shields you from other energies.
  3. Visualize this bubble of light acting as a mirror which reflects back with love all that is directed at your biophoton field.
  4. You may choose to create a similar shield around your home, car and pets – if it feels appropriate.

Many years ago I questioned the need or desirability of shielding or protection. My invisible guidance responded with, “You own a house?” to which I said, “Yes”. Immediately afterwards I heard, “Do you leave your doors and windows open for all and sundry to enter at will?”….. that was sufficient information for me to act on.

Managing your biophoton field is vital to managing your health. It’s important to respect the commitment you have to creating health and wellness. This means that shielding/protection is undertaken out of respect for the commitment you’ve made to achieving optimal health.

If you have any personal questions about any aspect of the concepts I’ve raised here please email me at with a clear indication in the subject line that your question relates to this topic. Actually this topic is far wider than I’ve covered in this space but I’ve attempted to condense it for ease and convenience! 

Living in a Toxic World

There is no doubt that we owe Monsanto a huge expression of gratitude. Thanks to their bio-engineering genius we are now faced with a global toxic contamination of our food supply. (Do I sound facetious?) From recent reports I’ve read the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) developed by Monsanto are now finding their way into the natural environment.

Globally we are facing a major disaster as the toxins from GMOs permeate all levels of the food chain. Yet, thanks to Monsanto’s bio-engineering feats more people worldwide are waking up to the dangers that toxic chemicals create in our environment and bodies. In fact, Monsanto’s actions are resulting in a huge ‘wake up’ call for humanity.

This wake up call is long overdue. Globally we are facing food shortages not experienced before. It’s already happening, it’s not something that we can ignore or hope that someone else will take responsibility for. The solution needed to turn around the current state of toxicity in our environment and food chain requires action from every person living on the planet.

If you think that I’m being exaggerating the situation then I urge you do some serious research and you’ll soon begin to become concerned and hopefully take action to reverse the current trends.

For example, currently food shortages worldwide have resulted in price increases for staple foods of 35-40% worldwide; chemically engineered crops are not meeting demand and in many instances are not surviving due to erratic weather patterns. Initially when the concept of mono-cropping was introduced in the 1950s and 60s we were promised larger crop yields. The exact opposite has happened as GMO plants are creating soils depleted in essential minerals and trace elements that are essential for the human body’s functioning and wellbeing.

GMOs are only one source of toxicity affecting the planet and its inhabitants. A trip to the local supermarket is remarkably revealing. Just about every product – whether food, household or personal care – contains toxic chemicals. Read the labels carefully and you’ll soon see what I mean. Jack LeLane, fitness guru who lived into his mid-nineties is quoted as saying, “If it’s man made don’t eat it.” Obviously he was referring to the refined and processed foods that are stocked on supermarket shelves in vast quantities.

These links below will give you more of a sense just what is happening to our bodies as a result of continuous and ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. There is no shortage of information on chemical toxins on the internet, though you may not find much, if any, reference to this danger to our health in the mainstream media.


The Human Energy Field

As an energy practitioner I rapidly became aware of the subtle bodies and their vital role in maintaining wellness and good health. Most people look to the physical body as the indicator of health, but in fact it’s in the subtle bodies where wellness or illness first begin. As this is such a complex topic I’m going to narrow my focus on toxic chemicals and their deleterious impact on the human energy field.

Most people acknowledge that we all have an aura – I much prefer the term ‘human energy field, but both terms are equally valid. There are many layers to this subtle energy emanation that extends beyond the physical body. Everything that happens in life impacts the energy field. This includes our thoughts, emotions and actions as well as our interactions with the environment and other people.

In my early days as a student of the human energy field I became aware of its extreme sensitivity to its surroundings. I learned about the many things that damage the energy field. When there is damage to the energy field it begins on the outer edges and over time as more damage occurs it goes deeper and deeper into the energy field until such time it reaches the physical body. It’s been widely acknowledged by many practitioners (and also doctors) that cancer develops long before it manifests in the human body. In fact, it may take 8 to 11 years before showing up physically.

Ultimately all the damage done to the energy field is caused by toxins – whether they be toxic thoughts and emotions or chemical toxins. Chemical toxins are already implicated as a possible contributor to breast cancer. It is our daily inhalation and ingestion of chemical toxins that weaken and damage the human energy field that eventually results in the possibility of chronic and even life threatening illness conditions.

Each day we are exposed to up to 80,000 toxic chemicals. The FDA in the States has not tested for the safety on humans for most of these chemicals. We live in a veritable sea of toxins that will have some long term damaging effect on health and wellbeing.


Reducing Effects of Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

It is only by taking a proactive approach that we minimize the damaging impact of these toxic chemicals. Some of the suggestions below may be self-evident but nevertheless it’s up to individuals to ensure that changes in lifestyle are adopted and maintained as exposure to toxic chemicals is an ongoing process – unfortunately!

  1. Eat organic foods as much as possible. If unable to afford the additional cost then at least ensure that the ‘Dirty Dozen’ (listed in my last blog “Why Organic is Best”) fruits and vegetables are organic. The Dirty Dozen are sprayed with high amounts of pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Read all labels carefully. Where ingredients are unpronounceable then don’t buy!
  3. Familiarize yourself with personal care and household products that contain dangerous and toxic chemicals, and avoid them. Take time to look for products that are more natural and organic, containing plant based ingredients.
  4. Make meals from scratch using natural and organic ingredients as much as possible.
  5. Avoid fast foods! There are healthier alternatives.
  6. Eat a lot of vegetables and some fruit daily. In fact, limit intake of meat products. Modern animal husbandry involves dipping animals in toxic chemicals at some stage and these chemicals then permeate into the meat that is sold to consumers.
  7. Undertake intermittent fasting. This means not eating for 12+ hours from time to time (preferably at least once a week) as this supports the body in its ability to assimilate and metabolize, and it also gives the liver a break from its workload.
  8. Drink green juices such as wheatgrass regularly. I begin each day with fresh organic juice containing lots of greens as they assist in purifying the blood.
  9. Take spirulina and chlorella supplements. These have been found to support the body in the removal of toxic heavy metals. Organic cilantro/coriander is also a powerful food for the elimination of toxic chemicals.
  10. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Many of the processed foods sold commercially have been bleached to ensure ‘whiteness’ and cleanliness of the product. For example, while flour itself is not necessarily overly toxic to the human body the fact that it undergoes whitening with bleach means that toxins are then ingested. Dioxin is highly toxic to the human body and is a component of many bleach products.
  11. If you are female then use natural unbleached feminine products sold in health food stores. Commercial feminine products sold in supermarkets and chemists have been bleached with dioxin, which actually results in increased bleeding.
  12. Spend time outdoors daily. This assists in the removal of toxic electromagnetic frequencies that build up in the body due to constant exposure to wi-fi technology.
  13. Ensure your home is well ventilated. Most household products, from carpet to furnishings contain formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients.
  14. Use therapeutic grade essential oils as room fresheners. Avoid the chemically laden room fresheners that line the supermarket shelves.
  15. Use natural therapies for supporting and maintaining wellness. I use therapeutic grade essential oils but also love homeopathic essences, herbal tonics as well as eating healing foods.

These are only some suggestions for avoiding and eliminating toxic chemicals. Having awareness of the dangerous impact of toxic chemicals on the human energy field, and eventually the physical body, is only the first step. Becoming better informed and then making safer choices goes a long way to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.