Is Less Really More?


If you are interested in feng shui then you’ll be very familiar with the concept that clutter creates energy blockages. This in turn is said to result in possible situations such as confused or stagnant thinking, lack of forward movement with life’s goals, lack of direction or purpose and even muddled emotions. Do any of these sound familiar? Are you in some way experiencing stagnation in your life? If so, what can you do to release any and all impediments to success?

There is no doubt that undertaking a major clean out of home and office brings about feelings of lightness, clarity and freshness. Anyone who spends a day or more purging belongings attests to these feelings.

However, there is another aspect to this, one that is generally not acknowledged or even explored by most people. Some years ago I became aware of the importance of letting go of my story – all the reasons for my beliefs and actions, all the countless experiences that produce the sum of the persona presented to the world.

It was with some amazement when I clearly heard, and came to understand the words “Let go of your story”. After hearing those words in my head I had the immediate awareness and understanding that all past experiences, beliefs, values etc are literally an energetic ball and chain that prevent you from living fully in the present. Every time you present yourself to the world via your story you are actually placing your energy in past memories, emotions and events, and these actually prevent you from living in the precious Now moment.

How often have you shared your story with friends, colleagues, even strangers and felt the heaviness, or weight, of those experiences as you recount them once again? When this happens you are once again reconnecting with and feeling those situations, which then drains you energetically and distracts you from enjoying and embracing new opportunities.

As time compresses even further – and there’s no doubt that time is speeding up – the past has less relevancy to current issues and situations. So what is likely to happen when you ditch your story, stop sharing it and let go of the emotional attachment? Apart from feeling lighter, calmer and clearer you actually are in a space where there is less likelihood of repeating past patterns, being stuck in old paradigms or reacting in fear to new and unfamiliar situations.

Letting go of your story, however, is not as easy as it sounds especially if you have used your financial situation, past hardships, health issues etc as a means of identifying with the world – and also as a means of identifying yourself! Often without a story there is a lack of identity, a lack of defining oneself and one’s role within family, community and the global dynamics. You literally may feel like an empty vessel. All that has bound and defined you no longer exists. There is no one to blame or attach to emotionally.

When you reach this stage of fully letting go of your story, knowing it has served its purpose but is no longer required as a crutch then you are fully ready to embrace the feeling that you are nothing (letting go of ego attachments), and that less is more. This may sound rather ironic but it actually occurs in this manner. Without a story or a means of identifying or defining self there is merely you, the energetic all powerful you, present in the moment with limitless potentialities. Sometimes all that happens is the simple experience of being in the moment, of feeling the fluid energies of life flowing through your physical vessel. Other times when in this empty state new, creative and life affirming intuitions flow strongly.

Once you decide to let go of your story you will begin to experience the magic of not only living in the present moment, you will experience your unlimited potential often in areas and opportunities that were unthinkable and could not happen because you were holding so tightly onto your story that there was no room for anything else to transpire.

In a truly loving and harmonious community there is no room for living in the past, of holding onto emotional attachments or of defining oneself according to egoic tendencies. Shifting to a new paradigm requires willingness to make changes and letting go of old stories. Changes are required on both the physical and energetic levels, and these changes require conscious awareness and commitment! Let go of your story and enjoy the boundless opportunities and miracles that are likely to manifest!

Bente Hansen ©

May 2013

Ease and Grace – a Possibility or Illusion?

The thought of a life of ease and grace holds great appeal, especially when stress, conflict and challenges continually surface. New Age and spiritual teachings have certainly taught us that it is possible to live in a state of bliss, and this is certainly worth aspiring to. Yet, given the nature of the reality we have co-created within our communities, nationally and globally how is it really possible to attain even a state of ease, much less inner peace? 

A common theme expressed by clients is the desire to live with less stress, more freedom and greater joy. However, when it comes to seriously giving consideration to basic lifestyle needs it becomes challenging to contemplate making changes that will enhance the quality of life.

It seems – from my observations over many years – that countless individuals are now at a ‘crunch’ time in their lives. Employment, finances, relationships, friendships and family issues are in some way impeding free will and also creating significant stress. The desire for change is great though may seem impossible to create, adding further fuel to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction.

The conundrum is self-evident. The yearning for improvement in lifestyle and relationships intensifies while the feeling of being caught up in a never-ending cycle of life circumstances prevents real and positive change from occurring. How is it possible to commence the change process? What is needed to begin the journey into living with greater ease and grace?

There are a number of recommendations I suggest as being worthwhile. They include:

  • stop the pattern of continual thinking. This, while it sounds impossible, is actually the first step to creating a new, improved reality. While channeling Edgar Cayce he strongly recommended using breath work as a mechanism for bringing attention into the now moment. When doing this the constant mental gymnastics that create inner conflict ceases and brings about a feeling of distance from the challenges, resulting in increased clarity around concerns and issues;
  • ensure that daily gratitude practice is undertaken. This practice is expressed in the present tense, never as a future outcome. Gratitude practice is a powerful tool for manifesting change;
  • spend time in nature and sunshine. Taking time out from the demands of life offers an opportunity to shift perspective, clear the mind and refresh the spirit;
  • let go of the need to be responsible for everyone else. Allow others the opportunity to grow and learn as they take on the reins of responsibility for their life. This allows you to enjoy the beauty that exists in your reality and which you may have lost sight of;
  • meditate daily. There are many forms of meditation, find one that resonates and use this time to rejuvenate yourself;
  • believe in your ability to create the desired changes; and
  • take regular small steps in making change. As you change your thinking everything changes. As you let go of attachments you free yourself to experience greater joy. As you engage in creative pursuits you then find creative solutions to life’s concerns.

There is only the now moment. It is yours to use wisely or to squander. Over time there have been many profound teachings and words of wisdom to provide guidance. I feel this statement, by the famous ‘Unknown’ provides a sound basis for reflection:  “If you are depressed you are living in the past; if you are anxious you are living in the future; if you are at peace you are living in the moment.”

Start now and you will find that many small changes add up. Over time you will feel improvement in thinking and feelings, ultimately resulting in a life of greater ease and grace.