Life is about having ‘Experiences’

I was privileged to channel the energy of Edgar Cayce to audiences in the northeast USA for about three years. During this time many questions relating to health, career, life purpose, and other core issues were asked by individuals. In one gathering, Cayce was asked about an incident experienced by an individual and the lesson to which that incident related.

His response began with, “Why does there have to be a lesson? It is because of the teachings of the churches…. Unfortunately, from where I sit now I’m able to see a bigger picture. I see control and power by those who lay down the law as to how things are. When it comes to lessons, that’s not what life is about. Lessons are a man-made concept.”

From an early age we are reminded by parents, teachers, and others in positions of authority that we have lessons to learn, and if we haven’t learned particular lessons then we are at fault. We are reminded continually, and often lovingly, that we are not doing enough or that we have to try harder. As a culture we have become inculcated into believing that somehow life is about lessons. The harder we apply ourselves the greater the likelihood of success. The yardstick of measurement is constantly at work. Will we pass or is it likely that another failure is in store? Are we going to disappoint our superiors, parents, teachers, once again?

Edgar Cayce mentioned the teachings of the churches. How often are we reminded that “man is born into sin,” or that “we are born into suffering.” It does not matter whether one is of the Roman Catholic or Buddhist faiths, the message is the same. We are not good enough; we are flawed, inadequate and, in order to overcome these characteristics, we must make atonement throughout life. Continual striving and self-judgment become normalized within the psyche as a result.

Am I the only one who questions the concept of life being a series of “lessons” that need to be learned? Sometimes I feel as though we have become so heavily entrenched in this belief system that we have lost sight of our real purpose for having the human experience.

Ask yourself if you have learned a particular lesson? Then as you do this, take note of how you feel inside. Every time you feel you have not mastered yet another of the countless lessons that life has a way of throwing in your direction you add to the accumulated feelings of inadequacy, lack, and unworthiness.

Lessons are a reminder of school. If you pass you receive approval, breathe a sigh of relief, and brace yourself for the next lesson to be mastered. If you fail – and failure tends to be more common than success – then it merely adds to the inner feelings of confusion, resulting in additional feelings of futility.

Life is not a school. School is a man-made concept that keeps you from attaining your true purpose and understanding. It prevents you from living your life to its fullest potential due to the fear-induced lessons and initiations you are continually reminded that exist.

There is, instead, a liberating and powerful alternative way of perceiving and experiencing life. Not as a series of lessons to be mastered but as an amazing journey of self-discovery and realization.

Edgar Cayce, in a private communication, shared that the soul embodies in order to have experiences. Through these experiences, awareness and understanding develop. As a result, the soul evolves to higher levels of consciousness. Isn’t this a much gentler way of viewing and experiencing the journey of life in all its challenges?

Even the countless spiritual and New Age teachers who are proliferating their messages of inspiration and meaning continue to espouse the concept of “lessons.” Unfortunately, they too are a product of their conditioning, and all too often are not prone to deeply questioning the religious “truths” that have been promulgated.

As Einstein is quoted as saying, “The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

If we are to experience a true paradigm shift, we have no choice but to question deeply all accepted beliefs and doctrines. Where teachings and beliefs result in individuals feeling inadequate, inferior, or inept then they lack merit. Our soul purpose is to evolve, and soul evolvement can only be achieved in the highest vibrations with best intentions that highlight our inherent goodness and value.

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  1. Thankyou Bente – I really enjoyed reading this article. It is true that there is a view out there that life is a school and we need to master lessons along the way. For a long time I have thought of it as challenges and it seems to me that challenges are everywhere and the tougher the challenge or experience, the greater the effect on the person in terms of growing in experience, empathy, understanding and wisdom. It would in fact be boring to be without these ‘challenges’. Also, it seems that deeply questioning accepted beliefs and doctrines is in itself challenging and more so when surrounded by those beliefs and doctrines but, it is happening – also, many wrongs and untruths by figures of authority are now appearing in the Press frequently – something that was unthinkable in the past. It was really helpful reading your article and hearing what Edgar Case had to say on all this. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful words, wonderful site…and so easy for a techno-primitive like me. Thankyou Bente!
    Last year I was invited by a dear friend to attend your talk at the Claremont Community Centre. We were astounded…and especially by the changes in temperature around the room!
    During that talk and as you were communicating with The Orion you stood right behind me and lingered there for some time. I have’nt forgotten the whole evening to this moment, but especially that. And I have always wondering if you could ‘feel’ how ‘dense’ 🙂 I was at that moment (and still).
    All my life I have been trying to let people know with very similar words, of the wonderous changes that are happening) Bente…but it almost feels like I’ve given up.
    Thankyou for reminding me!
    Wishing you a most joyous time here in Perth…hope to see and hear you but not sure if I can yet…will be there in spirit (good and light 🙂 Gabi

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