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“Clear the Clutter” – Teleseminar Class

I offer a distance group healing session, via teleseminar class, at various times. A distance group healing session provides a wonderful opportunity to clear the clutter from your energy field.

We build up energetic clutter in our energy field through the stresses of daily life. When this energetic clutter is cleared the result is a feeling of calm and lightness, as well as increased clarity of thought. The healing power of The Orion will be experienced by everyone participating in this session.

Next Session — still to be determined!

For the amazingly low price of $19 you will receive continuous distance healing and clearing for 75 – 90 minutes – and you will feel a significant difference in wellbeing within two to three days.

This is a teleseminar class. Once you register you will receive an email from my hotmail a/c ( providing you with the call in number for the evening.

Clear the Clutter – only $20AU


Connect with Your Higher Wisdom” – Teleseminar Class

When it comes to decision making most people rely on common sense, and sometimes their intuition. However, given that we are in a time of transformative change we now have the potential to make sound decisions based on two infallible factors:  (1) the body’s response;  and (2) the wisdom of higher self.

This means that over time there is less reliance on what common sense, otherwise known as ego mind and consensus, determine is ‘best’. This gradually leads to a state of awareness that answers to all questions are readily available – and thoroughly reliable – when tuning into the body’s responses and also via communicating with an integrated Higher Self.

In this teleseminar class you will be guided through numerous ‘exercises’ to assist you in the process of tuning into your body’s responses. For this I ask that you have a couple of bottles of supplements nearby during the teleseminar class. And, if you have a pendulum you will also have an opportunity to use it.

Integrating with Higher Self is a profound and life-changing process. During this teleseminar class you will learn how to do this, along with how to manifest outcomes that are in alignment with Higher Self, and not ego mind, thereby creating increased harmony and wellbeing on all levels.

Connect with Your Higher Wisdom:  only $25.00AU

Date:  to be determined

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