Make the Most of 2018

If you’re like me you’ll be glad to see the backside of 2017 and trusting that 2018 will herald positive changes and massive improvements. There is no doubt that the past twelve months have been challenging in so many ways. Globally, nationally, locally and personally – on every level there have been challenges, losses and uncertainty. Overall I’m not saying that everyone experienced something painful. However, gauging from reporting in the media and personal stories that have been recounted I get the distinct impression that 2017 was not one of the better years in recent history.

Allowing myself to become the observer I noticed that a lot of emotions surfaced, many of them fear based. Protests, intense anger, desolation, loss and more were all evident at different times during the year. I was able to reflect back to the information that I   channelled via the energy of Edgar Cayce some seven years ago. He shared that a process of deconstruction would happen. He further elaborated that this would break down systems, beliefs and anything that held old energies that were detrimental to the planet and humanity. This would be followed by reconstruction, a building of new systems that hold a higher consciousness. My thinking is that the deconstruction process was very evident last year.

I sense that 2018 will herald new growth and a continuation of the transformation in human consciousness. This transformation is very evident in many instances and heralds in the beginning of a new era on Earth. There is no doubt we still have quite a way to go but nevertheless the seeds of change have been planted and are germinating nicely. I feel that 2018 will be a year of more stability for those individuals who have undertaken the inner healing journey, who have let go of old, dated ideologies and who are supporting changes in creating a new, strong and healthy Earth.

Overall the process will take approximately a generation to be completed, but if you look closely you’ll observe the quiet signs of change happening. I find it evident in practically all conversations I have with total strangers. People are unaccepting of the status quo and are contributing in their own way to creating a safer, more balanced life for themselves, friends and families.

My personal mantras or guidelines for maintaining a relatively optimistic outlook include, but are not limited to:

Being the observer of situations, issues and events. This enables to you to question more deeply. What are the real issues? Who is responsible? Why is this happening? Insights and answers often pop up unexpectedly.

Observing without emotion or judgment. If there is an emotional reaction ask yourself, “What is within me that I need to heal?” or “What is triggering this response in me?”

Finding the positive, as much as possible in every situation. This is not always easy to do. However, remember that thoughts are powerful. What you focus on is what you get.

Knowing that nothing is permanent. Change happens all the time. Accept it and don’t fight it. Instead explore options and solutions when change impacts you strongly.

Loving and accepting who you are. This is probably one of the most difficult yet most important things you’ll ever do. Make 2018 the year in which you are your pet project. Inner work, self worth and acceptance create a positive vibe that in turn supports your life journey with greater ease and flow.

Make 2018 the best year yet. Follow your heart’s desires, trust your intuition, love and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.  

Love and joy



PERSONAL NOTE:  For a large part of 2017 I was figuratively chained to my computer, writing steadily and consistently. It was with huge relief that the final proofing and editing was completed on New Year’s Eve. I’ve signed with a publisher and hopefully the book will go into print sooner rather than later. Will keep you all posted closer to its release date!